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And even to this day, four leaf clover tattoos are gotten by people who want to keep good luck in their pocket. Clover tattoos may not have garnered worldwide recognition, but they are very popular among those of Irish descent.
In many clover tattoo designs, the four leaf clover is coupled with a leprechaun or a pot of gold, usually located at the end of a rainbow.
Those born of Irish descent will often get a four leaf clover tattoo that contains one or more elements of Ireland including the flag of Ireland, a crown and even a white dove. Clover tattoos often feature shamrocks, which are three leaf clovers that had significant symbolic meaning to the ancient Celts.

These tattoos blend Irish heritage with black ink artistry and usually feature Celtic knots as a prominent component of their design. What is it about four leaf clovers that have made it an enduring symbol of good fortune and good luck.
No matter what your reason for getting one of these designs however, you can rest assure that it is a timeless classic that will always be received in a positive light.
The Celts believed that these clovers composed a triad that illustrated the essence of the holy trinity; the unity of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.
This makes for quite an exciting and visually stimulating clover tattoo that really engages the imagination of the person gazing upon it beauty.

Since the shamrock is a genetic mutation that rarely happens, many people began to believe that it was a gift from God to fight the forces of evil.

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