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How that motivational quote happened to be printed on a shopping bag was beyond me, but it was striking enough to get me thinking of my own life.  Looking back, I realized how fortunate I truly was—I have a great family,  was able to attend Boston University and received a good education, and I now run a my own financial investments firm. On that note, allow me to end with a famous Japanese proverb, and congratulate you in advance for staying on the right path, not allowing disappointment to sway you and continually refining your skills and intellect.  Remember…always be sharpening your mind. Jeffrey Arsenault is the Founder and Principal Partner of a New York-based financial investments management firm, Old Greenwich Capital Partners. John Guthrie, is generally credited with having migrated to New England about the year 1700. Seymour Guthrie, himself says in his book, a€?A Brief History of a Branch of the Guthrie Family.a€?-- a€?The earliest traditional knowledge of the family is in 1680 in Edinburgh. A comparison of these statements shows that all save the last one gives 1700 as the approximate date of emigration. This family has a tradition that there were seven Guthrie brothers in Scotland, that owing to religious persecutions they left there, some going to Ireland, others to America. We will now continue quoting this same source, but skip forward to page 169 and beyond, to follow the family of Robert Guthrie, one of the original immigrants from Scotland, who is believed to be a brother of the John Guthrie discussed above. We shall take Robert of Fallowfield and Nantmeal Townships, as the head of a hypothetical family, consisting of wife, _______ (Darlington) Guthrie, four sons--Adam, James, John, and William and perhaps as many daughters, names unknown.
Were not Adam and James grouped under Robert, they should be arranged under the seventeen forties and fifties; John and William at a decade or so later. He was the William Guthrie, we are quite sure, who married a daughter of Thomas Barnett, who was a neighbor to James and John Guthrie on Back Creek. Filed with these deeds is the following valuable family record, which gives the children of William, Sr.
The date of death of William Guthrie, Sr., is unknown, but it was of course prior to the first deed referred to above, which was dated Oct.
Robert Guthrie, (above) second child and eldest son of William Guthrie and wife, Elizabeth, is mentioned as having lands adjoining those inherited by James, his brother, from their father William. Land records were not well kept for the earliest settlers, but in the book: Scotch-Irish Migration to South Carolina, by Jean Stephenson, Shenandoah Publ.
Several years after William settled in this valley, he was joined by another Scottish family that had just arrived from Pennsylvania, where they had stayed only long enough to fit out some wagons and move down the same trail to the Waxhaw, as did the Guthries. Our Robert was born 22 Oct 1756, and as mentioned above, we are not certain where his birth occurred, but it is believed to have been back in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Eventually, as the Revolutionary War came to South Carolina, Robert joined on the side of the American Patriots, and so did the three Jackson boys.

While a transcript of the complete application for the widows pension of Mary Taylor Guthrie, can be read in the other part of this web-site, a brief recap of the basic information can be had in the Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution, by Bobby Gilmer Moss, Genealogical Pub. The summary of his military history, given above, also includes the name of his wife and their marriage date. Not only was Andrew Jackson a close neighbor of the Guthries from their early childhood, but during the war, there was some excitement in the local community caused by another famous man. Robert and Mary (Taylor) Guthrie, were married on March 9, 1780, during the Revolutionary War and almost immediately Robert was called away to fight the British (June 25, 1780; and again the following spring, on April 24, 1781). By 1792, so many people had come into the Kentucky region that they were able to petition the US congress, and were granted statehood, as the 15th state of the Union. Immediately following the Revolutionary War thousands of Americans began flowing westward to claim new lands in the trans-Appalachian wilderness of Kentucky and Tennessee.
By 1799, many of the very earliest residents had spent all their means trying to defend their land titles, and had lost.
In time, Robert and Mary made one last move, not far away, to a place near Paris, Henry Co., TN, where they lived out their remaining years. In about 1820, John and Elizabeth had heard of new lands opening up in a portion of what had previously been known as a€?Louisiana Territorya€? (from the purchase Thomas Jefferson made from Napoleon) but had just recently been made the newest state of the Union--Missouri. Stone was broken, lying flat on the ground in an overgrown area, about 300 feet SW of John Geerya€™s home.
Our Guthrie family origin comes from Scotland.A  To begin with, we will insert a quotation from American Guthrie and Allied Families, compiled by Laurence R. A A A  With these statements pro and con before him, the reader is left to his own conclusions. A A A  Filed with these deeds is the following valuable family record, which gives the children of William, Sr.
A A A  The date of death of William Guthrie, Sr., is unknown, but it was of course prior to the first deed referred to above, which was dated Oct.
A A A  Robert Guthrie married March 9, 1780, in South Carolina, Mary Taylor, who was born Dec. William Guthrie moved his family from Pennsylvania to South Carolina.A  They eventually settled in the Waxhaw Valley. The summary of his military history, given above, also includes the name of his wife and their marriage date.A  Since this information was provided by his wife, we can assume that it is correct. One of my co-workers happened to bump into me during coffee break and asked me for advice on success.

Every well-known person who has achieved great heights in their career had, at some point in their lives, failed miserably.
When he is not running the company with his best of breed fund managers, he is enjoying life’s simplest pleasures by cherishing his wife and guiding his family of 5, playing golf, traveling, and reading.
If reaching success is easy,then others will do it.You must have the will to success if you really want to reach the top of your dream. Scotland, where they were of the best middle class and interested in the manufacture of iron. Guthriea€™s American Guthrie and Allied Families, and back track just a bit to add more information about the progress of this family, that was not contained in the above account, or that was quickly skimmed over.
Jackson already had two sisters who lived in the Waxhaw valley with their families and this had always been their family destination when sailing to America.A  They found a place to claim as their own, but sadly, the father, Andrew, died shortly after their arrival, and just prior to the birth of his third son--Mar.
James Adams during 1776 for a three-month tour against the Indians.A  In 1778, he was under Capt.
I told him one way to achieve it was to follow the words and wisdom from the people who’ve already obtained greatness in one form or another.  Read about them and stick with their basic ingredients and add a little something special of your own.
There are bankers, financial managers, and politicians, and there are social workers, doctors, and athletes. Be ready for all the failures,critics and other stuff that could prevent you from doing the things that you need to do in order to win the battle. For entrepreneurs there are no days off and the weekend is as good a time as any to make a big move. Your work is your signature, and you will be remembered not by what you do but how well you actually do it.  Trust me, it is better to be remembered for the great products and service you deliver to your clients, than the positions and offices you hold. Hugh Coffee and Colonel Kershaw and was in the battles at Rocky Mount and Sumtera€™s Surprise.
What made these people succeed is their tenacity to keep trying and moving forward towards their purpose and their goal despite the set-backs. 1842; after which he married a 4th time, Jane Pittman, who was about 17 years younger than the aging John, and she outlived him. 16, 1767--who was also named Andrew Jackson, in honor of his deceased father, and who grew up to later become the President of the United States.

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