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A nation becomes great when they forget their past and only concentrate on their future and devote their all resources for the betterment and wellbeing of their peoples and in return the people of that country always ready to sacrifice everything even their life on their country. The following are the best collection of Inspirational Poems that you can share with your friends and other people.
In celebration of Black History Month, we decided to dedicate our quotes this week to some seriously inspirational quotes from some of our favorite African-American women throughout history.

Difficulty comes in every one’s life, those who work hard and face it with smiling face always win and those who sit silently and frightened to face the problem will always appear as loser. An inspiration works like a controller that controls an object and makes them to stick on their goals. But what better way to celebrate Black History Month than by borrowing the words of some of the world’s most amazing women?

The same reason theres women’s history month becuause we were not given the same rights as men.

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