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Animal tattoos, are a more popular tattoo design that one would think, and people get animal tattoos for various reasons.
Throughout time and literature, animals of varying species will symbolize different things.
Relatively similar to goldfish, the Koi is a fish that is native to China, Japan, and Korea. Koi fish are traditionally considered lucky, which is why they tend to be a very popular tattoo. Itis said that Koi can climb waterfalls, and if they are caught, it will lie on the cutting board without waver, similar to a samurai warrior facing a sword. Many Christians, these days, are getting frogs tattooed on their body because of the anacronym : Forever Rely On God.
Tigers, in the Chinese culture are seen as an earth symbol and an equal rival to the dragon.

Horses aren’t as popular as other animal tattoos, but they are gorgeous none-the-less. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
So, when one person gets an animal tattoo, it may mark a turning point in their life, or how that animal represents their soul. We spend millions on our pets, and many people reflect their love with tattoos of their beloved pets on their body.
They are represented by brightly colored fish usually surrounded by a wave or some form of water. Based on the legend that Koi succeeded in climbing the waterfalls at Dragon Gate, on the Yellow River, and was transformed into a dragon, it became a symbol of worldy aspiration and advancement. You can find cobra wrapped around the neck of Shiva and Vishnu; temples are found with snakes.

Some people just find a fascination with an animal species, and feel the need to have it tattooed on their body.Whereas, others may have a spiritual connection with the animal. Koi can also represent courage, the ability to attain goals, and overcomine life’s difficulties.
Or you will see tigers such as Shere Khan, from The Jungle Book, who is seen as the wicked mortal enemy.
For example, an APBT advocate may get a tattoo of the breed as a sign of loyalty, strength, and courage, but one who prefers their reputation, may get a tattoo of the same breed with a more viscious demeanor in order to represent power and the fear that is evoked from the breed. Hummingbirds tend to represent a love charm and one who hoards.  Owls symbolize wisdom and imbecility.

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