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Le Blow is a UK lifestyle and wellbeing blog (like Goop, minus the bullshit), written by Natalie Wall - a thirty-something living in London and wanting a simpler life. Lettering: if you'd like a leo tattoo, but are not too fond of lion images, you could opt for a lettering tattoo in another language, like Sanskrit or Tibetan. Lion head tattoos are the most common lion tattoos, you don't see full body lion tattoos very often. Lion of Judah tattoo designs often have the colors green, yellow and red incorporated, like the colors of the Ethiopian flag. These protective lions are called Fu Lions or Lions of Buddha and are used often in Chinese art. The Celtic lion and the tattoos resulting from its potent image are found throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales - and beyond, with the popularity of Celtic lion tattoos (and Celtic tattoos in general) rising steadily. Rampant lion tattoos are the favorite of Scottish people, symbolizing their bond with Scotland. The lion has been an important animal both in the scope religion and mythology of various cultures and civilizations across the world.
The lion tattoos presented here are sure to help you stand out in a crowd by making a striking fashion statement. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Harry Styles Tattoos, Demi Lovato Tattoos, Selena Gomez Tattoos and Justin Bieber Tattoos.
This is a simple little Simba, the Lion King, tattooed to show how much the wearer likes the movie. Simba, the Lion King wearing his crown in full ceremony makes a very lovely and artistic tattoo. Simba and Nala pose together in a romantic scene in this artistically designed Lion King tattoo.
Just the outline of Simba’s mane with a crown on top of it symbolizes the Lion King theme in this lovely tattoo. This tattoo is a very ornate and artistic representation of Simba, the Lion King merging with other patterns. The Swahili phrase meaning “no worries” is a way of life for Simba, Lion King who is tattooed so artistically. The sheer power of a lion can be seen in Simba, the Lion King’s expression in this artistic tattoo.

Samba, the Lion King’s sibling has been tattooed very artistically so that it is worth imitating.
The royal status of Simba, the Lion King with his glorious mane and crown cannot be missed in this tattoo. The adventurous Simba, the Lion King are tattooed beautifully with the Swahili words that mean no worries.
Simba, the Lion King as a cub with a furry mane makes a very unusual and imaginative tattoo. This must be the simplest yet most graphically attractive tattoo of Simba, the Lion King as a cub.
Simba, the Lion King wearing a crown is tattooed very artistically representing the zodiac sign Leo. The cute Simba, the Lion King as a cub has been designed in bright yellow and orange making a lovely tattoo. Simba as a cub looks adorable in this Lion King tattoo in a lovely combination of grey and red. Simba the mischievous cub is playing with a butterfly in this colorful and artistic Lion King tattoo. This design is the typically artistic one of Simba as a cub making it a lovely Lion King tattoo. Black outline and just grey shading may sound simple yet this tattoo of Simba the Lion King looks adorable. From the cuter, more simpiler designs, to those with masses of detail, these all look cool. I liked all the lion tattoos showed here but i liked Zodiac Sign Simba most because it is beautiful among all. Both of these characters are from the second film and Simba’s brother is called Kopa.
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The lion tattoos have been a part of many cultures and civilizations like Africa, Middle East, India and even the Mediterranean. Cara Delevingne is just so perfect :’) She looks great with her tattoo and I love her even more now! Horoscope tattoos are a popular choice of tattoos and leo is one of the zodiac signs that is frequently seen as a tattoo design.

The Leo constellation has been worshipped for thousands of years, by the Egyptians, the Persians, the Greek, the Romans, Hindus and many more civilizations.
Lion tattoos combine well with tribal art because of the manes that are easy to stylize with tribal patterns. In Chinese culture, lions have strong protective powers and stone lions are placed before temples, palaces and other important buildings. This majestic animal has long been considered the king of the jungle, and as such held in great esteem. Simba, the protagonist, is the most adorable characters that Walt Disney productions have ever created. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Rastafari is a young religious movement that sees Haile Selassie I as an incarnation of God (Jah). When simba is born Rafiki draws this exact image in the movie inside of a tree, when the king mufasa and cub simba are presumed dead he smears through this drawing on the tree bark.
They may signify various noble qualities such as strength, pride, courage, protection, justice, fairness, victory, authority and fortitude.
His philosophy of Hakuna Matata, which means “no worries” in the African language of Swahili, gives him a fun-filled life. At other instances, the lion tattoo is associated with the zodiac sign of Leo and its ruler; the Sun. But when it comes to getting his kingdom back from his demonic uncle, he shows himself as the true King of Kings. Lion tattoos can also indicate that the wearer considers himself or herself to be lionhearted.
Knowing how much everyone loves Simba, you have a choice of a lovely tattoo of Lion King from this collection.
Lion tattoos vary greatly in their style, design and coloration, which offer ample ways to sport this look.
Since he is a character loved by everyone in any form, you are bound to like a Lion King tattoo from this lovely collection.

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