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Ahhhh… just as an aside, it felt real nice to avoid discussion about the transit strike… my blood pressure is thanking me! This entry was posted on Friday, January 23rd, 2009 at 8:06 am and is filed under Politics. You wanted to be the best at thumbs up so you could pick your crush every time, but you never could, because you sucked at cheating. A few years back, I shave my beard just to see what I would look like completely sans cheveux and there was WAY too much white skin… grew the beard back immediately!

A full beard would, for one thing, be very grey and for another would be sparse and not very tidy. Then it evolved into how “pristine” your pencil looked, and eventually, how sharp could you get your pencil without breaking the tip? We all experimented with construction paper airplanes until someone got hit in the face with one. Dead last meant not sitting with your friends to talk about Pokemon or WWF (when it was called WWF, not WWE).

After the monitor leaves, the girls would turn to each other and reveal their hiding locations.

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