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Tattoos are one of the most interesting and accepted ways to adorn the skin that have come down to us from the ancient times.
Tattoo designs are at once personal to the wearer and hold a deep significance for those who know more about a particular symbol. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Japanese Tattoos, Thigh Tattoos For Women, Women With Tattoos and Phoenix Tattoos For Women. A six petaled flower contains another six petaled flower with a circle at the center in this artistic single color tattoo.
Interesting slender dinosaur like figures with intricate legs take you back to prehistoric times in this tribal inspiration tattoo design. Red patterned flames decorate one leg, while the other is styled in floral motifs in shaded designs in these interesting tattoos borrowing on traditional Chinese patterns.
In this interesting tattoo idea you can see the entire process of making a paper airplane shown with separate diagrams as a part of the tattoo.
The form of a harp like musical instrument with patterns and curves in bold tribal motifs are inked in this interesting face tattoo. Tiny flowers in many patterns and colors in a soothing color palette of black, maroon and pink sit inked on this woman’s arms. Delicate vine designs in a coiling fashion on one upper arm and the leafy pattern on the stomach make for interesting permanent jewelry style tattoos for women. The powerful biceps of this man are inked with interesting and delicately inked tattoo designs one of which shows the face of a joker. These interesting tattoos on the monk’s back contain symbols and patterns that draw on ancient spiritual scriptures. The form of a tiny sewing machine with one blue thread hanging down makes an interesting back tattoo idea. The flowy ink lines trace out the figure of a handsome ship of the old times in this tattoo inked on the upper thigh. An orange bull shape is inked behind one calf while the other calf holds the face of a cartoon character in these interesting tattoo designs. The delicately shaded colorful guitar in this tattoo is surrounded by a vine of fresh rose blossoms climbing upward. The gracefully inked lines flow down one side of the hand in this artistic tattoo showing an ancient tree. This elegant tattoo with shaded gray flowers, mauve butterflies and small stars snakes upward in a sensuous design along the woman’s spine.
The little girl wearing a scarf throws up a heart with birds perched in this tattoo celebrating the theme of letting go. Drawing on the Revelation text for inspiration this interesting tattoo shows a bird like twisted shape with many eyes looking out of the design. A gorgeous woman’s face combines with patterns of tree branches that come out of her cap and neck in this tree woman theme artistic tattoo. This interesting tattoo shows a stylish curved steel pipe seen in a strange perspective, with the chess patterns and red star adding to the mysterious look.
Red the color of love forms interesting knots binding the whole family in a bond that won’t be destroyed in this family celebration tattoo.
Inked in a different color for each this interesting spiritual spine tattoos idea shows all the Chakras of the human body.

The fine lines in dancing shapes add to the beauty of the nude female figure inked in black patterns in this interesting tattoo idea. Yes i must say Love Knots Interesting Art tattoo is looking beautiful after getting inked on the body. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Pictures of Short Hairstyles, Black Girl Hairstyles, Long Hairstyles For Round Faces and Short Natural Hairstyles For Black Women. This young man has a superbly designed tiny ivy leaf tattooed on his face that looks very stylish. Symmetrical geometrical shapes tattooed on the face give this young man a very trendy and fashionable look. A circle around the eye matches the delicacy of the arm tattoo that this lovely young woman is sporting. The shape of the jaw and uneven teeth tattooed on this man’s jaw looks weirdly artistic along with the faces on his neck. Leopard spots on the forehead like this woman has are a great way to wear a tattoo on the face. Bright and colorful butterflies are a superb theme that this man is wearing as a face tattoo.
A web like design looks great on this man’s face tattoo especially as it is designed in such bold tribal geometric shapes. The bright red star on the forehead highlights the smart-looking undercut that this man has. A leaping tiger designed in its natural colors is a great realistic looking face tattoo that’s worth copying. This young man has highlighted his undercut with nice tribal style geometric shapes tattooed on his forehead. The hip hop and jazzy ensemble this woman is wearing is just perfect with the tattoos on the side of each eye. Just the initial S tattooed on this man’s face must have a lot of meaning for him despite its simplicity.
A tiny heart tattooed below an eye can be a very striking and attractive face tattoo despite its size.
This young man is very proud of his simple yet very trendy looking face tattoo of dots and curves. A face tattoo in colored abstract art is just what suits this young woman and her modern ensemble.
Twin patterns circling each eye are a great way to have an ethnic yet trend setting face tattoo. Parallel lines of artistic designs make this man’s face tattoo a piece of art worth imitating. The “Om” shape designed on the forehead looks oddly nice with the architectural art of this superb face tattoo. The bold leaf tattooed on the energy point in the center of the forehead looks great as a face tattoo. This is a very striking and attention grabbing face tattoo in bold and symmetric tribal art.

Simple stars tattooed on the face provide a balance for the intricate body art of this young man. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Tribes and communities have often had private tattoo ceremonies to mark special occasions in the lives of individuals or to celebrate important festivities. Be it mandala designs, six-petaled flowers with an inner pattern of six petals, symbolic geometrical shapes and spiral motifs, every tattoo art-piece tells its own story. Emerging from the feather as it crumbles on one side, a flock of birds fly outward marking dreams of freedom. And your right that the Interesting Prehistoric Design is very great looking when it is inked.
I just loved the Up Goes The Heart Tattoo ideas its just beautiful and i liked it the most among all. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Simple tiny designs or bold and dark lines, bright colors or subdued ones, tattoos enhance the looks.
When you look at designs that have many curves and shapes in bold patterns in striking single color or two colored motifs they tell you about the traditions of ancient tribes.
There are a host of source streams for tattoo ideas that intrigue and puzzle by their design and intricacy. The interest factor of a tattoo may also rely on a quirky design that does not borrow on traditional art. These draw on Chinese traditions, Mexican ancient patterns and the scripture practices of Buddhist monks. When you are looking for a face tattoo for the first time, a small bright one will do the trick. You also find tattoos that are inspired by scientific practices and studies, such as a tattoo showing the forms of prehistoric dinosaur like creatures.
If you would prefer a more hip hop look a bright splash of colored designs accompanied by face piercing is the most perfect idea. When these creatures are inked in a tribal motif they can produce very unusual and cool tattoo effects. When you are looking for a more ornate and prominent style fine lines across the face work wonders.
The tattoos in this collection look superb with ethnic outfits, jeans and tees and with jazzy ensembles too. Some tattoos can be interesting simply because of the art that has gone into them, such as a tattoo showing a guitar with a rose vine climbing around it, or a deftly inked tree trunk that climbs down the hand in a tattoo design. Combining black and white with bright colors can produce interesting effects, such as in a tattoo where you find flowers in shades of gray with pretty mauve butterflies in the design.

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