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The popular peace sign surrounded by waves symbolizes that peace is in trouble and we need to protect it.
The koi fish and water symbolizes the wearer’s independent and persevering nature who does not fear going against the odds.
The flamingo, dolphin, starfish and heart shape create a catchy tattoo piece that expresses the love of the wearer for his native island. The koi fish, lotus and butterfly swimming in the water create an inspirational and meaningful tattoo piece. The cherry blossom flowers floating in the water, carved along with the names of a couple symbolize the harmonious beauty of their lovely relationship. Gracing the foot of the girl, this water-lily symbolizes her desire to attain peace and enlightenment. The pink lotus flower on the splashing waves looks very captivating and symbolizes calmness in the midst of chaos. The killer aquatic animal on a blue watery backdrop symbolizes the fearless and authoritative nature of the wearer. The lady carrying a pitcher with flowing water symbolizes the Aquarius sun sign of the wearer. The wearer, who works on a ship, is fascinated by the shark and therefore, got a tattoo carved on his body. Take a look at this creative water tattoo of the marine engineer that is a tribute to his profession. This leg tattoo symbolizes the beautiful life of the wearer that has been shaped from dark and dirty experiences, just like the lotus that grows in mud. The ship steering wheel and the water backdrop along with a quote stand for the wearer’s desire to join the navy. This cute water symbol is inspired from Atla, the television series and symbolizes the love of the wearer for the show. The lotus flower and the koi fish inspire the wearer to keep going in her pursuit of tranquility and harmony. The girl is a freedom loving person and the tattoo on her foot symbolizes this very attribute.

The red koi fish, cherry blossom flowers and the water waves paint a picturesque tattoo portrait.
The wearer loves the tales of mermaids and this tattoo is an expression of the same love and fascination.
This awe-inspiring water tattoo is a tribute to the wearer’s deceased father who served in the navy. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. These sample pages are presented as small, low-resolutions images in deference to the respective copyright holders.
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Now here you will draw a semi arched line on both sides of the blossom which will be the pad or leaf that the lotus sits on. Now this is the last drawing step and because of that you will start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your work. When your drawing is complete your lotus should come out looking like the one you see here.
You will rarely find a solo water body or the liquid design gracing the body part of a person. Lily is a so popular flower and has rich symbolic meanings in different cultures and much of the world. In Buddhism, tiger lily (a lily from China) represents mercy, compassion, and aggressive traits associated with feminine nature.
The lotus is a very interesting flower that has many beautiful qualities that make them unique.
You will then detail and define the remaining petals as shown and then detail the pad or leaf a bit more. We cannot live in the absence of this life-giving treasure that covers around 71 percent of the earth’s surface.
Accompaniments such as lotus flower, fish, dolphins and other aquatic creatures frequently adorn the water body art form. You have just finished this tutorial on how to draw a lotus flower or water lily step by step.

Water is also a source of inspiration for artists and when it comes to the body art form, water tattoos occupy a fair share of the pie. If you are curious to know more about the designs and meanings of this tattoo then this is just the right place to search. The typical environment for the lotus is usually in a pond or swamp, basically where ever there is shallow water.
When you are done with drawing out each individual petal you will then detail the leaf or lily pad and begin sketching out the the inner blossom which resembles a small flame.
This flower is also known as the water lily, the very same flower that produces those big round green leaf pads that are made famous from frogs.
Those who work in the navy or have any kind of professional association with the sea also love to wear such tattoos. The petals of the lotus are very vivid and they have a very fragrant smell to them, almost like a perfume.
There are two typical types of lotus; the dark pink or “red”, and the very white lotus flower. The beautiful unique shaped petals overlap each other in a very symmetrical way leaving the lily an intriguing plant to look at. There is a certain peaceful feeling that comes with the lotus, they have a very angelic beauty leaving them a prized possession for any gardener to try and breed. The lotus is a sacred flower in India and with it comes religious mythology that is intertwined with its existence. In India the lotus symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and lastly enlightenment. Because the lotus is such a religious and hopeful flower, in India it is the Indian National Flower. I know you will love drawing this beautiful flower because it truly is a unique specimen of the plant family.

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