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If you have steady hands, a good eye for proportion, and an appreciation for visual aesthetics, learning calligraphy or hand lettering could be personally rewarding and possibly even financially rewarding.
Earlier this spring, North Carolina passed an international headline-garnering bill that requires public schools to teach multiplication tables as well as cursive handwriting. In a New York Times Room for Debate segment on cursive in the classroom, University of Southern California education professor Morgan Polikoff argued that since few adults regularly employ it and most workplace communication is conducted via keyboard, teaching penmanship only gobbles up valuable classroom minutes. States like North Carolina and California, which have preserved a cursive requirement, see a value in kids mastering those curliques and flourishes beyond them forging a Declaration of Independence-worthy signature.
At Psychology Today, Texas A&M neuroscience professor William Klemm similarly decried the downfall of cursive education.
And I have a feeling that few, if any, educators would argue that cursive handwriting has no positive effect on the brain. Fluent in 3 months - Language Hacking and Travel TipsUnconventional language hacking tips from Benny the Irish polyglot; travelling the world to learn languages to fluency and beyond!
Although everyone in Ireland speaks English, there are regions known as the Gaeltacht that use Irish as the main language of communication, both in businesses and in families.
While Irish is quite different, there are some things that make it pretty straightforward to learn. The phonetics (pronunciation based on spelling) are quite different, and this usually scares a lot of people. This is important for saying Irish people’s names correctly (even when just speaking English). So, for those of you who don’t know, my name is actually Brendan (Benny is my nickname). However, thanks to the magic of initial mutations we can change the start of words in many situations!
This strange use of spelling and the other examples mentioned above may seem offputting, but it’s actually quite helpful believe it or not! However, despite the huge differences, like in some other languages, words are formed logically using prefixes, suffixes and combinations of roots. Whether in Ireland or abroad, there are usually some books in major libraries on learning Irish.
But even if you aren’t in Ireland, the possibilities of being exposed to Irish are endless!
Irish Gaelic Translator forum – Get an almost instantaneous answer from a native or fluent speaker of the language on simple questions and short translations. I hope this post gives those of you out there curious about the Irish language a little hint into how to learn and use it!

Not that modern printing doesn't have its place, mind you (I'd hate to copy whole books by hand as the medieval monks did), but there's something cold about a graduation certificate with your name done in sloppy typing or stark computer printout. Brain studies on younger children suggest that cursive simultaneously stokes the brain’s visual, tactile and fine motor circuits and helps optimize how efficiency they work. But you can learn the differences very quickly and after that they are consistent (unlike in English), so you can read any given text aloud pretty well after a small amount of study. In Irish this is originally written Breandán and when followed by verbs and such it stays the same.
A lot of Irish words do this so after you have some basic vocabulary it isn’t that bad to recognise more complicated words and very quickly build up your base of vocabulary. Also, because of the initial mutations mentioned above, capital letters (upper case) can occur as the second or third letter in a word! We are a long cry from arrogant perfectionists (something that holds too many people back from speaking a language), so if you can form some sentences we’ll be very happy to hear them even if there are some grammatical mistakes ?? Whenever I hear a cúpla focal from someone I always encourage them to keep going! Not good for basic words, but gives declensions and plurals for a lot of words; for intermediate and higher level learners.
The course I took was given by Oideas Gael in Donegal and takes place regularly every year for all levels.
She successfully completed her mission, and was able to socialize, make new friends, and have fun in Esperanto. My first attempt at speaking Turkish (first minute of the video), followed by a look around where I live (in English). Look at your own collection of honors and you'll see what I mean.You're not the only one who finds mechanized testimonials unsatisfying, either.
The sometimes painstaking process of learning cursive, by that logic, is healthy for kids over the long-term, regardless of how often people encounter situations that demand classy penmanship.
Consequently, the decline of teaching cursive disappoints me, not so much because fewer children will be learning an increasingly rare handwriting style, but because the decision to do away with it seems largely based on not having enough hours in the school day to squeeze it in. My Irish is far from perfect (my accent is definitely not as lovely as so many others that you would hear), but you can see some videos I’ve made entirely in Irish (most with subtitles) on my Irish videoblog. This is also coming from a former kid who felt incredibly grown up and dignified after mastering cursive, hence I’m subjectively biased. It uses the same alphabet as other European languages (although it is the only language that still traditionally uses its own special font). I don’t update it regularly, and you can see a somewhat silly video about the Irish language. If you fit that description, you can earn hundreds of spare dollars pleasantly, at home, in your own time.I got my own start in the business as an art student at West Virginia University, when a friend rushed up to me in a frenzy.

At least I can take heart that for interested boys and girls out there — and they do exist! I’m told that Welsh (in the same language family) operates more phonetically despite the same initial mutation situation and I’d personally miss my original letters for recognition! I'll do it for a quarter a name." Much relieved, my friend agreed to the rate (about half the printer's fee) and handed me 75 forms. Over the next few years countless organizations—on and off campus—approached me with lettering jobs, and I was launched in a fascinating and profitable sideline.All the same, I don't recommend such a haphazard beginning to anyone else. Although you'll eventually want to offer a number of styles for special jobs, one good basic set of letters will see you through at first.Your best choice is a variation of what was the major hand in Europe centuries before printing (Gutenberg chose a closely related face for his earliest work in the mid-1400's).
This dignified, ornamental style—with its strong vertical downstrokes—had a "woven" appearance on early manuscripts and, consequently, was named Textur. Derivations of the face are called Text alphabets and include Old English, Old English Script, Black Letter, Gothic Style, Cloister Black, Cloister Text, Spire Gothic, etc.Begin by choosing one Text alphabet and learning its majuscules and miniscules (capital and small letters).
George's compact Speedball instruction book, published by the Hunt Pen Company.One point you should practice carefully is correct spacing and centering.
When you're working on translucent, parchment, or light paper, you can save yourself the trouble of measuring for each word if you slip a guideline sheet under the page.
For hard-to-see-through heavier stock, I use a primitive light table made by laying a piece of thick glass across the arms of a child's chair and putting a gooseneck lamp underneath.Once you've got your alphabet down pat and a sample or two prepared, you're ready for business, and you've got to give some thought to how much you're going to charge.
Your rates will eventually stabilize.Do you feel a little nervous about launching this venture? Valuable contacts can be made through campus and local newspaper ads, printers who handle certificates and officers of various organizations. If your work is good and your price reasonable, most groups will prefer your fine hand-lettering to poorly rendered or mechanical substitutes. You will, however, sometimes want minor flourishes best wrought with crow quill pens.
Additional future costs will include only refills of ink and an occasional replacement of pencils, erasers, and pen points.

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