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Most of watch or clock tattoos are integration with other elements, such as rose, butterfly, key, or anchor and bring additional meanings to the tattoo. On the other hand, it’s easy to remove black ink tattoos because the dark color is good at absorbing the light energy from the laser. Just like the other types of tattoo designs, the lock and key tattoo emerged with the sailors over a century back and as many people got to accept the tattoos, the lock and key tattoos became popular and was done in classical colours and designs.Some of the most intriguing and one of a kind tattoo designs can be found having the lock and key as their key design element. It is often used as a gift to a person for its fashion attribute or special meanings related to time. In this post please share the collection of 40 awesome watch tattoo designs and I hope you will find out inspirations. If you want to get a tattoo design of special scripts, such Chinese characters or Sanskrit letters, it’s best to consult historians and linguists as they can tell you if a particular character or cipher has any double meanings.
If you know someone very special who also has a tattoo, then you may want to get a matching tattoo. Just in case you have second thought about getting tattooed, it’s important to remember that the cost of removing a particular tattoo is influenced by several factors.
There are several kinds of tattoo designs, and many of them are best used in certain parts of your body. Once you have confirmed the nature of the symbol or letter that you want to get, go ahead and get yourself inked. A matching tattoo may not always have an attractive or impressive design, but what matters is that it possesses a special meaning. If you already have a particular design in mind, consult your tattoo artist on which part of your body is the most appropriate area.
This way, you’ll be able to experiment with different designs and different locations without having to worry about the consequences. This is also true with multicolored tattoos because they require varying wavelengths of light energy to remove each type of pigment. The wearer of the design looks jovial with the lock expressed in heart form with key on it. Most lock and key tattoo designs take the form of the heart where the lock is designed as the heart and the key is always adorned with images and objects that express love.Lock and key tattoo designs in most cases symbolize the desire of people to safeguard and protect their property or belongings. The lock and key tattoo design below looks artistically designed and well incorporated with different features and expression of love. A set of lock and key has been used to keep out what we do not want outside and what we do want protected inside.Lock and key tattoos are elegantly designed with the lock designed in the form of the heart and filled with flowers and beautiful features just like in the tattoo design below.

The lock and key symbol is worn just next to the actual heart with the glowing red colours and black key design making the wearer’s heart to indeed be under lock and key. The wearer has chosen a colour that blends well with her body complexion with the black colour of the tattoo enhancing the entire outlook of the design.When it comes to using this incredible part of our lives- the lock and the key as part of a body art design, the choices are huge. Philosophically and poetical people have known to allude to the lock as the female and the key as the male.
When the right or matching ones are fitted together magical things are supposed to take place. Thereby symbolically tattoo designs with the lock and key have a lot of value and multitudinous meanings.The lock and key tattoo may be designed in such a way that one limb carries the design of the lock with the keyWhen shown together we can depict the lock and key lying next to each other surrounded by intricately designed cask or trunk that they are supposed to be locking in place. The lock and key tattoo design below looks spectacular on the wearer’s back given the one colour used.
The lock and key tattoo design below shows how complex the design can be with the multiple colours used making the entire lock and key tattoo design look unique.If you are the kind that like the ripped look on tattoos, you can show the heart as if it is ripping into your very flesh to lock it up and the key can be shown hanging from a hook or knob. Lock and key tattoos can be enriched with other features like chains, jewellery and elements like the skull to make them look more complex and versatile.If you feel that your heart is yet to be unlocked for the right life partner to turn up, you can depict this inner feeling easily with the help of a lock and key tattoo. The lock and key tattoo design below looks very simple and cutely done with the place its worn symbolising how special the tattoo is to the wearer.You can go for the skeleton key look which can be depicted in many different ways.
The heart shaped designs of the lock and key tattoo indicates how the tattoo design expresses the heart emotions perfectly well. The one colour used makes it more cool and attractive.Having liberated yourself from something, someone or even overcoming a bad habit can be symbolically shown with an opened lock with the key still hanging off it. The design below of the lock and key tattoo with the bird flying up with the key looks quite fascinating. The place the tattoo is worn and the colours used enhances the wearer’s look making the whole tattoo quite attractive.
Lock and key tattoos are also a perfect way for one to express inner feelings.Instead of a plain lock you can go for a chain lock or padlock along with the key or even without the key. The lock and key tattoo designs look so reinforced with the quote written depicting that the wearer might be protecting herself from some emotional heartbreak.
This way they show their commitment to each other and confirm that the other holds the key to their heart.
The tattoo is designed in a stylish way and enhances the ladies appearance making her look more classy.All in all a key and lock are important in our lives and they also translate to really beautiful and meaningful tattoo designs. The tattoo is large enough and fits well on the chest where its worn.Lock and key tattoos often signify the subject of love and the emotions that come with it.

The lock and key tattoo design is beautifully done and very complex as its incorporated with flowers and features of the skull. The lock is securely wrapped in the leaves stemming from the flowers with flowers also wrapped below.
The imagination of the wearer can be expressly communicated through the lock and key tattoos considering where the tattoo is worn and the kind of features its incorporated with.
The green hue makes the whole design look unique and elegant.Lock and key tattoos can be worn by couples to demonstrate their love and commitment to one another. One of the couples may decide to wear the lock while another wearing the key as a symbol that they are protected by each other. The lock and key tattoo design below looks fascinating with the chains that the key is hanging on.
Having the lock and key on will be a constant reminder to the wearer that the wearer whether he or she need to move on or focus on moving forward. The lock and key tattoo design looks stunning with the lock and artistically designed in black colours which enhances the general look of the wearer.The lock and key design below is quite versatile with a combination of many colours.
One thing that has made the lock and key tattoo designs to be famous is the meaning and symbols associated with the tattoos. The chest where its worn symbolizes maximum security to the wearer.Lock and key tattoo designs are signs of mystery, secrets, reservations towards the world and deep issues of the heart. Apart from flowers and jewellery, clocks are also used to enrich the tattoos just like in the lock and key tattoo design below. The lock and key tattoo worn in the hand below looks great and blends quite well with the wearer’s complexion. The design of the lock and key tattoo is small enough making it fit perfectly in the hand where its worn.Every person wearing a lock and key tattoo has a personal meaning or symbol that he or she identifies the tattoo with.
The lock and key tattoo below is intricately designed with a chain that fixes it right to the wearer’s body.
The tattoo is greatly designed with the use of flowers making the whole lock and key tattoo to appear quite stylish.

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