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Initially, the idea of a reality TV show where people get to see the daily ins and outs of a high profile tattoo artist and her shop full of what some might argue was the closest thing to tattoo royalty in one place: Kim Saigh, Kat Von D, Corey Miller and Hannah Aitchison, was cool. The biggest mistake this show has made however, is cutting back on the actual tattoo work in favour of focusing on a ridiculous soap opera style, in which a series of minor conflicts are blown entirely out of proportion in the hopes of achieving interesting television.
The  Spaniard defender of Real Madrid has been tattooed on numerous occasions in recent years. First tatoo: Sergio Ramos has back tattoo a ghoul smiling with a soccer ball, this drawing is the first in a long list!
On the left arm, we find a representation of the Virgin Mary and a star of David as a tribute to Antonio Puerta, friend footballer who died in 2007.

We'd like to send you the most entertaining World Football articles, videos, and photos from around the web.Subscribe now! The tattoo artist Rodrigo Galvez Miras, who has worked on the front right arm of the player of Real Madrid.
Near these tattoos we find a key, a cross, a key of soil, a Pocket Watch, and the Tower of the Giralda of Seville.
They correspond to the names of his brother Rene and his sister Miriam, as well as his first name Sergio. We would like to say thank you if you share this Unique LA Ink Tattoo Design Ideas to other people with facebook, google plus, twitter or other social media accounts.

Next   these names, we find the tattoos of the number 4, his number of Jersey, with three stars, one for each brother and sister.

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