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Among the distinctive tattoo designs, one of the most attractive design in demand is the key tattoo. Coloring of these key and lock tattoos depends on the design style.  Because they are all key and locks, you’ll probably want to stay with shades of black, gold, silver, gray, and blue.
Key tattoos are not only one of the most attractive tattoos designs in the world, they are also capable of carrying deep symbolic value which generally differs from one individual to another sporting the tattoo. The key featured in these tattoos can represent anything including the key to knowledge, the key to success and the key to the wearer’s heart. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. On the serious side, key and lock tattoos can represent freedom from a time in your life when you felt locked up. Tattoos featuring a lock and key can stand for freedom while they may also symbolize some valuable possession that the wearer wants to protect.

Key tattoos can be sported alone or they can be combined with various other elements and symbols.
Key tattoo styles are designed alone or designed with a spread of various components and symbols.
Study some of the skeleton keys and locks from that era by visiting galleries and searching images. Another interpretation of these tattoo designs involves the desire to keep one’s loved ones protected in their memories. Key tattoos can be designed alone or they can be placed with alternative symbols and components depending on the customer choice. Hence key tattoos are used to convey a broad range of symbolic meanings such as mystery, freedom, a sense of purpose, imagination, possibility, opportunity, imprisonment, responsibility, capability, fantasy, secretiveness, security, ownership and the unknown. These key tattoos look fabulous when it is tattooed on wrist or waist however choice is all yours.

One distinct feature about the Key tattoo is that the lock isn’t designed with the key.
While one may choose to wear only a single key as a tattoo, a lock and key design is also equally popular. Among different tattoo designs, key tattoo designs are also popular for its unique feature. Other symbols such as stars, ribbons, hearts and chains can also be incorporated in a key tattoo design. A very popular design is one where the key is drawn as a part of a bracelet, anklet or a necklace.

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