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In this next step you will first draw out the thickness of the wood, and then start drawing the shapes of the flames. Now in this step all you really have to do is draw out more shapes of the flames as you see here and then ad some flaming detailing. Here is your last drawing step and all you have to do is draw out each rock that surrounds the campfire in detail and for completion.
It's so amazing that this plant has never crossed as a message to me in an attempt to ask if I could draw cattails. Before you draw in the stems of each cattail, you will first draw the shapes of each flower.

Color in your cattails and remember to use this drawing in a background or prominent setting.
Campfires are absolutely amazing to sit in front of, cook marshmallows with, and even s’mores. There is so many places where you can build a campfire at and I wanted to draw the most typical one that comes to mind.
A fun fact I learned the other day was; how some species of cattails can be consumed and are used in savory dishes.
If you were in the “Boy scouts”, I’m sure you learned "how to build a campfire" and you also learned some basic survival skills if you were to get stuck in the woods.

I know my brother leaned some cool ideas and techniques like carrying a whistle, having a flint in your pocket or on your keyring, and even a small portable keychain flashlight.
I mean there is a lot more things that you learn while in the boy scouts, those are just the ones I know about.

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