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With a symbol of the scales in the zodiac, the sign of Libra is the sign of justice, balance and harmony. Libra’s are naturally empathetic, easily able to view another person’s point of view to understand where he or she is coming from.
Natural diplomats, feisty and friendly, the Libra’s natural need for balance can sometimes leave them indecisive or at odds with others. Every zodiac sign has a symbol of its own that represents the characteristics of individuals born under the sign. The seventh sign in the astrological zodiac, the Libra is also the only sign that is not represented by an animal. A Libra will hold a great deal of their feelings inside and therefore must be drawn out when forming friendships or romantic relationships.
This not only makes them warm and caring in personal relationships, but many Libra’s use this natural ability to their advantage in the business world. In the workplace, Libra’s are often problem solvers thanks to their sense of creativity and broad perspective. Meticulously decorated homes, color coordinated closets or intricate attention to details at the place settings for a dinner party are how a Libra’s creativity shines through. However, they make good friends, and their sense of objectivity makes them great co-workers. But when it comes to Libra tattoos, the sign symbol, scales, is usually the most favored design.

Libra’s are highly intuitive, although they often ignore their own inner voice and must live with the regrets of such actions. They are quite willing to stand alone against injustice, but prefer to be part of the group. On the other end of the scales, some Libra’s engross themselves in clutter and chaos, which, ironically, is also an expression of a creative mind. Secondly, a person's thoughts and beliefs, etc., may change over the years, but, the zodiac sign always remains the same, until the end. They seek out happiness in people and places, choosing to be surrounded by positive feelings whenever possible. The balance to the introverted nature of the Libra’s emotional substance is their willingness to meet new people and try new things.
So, if you believe in the fascinating science astrology and wish to flaunt your zodiac sign, then you can go for the zodiac tattoo. Here are some tattoo design options for girls born under Libra sign.Tattoo DesignsThe Scales The scales of justice is a symbol of balance and harmony in life. A singular design of the scales, drawn in its actual form and pattern, can make a simple and cute Libra tattoo. If you wish to have a larger tattoo design, then you can inscribe a man or an angel holding the scales.
Glyph tattoos are usually made by people who wish to have a small and less elaborate tattoo.

Women can include other graceful designs like flowers, vines, etc., around the glyph to create an artistic tattoo. As a glyph is small in size, it can be made on the wrist, on the neck, ankle, etc.TextToday, along with symbols and designs, people also favor texts as tattoos. You can come up with your own preferred text, and style it using any of the font styles available. With numerous options, you are sure to find one that you love.Libra Zodiac SignLibra is the seventh sign of the zodiac.
As the scales dip back and forth in order to balance the right, Libra individuals keep on changing their thoughts, and hence, are often termed as indecisive. However, they are peace loving and achieve the perfect balance in their life, after much deliberation.With so many ideas and options, you will surely find a suitable tattoo design. But, if you are still confused and are not able to choose a single design, you can have all the three designs combined artistically to form a creative and unique Libra tattoo.

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