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Tattoos are style statements that are worn by a large number of men and women on their various body parts. The koi fish is also known by the name of dragon fish and it is said that it turns into a dragon after climbing the mythical “dragon gate”. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Coy Fish Tattoos, Scorpion Tattoos, Sparrow Tattoos and Leopard Print Tattoos. This swimming koi fish tattoo is a mark of the wearer’s struggle with problems that she has not overcome as yet.
The light blue koi fish, making waves in the water, is a symbol of working hard incessantly to accomplish one’s goal in life. The girl has got this cute koi fish on her foot as a lucky charm that would bless make her work hard and succeed in life.
Beautiful black koi fish, carved on the left upper back that looks graceful and symbolizes friendship and love. This colorful koi fish tattoo stands for the determination and aspiration of the wearer towards his goal in life.
Making splash in the sea waves, the koi fish inspires one to be firm and determined and achieve one’s aim in life.
Swimming koi fish tattoo carved along with red cherry blossom flowers that says life is ephemeral and one must flow against it and realize the greater purpose. The small koi fish and the flowers say that one must be tough from outside but possess a soft interior. This tattoo depicts courage, hope and determination that one always needs to achieve success in life.
Be brave and persevere hard to reach your goal, this is the message of the koi fish tattoo, carved on the leg. Carved with black ink, this koi fish along with the heart symbol represents love and affection.
The pair of koi fish along with the cherry blossom and lotus flowers says that life’s objectives can be achieved if a couple works in unison. The cherry blossom flowers and the koi fish are popular and auspicious symbols in Japanese culture and this tattoo represents both. The koi fish tattoo is worn by the men as a source of inspiration as the fish is known to be courageous and hard-working. The koi fish has beautiful colors and an elegant shape that make it a cool aesthetic tattoo piece which is evident from this picture. This large koi fish tattoo complements the sensuous contours of the back of the girl and presents a luscious portrait.
Carved behind the ear, this koi fish whispers perseverance and determination that keeps the girl motivated. The dazzling koi fish tattoo exhibiting bright red and yellow shade along with cherry blossom flowers depicts aspiration and achievement. This is a very realistic sleeve koi fish tattoo that catches instant attention and looks super cool.
Covering the forearm, this koi fish has a fierce look in its eyes that are always set on the goal. The woman has an expansive back piece that includes the name of her kids along with the koi fish, bull and peacock for a large tattoo design. Fantastic details and fine quality make this courageous and stoic koi fish, carved on the arm, stand out from the rest. The koi fish tattoo looks best on men as it is associated with the heroic and fearless attitude of the samurai’s.
The man shows off his fresh koi fish tattoo and the drawing from which he got inspired to get the tattoo carved his forearm.

This black and grey koi fish climbing on the arm is a logo of strength of character and an unwavering focused spirit.
The girl shows off her bare back that would soon be fully covered with another gorgeous koi fish and lotus flowers.
The koi fish and the cherry blossom flowers represent fortune and good luck; this is also a popular reason for getting them carved as tattoos. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Koi fish are a species of carp (Koi is the Japanese word for carp) that are specially bred to have wild, brilliant color schemes.
The Japanese word Koi translates as carp, but also as love, therefore koi fish are a symbol of love (the kind of love you have for your lover, not for your parents for example). Since they are considered to be extremely energetic, koi fish tattoo designs usually have very lively colors and lots of movement. First, koi fish tattoos depicting the animal swimming upstream may represent strength during trying times. Second, and perhaps more influenced by Western thought (the Japanese had and have a very close-knit society), is the koi fish tattoo for someone who is very independent. Any carp able to climb to the Dragon Gate along the Yellow Riverwill be transformed into a dragon. Sharing much of its imagery with the Japanese for the koi's strength and determination, the Chinese koi is also associated with life-long good fortune. More often than not koi tattoos are very large tattoos, with intricate shading and colors to depict their rainbow of scales and their strong swimming motion against the current. Koi fish designs are also used in zodiac tattoos, more specifically in Pisces tattoos (pisces is the Latin word for fish).
Some wear it for aesthetic reasons while some go for them because of the meaning they wield. The fish is also associated with stoic qualities because when caught by the fishermen and put under the knife, it does not quiver and dies in a brave manner. Koi tattoo designs are often combined with splashing water, cherry blossom and lotus flowers.
Originally a ravenous pet species that stirred up silt in waterways, the Japanese have inbred them and turned them into gemlike marvels.
