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This site contains original poetry from a collection of Christian poets, focused on inspirational poems leading to a deeper faith in Christ.
All images and poetry on this site are copyrighted or used with permission Before using any of the poetry on this site see our Terms of Use page.
Many poems, and poets for that matter, earn fame because of their ability to inspire others.
This poem echoes the strength in a person in many forms, the determination in I rise, I rise, I rise.
Family Friend Poems has made every effort to respect copyright laws with respect to the poems posted here.

Most of the poetry featured on this site is based on scripture with a focus on Christ, the Church, the Endtimes or about other Christians.
If you would like information on using any of the poetry on this site please see our Terms of Use page.
Such poems give people the internal strength they need to overcome a problem, reach a goal, or let go of their resentment or guilt. Whenever I help someone, or just do anything good, I feel like I actually did something meaningful. Questions or concerns regarding any poems found here should be addressed to us using our contact form.

We will fulfill any request from copyright holders to have any particular poem removed from our website. Many famous poets had the keen ability to use the written word to reach hearts and souls, motivating people to action.
They used their gift in the most noble of ways by creating inspirational poems that touched, and continue to touch, people with a positive message even today.

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