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A Joker tattoos that’s greatly sought after today illustrates the colorful villain from the Batman series. For those who prefer to stay clear of popular art, there are traditional designs for Joker tattoos as well. However you want your Joker tattoos to be, you can be sure that it spells fun, excitement, intrigue, and fancy that other tattoo designs can only approximate Joker Tattoos. While a recent Hollywood franchise showcasing the joker in the big screen may have catapulted this icon to popularity, the joker has long been the highlight of the arts.
This approach is usually done in portrait style showing the sinister grimace of Jack Nicholson or the trademark eyebrow raise of a green-haired Cesar Romero, both of which have become iconic structures in themselves. The Tarot symbol, referred to as “The Fool” is perhaps the most popular design in this approach. As an adversary of Batman, he is a psychopathic supervillain who is known for his ruthlessness and a sadistic sense of humor.

From mystical Tarot cards to classic paintings, the eccentric and intriguing nature of the Joker simply cannot be denied. Another take for Joker tattoos makes use of the version from the comic book or the cartoon series. This depicts a young man sporting loose garments and carrying a bag as he stands atop a cliff, all against a yellow background bearing a glistening white sun.
This is usually done with a broad-shouldered persona decked in an unmistakable purple suit and a green ‘do polished back from a pointy face that bears a menacing grin.
Another take on Joker tattoos involves the simple playing card joker, wherein a court jester—adorned with a colorful hat, a big grin, and a baton—owns the limelight.
The Joker is also said to be one of the best comic book villains of all time by several sources. You may either have this character as your tattoo or immortalize the full design of the card itself on your skin.

Joker tattoos are very much the rage nowadays, especially after the character has been immortalized by Heath Ledger in the movie “The Dark Knight”. Joker tattoos can be done in a number of ways, thereby allowing one to experiment with the design greatly. Some of the well known ones include the Joker holding the Joker card; Joker presenting dices or the Joker portrayed as a skull or demon.

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