Interestingly, the Japanese assign different symbolic meanings to the fish depending upon the way it behaves, either in the pond or in the wild. The koi fish is powerful enough to fight river currents and swim against the stream in order to reach its food sources or spawning grounds.
It takes a lot to be able to go against the tide of fate if life has stacked the odds up against you. Proudly going against the grain, with little care for the opinions of others and society, a tattoo depicting a koi fish swimming through a tumultuous torrent is a powerful and personal image. Their backgrounds are often as spectacular as the fish itself: with crashing water, suns and moons, cherry blossom and lotus petals floating along. There are separate tattoos for each section but there are some tattoos that combine both the aspects in a brilliant manner. Mythology would have you believe that the Koi fish has the ability to swim up the yellow river and become a dragon – this of course is symbolic of ones aspirations to become something bigger and better in life. Koi fish tattoos often represent victory despite terrible adversity: courageous triumph over a struggle.
Since koi can eat a hefty portion of their body weight every day, they were expensive to keep. Apart from these qualities, the koi fish also represents luck, love, fortune, passion and wealth.

This Japanese fish that is a symbol of strength, courage and perseverance makes for a fabulous tattoo pregnant with deep meaning that inspires, ignites and keeps one motivated. We have compiled 40 of our favorite Koi fish tattoo designs to show you.Firstly let’s just acknowledge how absolutely amazing this design is! So, here we go with this post that has 40 koi fish tattoos telling you more about the meanings. It has been paired with the lotus flower which holds a lot of symbolic meaning of it’s own. The lotus flower grows in muddy waters but turns in to a beautiful flower, signifying struggle, determination and a change for the better in ones life.Here is another example of a breathtakingly beautiful Koi fish design on a ladies back. This time in just black ink but as you can see the shading work is impeccable.We particularly like the traditional Japanese style wave shapes that people put around Koi fish tattoo designs. Traditionally they are kept in ponds as pets, valued for their beautiful and fascinating appearance. Many a garden’ s appearance has been improved by having a Koi pond with these colorful fish swimming in themHere you can see more of a modern take on the Koi fish tattoo design. Pinks and greys always manage to work well together and we love the watercolor style blots that make up the background of this design, very beautiful indeed.Okay, wow!
Even someone who doesn’t like tattoos will surely appreciate the beauty of this design.
As mentioned earlier, it is quite common for people to pair Koi fishes with lotus flowers as both hold deep meaning, particularly in Japanese culture.
Whilst they have opted not to color in the actual Koi fish on this one, they have colored the water blue and the lotus flower pink with yellow tips which gives it a great amount of pop without overdoing it with too many colors.
This design definitely shows elements of the dragon (particularly the eyes) and as such is representing the transformation of the Koi in to the dragon koi which to a person is obviously meaningful of a change for the better in their own life.Three is one of the most common lucky numbers to people. As you can see the person is no stranger to tattoos, already having a large skull design on their chest. Shaving the side of ones head and getting a tattoo can be seen as a big commitment by some, but of course if you end up getting a tattoo you don’t like you can always grow your hair back there and not have to see the design again!We love the modern (but scary) take on the koi fish design. It appears to be more of a decaying fish and is most likely a representation of the persons choice to go against the flow and do things differently.Whilst not koi fish as such, here is a great example of some similar style fish tattoos. Tattoos like this full back piece can take over 10 hours and many sessions (a lot of money too) so you will want to be sure that it’s a design that you really love. This person seems to be going for a sea theme across their whole body so the massive koi fish on their back is definitely fitting with the theme and looks superb.Whilst it can be a bit hard to see because the persons shorts are covering it, this is an example of a red koi fish. The red koi fish is traditionally a symbol of love which is definitely apparent in this design where the koi fish also has a love heart at the end of its tale.
Again it’s a black koi fish which most likely means that the lady has overcome a challenge in their life recently (at least if they got it for the traditional reason). This koi fish also looks like it is beginning the transformation or rather evolution in to its dragon form.Koi fish are considered to bring good luck and a better life to their owners, the Japanese valued these fish as a good luck symbol.
This sort of endorsement coming from a culture that has deeper meanings and symbolism for almost every aspect of life, makes Koi have even more weightage.
There is only a minimal amount of red (the stamp and the shading at the bottom of the back) but it really contrasts well with with the deep black color of the rest of the design and overall this is a great looking and albeit epic back piece!Here is a bit of a reverse of an earlier example of where the person had a black colored koi fish with colored waves. This means your tattoo design choice should be one that you like and will continue to like.
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