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Whether you're a college student doing research or a professional drafting up proposals, these are the very best document editing apps for iPad! The iPad is a great writing utility and that includes editing and drafting documents, no matter what kind of work you do. Pages is part of Apple's iWork suite and focuses strictly on creating and editing documents.
If you want a complete solution across iOS and OS X or prefer something with an easy to learn and use experience, look no further than Pages. If you share a lot of documents or already live and breathe Google services, Google Drive is your best choice.
POLARIS Office 5 is a complete office suites that lets you edit and create documents as well as spreadsheets. If you want an office suite that can pull from all cloud storage services, including Google Drive, check out POLARIS Office 5. GoDocs was built for use strictly with Google Docs and in order to use it, you'll need to have a Google account. If you use Google Docs but don't particularly care for Google's official offerings, be sure to give GoDocs a try. For a simple interface that's easy to use and can sync with many services, including the desktop — Documents to Go is worth a hard look.
Documents 5 by Readdle does not have editing capabilities for documents but it's one of the best document management suites around. If you're only looking to manage and share existing documents on your iPad and don't need to edit them, Documents 5 by Readdle is hands down the best choice - especially if you're already using other Readdle products. If you're used to Microsoft Word, prefer it, and don't mind forking over some cash, you can finally have Microsoft Word on your iPad. Smartphone case maker Speck has announced the Pocket-VR virtual reality viewer for its CandyShell Grip case. Search your Safari browsing history, bookmarks, search engines, and more with the Smart Search bar!

All three video apps below surprised me in some ways, and yet none of the three were the full solution to creating fully customized, digital video productions. You're not going to be able to produce a professional-quality TV spot with any of these apps. Avid Studio (for iPad) $4.99 The most powerful iPad digital movie editor of the bunch, Avid Studio is also one of the simplest to use. From embedding images and charts to writing a term paper for college, there are lots of App Store apps for iPad that specialize in document creation and editing. You can link in your cloud storage services and pull your documents directly from them for viewing and editing in POLARIS. You can pair it with the desktop application in order to wirelessly sync documents to and from. It supports many different file types for viewing and acts as a central hub for many of Readdle's most popular products including Scanner Pro, Printer Pro, and more. You can open and view Word documents for free but to create, edit, and manage them — you need an Office 365 subscription which costs $120 a year.
It works with the iPhone 6 and 6s and the Google Cardboard app to give owners a portable VR experience. Video editing is one of the most demanding tasks a desktop computer can take on, yet here we are talking about editing digital video on a tablet—the Apple iPad.
Comparing the apps' capabilities makes it clear that video editing on the iPad is still in its infancy.
Performance also varied greatly among them, both in terms of stability and time needed to process your video edits. But if you just want to join clips and photos, add transitions and text, each of them can serve your needs. It's the only app here that can create composite video effects such as overlays and picture in picture. It's also strong in text overlay choices, but the long time it takes to process and play your edits is a major drawback.

Granted, the two don't mix so well, but he's a proper nerd, which is probably why he gets on so well with Cam.
You can also embed shapes and charts in just a few taps that are easy to manipulate and work with. The thing I really like about GoDocs is that it gives you the flexibility of viewing documents in either desktop or mobile versions since it essentially loads Google Docs inside the main frame of the app.
Documents to Go also supports sync with iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud services through their premium version. Indeed, the iPad even has some built-in video editing capabilities: The built-in Camera app lets you trim the start and endpoints of your cinematic creation by dragging the edges of a single timeline view at the top.
To find out which of the following iPad apps will best help you ditch your PC for basic video-editing tasks, check out the summaries below, and click through to the full reviews for in depth evaluations.
For some reason, people don't always take him seriously, but he strenuously denies this has anything to do with his ridiculous hair. As far as document editing is concerned, you can also import images and shapes from your Camera Roll to documents. When it comes to actually editing documents, the interface is simple enough that anyone can pick it up and use it. For example Apple's iMovie for iPad has no picture-in-picture capability, but Avid Studio, which does have that ability, lacks any themes to help design your movie. But Avid Studio also has its limitations: It only can output up to 720p resolution, lacks a voice-over feature, and offers no themes for prefab movies.

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