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CENTER AND WISDOM This back tattoo is called kame, or tortoise, because it resembles the protective shell on the turtle's back. FLIRTATION The legs are enveloped in patterns of peonies, waves, carp, and the elusive, hard-to-catch catfish, done by both Horigoro II and Horigoro III. HEIKURO AND SERPENT For this tattoo, Horikin turned for inspiration to Heikuro, one of the 108 tattooed heroes of the picaresque Chinese novel Suikoden.
Tattoo Designs and Becoming a Tattoo ArtistIf you have any interest in possibly becoming a tattoo artist, this book will give you an inside look. Expression graphique d’une histoire et d’une culture particuliere, le tatouage japonais est parvenu jusqu’a nous grace notamment aux marines marchande et militaire. Extremement hierarchise, structure et codifie, le tatouage japonais repousse les frontieres de l’art intradermique tout en laissant entrevoir l’etendue des possibilites de ce qui deviendra l’un des courants les plus representatifs et apprecies du tatouage contemporain, bien qu’il fasse reference a un art traditionnel plusieurs fois centenaires. Le tatouage japonais inspire de ce fait nombre de tatoueurs voyageurs qui seront seduits par ses attraits, a l’image de Sailor Jerry (pour ne citer que lui). Personnages legendaires, animaux fantastiques, femmes lascives, scenes de la vie quotidienne ou guerriers feodaux, le tatouage japonais aborde tous les sujets grace a une lecture claire et imparable, qui supporte extremement bien l’epreuve du temps, et a une identite visuelle reconnaissable des le premier coup d’?il, meme par un novice.

Hors des courants habituellement rencontres dans le monde de moins en moins ferme du tatouage contemporain, le tatouage japonais fait figure de chainon manquant entre modernisme et tradition, entre passe, present et avenir.
Again the belly, especially thrust out when posing for this photograph, represents wealth and absence of hardships. Flames and waves, dragon talons and carp, autumn leaves and clouds, tortoises and gods of luck with their bags stuffed full of worldly blessings.
The subject shown here asked Horiyoshi III, somewhat unusually to tattoo the top of his feet. It was translated by Bakin in 1805 and glorified in the 1850s by ukiyo-e artists Utagawa, Kuniyoshi, Toyokuni, and Kunisada. Les marins furent alors fascines non par la pratique du tatouage qu’ ils connaissent deja bien, mais par l’impact visuel du tatouage japonais, lequel affiche sur la peau de ceux qui le porte une iconographie puisant son inspiration dans l’histoire et les legendes nippones. Celui-ci saura exploiter tout le potentiel du tatouage japonais en l’agregeant au style traditionnel Americain, explosant par la meme occasion les frontieres du tatouage tel qu’il etait alors pratique, notamment dans la representation des themes traditionnels americains.
Il a acquis une popularite hors des frontieres de l’archipel nippon, et continue et continuera d’inspirer un nombre sans cesse croissant de tatoueurs et de tatoues.

Here Heikuro's battle to the death with a serpent is depicted so graphically that one feels the writhing serpent's power and Heikuro's valor with each movement of the tattooed body The sinuous twists and turns of the serpent become indistinguishable from the irezumi's folds of skin. Horijin started his professional life as a painter but turned to tattooing when he tired of drawing on paper's flat surfaces.
It was whispered that he had served eight years in prison for having killed someone in a knife fight. It was also said that he had cut off the last digit of his left-hand little finger in atonement for the life he had taken. However, the story was perhaps designed to disguise his membership in the Yakuza, a band who pledge loyalty in blood and frequently forfeit the joint of a finger to prove eternal fidelity.

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