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We rarely like to admit our mistakes, but if we fail to admit them and learn from them then they’re likely to be repeated. My journey has taken me from the highs of doing what I love every day to the lows of chasing monthly payments and then back again. Making mistakes along the way is a big part of freelancing, though, and I’m sure many of you can relate when I say that these failures and mistakes help to make your business successful and teach you a lot along the way. Today I want to share four that I’ve personally had to learn to avoid, and it is my hope that in sharing these you can avoid them yourself without having to go through them first. If you overstretch to land the client, you might end up giving them all they needed in the first place. I was 17 when I first started freelancing and, just like I did with my school and college work, I ended up leaving a lot of my jobs until the last possible minute.
Just like I would waste my spare time and leave things until the end of the month, I would often spend time working on business activities that just didn’t help my bottom line. I first started doing this because my initial marketing plan was simply to be everywhere at all times. I find it’s a good idea to record every action you take on a typical day (just once) and then review it. When I first started out, I never thought anyone would want to hire a 17-year old who was working from their bedroom.
Of course, I never lied to prospects and said this, but that is the way I was coming across.
Strong connections are crucial to gaining trust and closing the deal, and pretending to be someone I wasn’t hurt those connections. FreelanceFolder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers.
You’ve undoubtedly seen them at conventions, you may have even seen them at comic book stores or movie premieres.
One such artist that is definitely a favourite of mine is the amazingly talented Svetlana Quindt, also known as Kamui.
Containing 43 pages of easy to follow intructions and photos, Svetlana steps you through the process involved in creating your cosplay armor. Patricia Conte has a background in marketing communications and works as an independent writer. There’s no need to spend a fortune on the prepackaged makeup wipes from the drugstore. When you’re ready to use a wipe, simply open the container, pull out a sheet, gently massage over your face, then throw away.

This two-ingredient DIY makeup remover wipes away the signs of the day (or night) very easily. Jojoba oil is actually a form of melted wax that’s produced from the seed of the desert jojoba shrub. Vitamin E is found in many skin care products, mostly because of its moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Saturate a cotton ball or 2 (or cotton pad) with the oil mixture and gently wipe over your face and eyes to remove your makeup. In this article I want to admit some of my mistakes to you, and share my experience so that you can avoid making them. To say that my journey has followed the typical freelance rollercoaster would be an understatement. On my path, as an internet marketer, I started out by telling clients exactly what I would do to increase their search engine rankings or get them more social media traffic. Some clients loved the approach, understood that I knew what I was talking about, and requested more of my services. This could include sample logos, website templates, scripts, or anything else you’re creating.
The first place I ran into a problem was when I wanted to go to a party or do something else that happened to be at the end of the month.
I wanted to cover as much of the relevant web space as possible to try and land new clients.
Svetlana is a cosplayer from Germany and her costumes that she creates, have to be seen to believed. In it, Svetlana shows you how you can make your very own armor using materials such as Worbla and Wonderflex.
She covers everything from the materials and tools that you’ll need, through to creating patterns, shaping your armor, how to attach it to yourself and even transporting your works of art.
When I'm not designing or coding up some sweet lookin' website for a client through my studio, Maddison Designs, I'll either be catching the latest blockbuster on the big screen or relaxing on the couch, watching a blu-ray. You can easily make homemade makeup remover wipes with a few things you likely already have in your house!
You can easily make your own DIY makeup remover wipes with a few things you likely already have in your house!
It’s a great, gentle moisturizer, and is said to have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Set your pieces of cut paper towels into the container, and adjust them so there is at least 1 side that hangs over (on the inside) a bit.

With only two ingredients, it couldn’t be easier to make and keep handy on your bathroom counter. The oil has a golden color and no fragrance, and has highly moisturizing properties, so it has double the benefits when used as a makeup remover. You don’t need much vitamin E in this mix (since it is a fairly heavy oil), so the liquid from one capsule will do for this recipe. You can make all sorts of publications with it, including fun and interesting folding booklets.
Downloading a booklet template is perhaps the most straightforward method for creating a four- or eight-page mini book. You can go directly to the Microsoft templates website, search for a template and download it into Publisher. Others, however, took my outline and implemented it themselves or hired someone cheaper to follow it as best as they could. The second place was when I received extra work from other clients where they offered to pay double to have the work done quickly.
For some reason, I acted and communicated with clients as if I was working in a large corporation.
I would love to hear them, and I’m sure your experiences will help other freelancers. Worbla and Wonderflex are both thermoplastic materials — A polymer that becomes pliable or moldable above a certain temperature and then hardens again, once cooled.
Before you learn more about how to make a mini book in Publisher, you should know that it will be much simpler to acheive if you have access to a printer that supports duplex printing. In the end, I decided to give prospects a similar outline, but included far less of the details I had previously been handing out. Yet, as soon as I started communicating through my natural voice and in my usual way, I started creating great connections and building my network. These handy wipes will help keep your face free and clear of old makeup that could wreak havoc on your skin overnight.

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