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Internationally acclaimed black and gray tattoo artist, Fernie Andrade is a wunderkind in the world of tattoos. If you’d like to RSVP a tattoo appointment with Las Vegas tattoo artist Fernie Andrade please feel free to call us. I want a set of triple beams that have kilos setting on them that turn to doves flying off there flying up to heaven! It basically would go from the top of my back thigh up on my butt cheek stopping at my lower back!
I can send you pics of the spot so you could check out if I have the space to fit what I’m wanting! Trained by Robert Pho, Andy moved to Las Vegas after completing formal art school training back in NY. While he likes to specialize in the weird and quirky, Andy has quickly established himself as a tattoo artist known for his animal portraits.
If you’re interested in reservations for a tattoo by Las Vegas tattoo artist Andy Pho please feel free to call us.

When it comes time to visit tattoo shops in Las Vegas, be sure to include Skin Design Tattoos as one of your destination points! With his back against the wall and a troubled childhood, Fernie jumped straight into the game of tattooing by starting with a live canvas. With numerous awards under his belt and a waiting list that spans months deep, Fernie still remains the same humble artist he was in the beginning – despite the fact that he also happens to be one of the most desired black and gray tattoo artists on the West Coast. This is a true artist who not only renders so magnificently but understands the importance of composition. It was there he  practiced a multidisciplinary curriculum which included sculpting, painting, and drawing in both charcoal and pencil mediums. His attention to detail in each of his pieces has created tattoos which are life-like and compelling. You simply can’t get it all in one shot and in the end, the client has to sacrifice comfort to get the ultimate pleasure.
It was at the age of 15, when he administered his first tattoo and he hasn’t looked back since.

His attention to detail and illustrious work sets the bar when it comes to black and gray tattoo work, and when it comes to portraits within the medium, his portfolio speaks for itself.
Thus is the case with Andy Pho, with only four years under his belt, Andy has developed a skill set which rivals those decades into the game.
With a witty sense of humor and and a quest for perfection, Fernie Andrade is a recent Las Vegas transplant whose client list has followed him to the 702 and throughout the rest of the world as well.
In turn he has also created a portfolio of art and tattoos which has amassed him a comprehensive local following of tattoo collectors from Las Vegas – as well as all throughout North America.
So if you’re in or around town, and looking for tattoo shops in Las Vegas, please feel free to drop by to check out Fernie’s portfolio!

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