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Baby footprint tattoos are made with the footprint size taken at the time of the birth of the child. Sentimental message along with footprints forming a trail convey the love and affection of a mother. Two black footprints with name and birth date having shades of pink are fresh and different. Name and footprint of a daughter rest on the upper back of the mother in dark, strong shade.
A black footprint perched on a scroll with the name of the daughter on it carved on a mother’s arm. Cute and colorful footprint tattoo with stars, birthdate and name symbolises the shine the little angel has brought in the life of the mother. The palm and footprint express the grief of the mother whose child passed away within one month. Two large footprints with the name on top and birth date below rest on the back of the mother.
A dark, elegant footprint tattoo carved on the slender forearm of the mother is symbolic of the pain the mother has borne to bring the child into the world.

Footprint tattoo with name and birth date framing the edge of the foot in a curvy manner looks beautiful. A light footprint with birth date and initials marked in dark make a stylish design on the forearm. Beautifully arranged around the footprint the kid’s name along with the birth date looks charming. A curled up white scroll bearing the name of the kid and footprint in black look cute together. The footprint tattoo with names of baby is an affectionate way of showing love to the sweet angels. The footprints with name and the lettering faith bring out the emotional pangs of a woman during childbirth.
I cam to this site in search for so different ideas for my tattoo I’m getting next month of my daughter’s footprints!!
I had a son who died from SIDS 1990 and only now have I thought of a tattoo in memory of him but not sure where to place it yet. I think this is an awesome way to show your love for your children and plan on getting my daughters done soon.

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They are mostly carved in black but colors especially pink and blue are also used along with soft motifs and images.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. These days, one can easily bump into mothers wearing baby footprint tattoos on their different body parts. Here is a collection of 35 baby footprint tattoos with mothers wearing them in varied designs and styles. It always reminds you of having created a biological replica of yourself who is growing each and every day.

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