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The Uniforms of the United States Marine Corps serve to distinguish Marines from members of other services.
The Marine Corps dress uniform is an elaborate uniform worn for formal or ceremonial occasions. The most recognizable uniform of the Marine Corps is the Blue Dress uniform, often seen in recruiting advertisements. Blue Dress "A" has a long-sleeved midnight blue coat (enlisted members have red trim) with a standing collar and white web belt (with corresponding by rank gold waistplate) for enlisted; midnight blue for officers with a gold M-buckle, white barracks cover (a peaked cap), plain white shirt, sky blue trousers (midnight blue for general officers), white gloves, and black dress shoes and socks. Blue Dress "B" is the same as "A", but medals are replaced with their corresponding ribbons and all are consolidated on the left chest. Blue Dress "C" is the same as "B", but a khaki long sleeve button-up shirt and tie replace the outer blue coat and white gloves.
Blue Dress "D" is the same as "C", but with a khaki short sleeve button-up shirt and no tie. Because the Blue Dress uniform is considered formal wear, Blue Dress "C" and "D" are rarely worn. Officers, NCOs, and SNCOs wear a scarlet "blood stripe" down the outer seam of each leg of the blue trousers. A blue crewneck sweater, in the same color shade as that of the trousers, may be worn with the "C" and "D" uniforms, rank insignia is displayed on shoulder epaulettes, officers their respective ranks and anodized brass for enlisted. Like the Blue Dress uniform, the Blue-White Dress consists of an "A" and "B" uniform, and is worn in the same manner as that of the Blue Dress uniform, except for the trousers, skirt, or slacks being white instead of blue. To differentiate themselves from the infantry, musicians—at that time, buglers and signal callers—would reverse the traditional colors. Like the Blue-White Dress uniform, musicians are not authorized to wear the khaki shirts with the Red-Dress uniform. Evening dress "A" For male officers, it consists of an evening coat with strip collar, white waistcoat, and white shirt with pique placket. Evening dress "B" is identical to Evening Dress "A" except men wear a scarlet waistcoat (General officers) or cummerbund (all other officers), and women may wear a short skirt. SNCO Evening Dress Staff Non-Commissioned Officers wear a semi-formfitting mess-jacket with historic 1890s-era rank insignia sewn on the sleeves, a black bow tie and sky blue trousers.
Service "C" (or Charlie) is identical to the "B" except with a short-sleeve button-up shirt and no tie.
A green crewneck sweater in the same color shade as that of the trousers may be worn with the "B" and "C" uniforms, rank insignia is displayed on shoulder epaulettes, officers their respective ranks and black for enlisted.
The Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform or MCCUU is intended for wear in the field or for working parties, but has become the typical working uniform for all deployed and most garrison Marines and Sailors.[3] It is rendered in MARPAT digital camouflage that breaks up the wearer's shape, and also serves to distinguish Marine uniforms from those of other services.
The approved headwear is the utility cover, an eight-pointed brimmed hat that is worn "blocked", that is, creased and peaked. In combat, Marines will also wear one of two ballistic vests: the Outer Tactical Vest and the newer Modular Tactical Vest, as well as the Lightweight Helmet (replacing the PASGT helmet) and Improved Load Bearing Equipment. In addition, Marines can wear a watch cap and gloves in cold weather, or a hydration pack to prevent dehydration. Grey all-weather coat (which is a double-breasted trenchcoat with removable liner) is authorized for wear with all uniforms during inclement and cold weather (the Silent Drill Platoon has its own special Dress-blue trenchcoat with red piping).
Female Marines may wear the Service or Utility maternity uniforms when the standard items will no longer fit. Various organizational clothing items may be worn with the utility uniform during inclement or cold weather, to include the All Purpose Environmental Clothing System (APECS) parka and trousers, the Combat Desert Jacket, or rain poncho. Plain black and white plastic name tags may be worn above the right breast pocket of the dress and service uniforms only when mandated by the commanding officer.
Drill instructors and certain range personnel (such as Primary Marksmanship Instructors) wear the campaign cover (with several nicknames) with the service and utility uniforms when they are in an instructing billet, such as at recruit training or related activities.
Working uniforms will be worn when the individual's duties require, to include coveralls, flight suits, cooking uniforms, and other safety clothing like goggles, gloves, or aprons. Naval officers and enlisted sailors assigned to Marine units are authorized to wear all Marine uniforms except the Dress and Evening Dress uniforms. Most Marine units will have, at minimum, Naval medical and religious personnel, who will be issued and required to wear the MCCUU; wear of other Marine uniforms is optional.
Like any uniform, Marine uniforms have many accoutrements whose symbolism may not be obvious. The "blood stripe" is found on the outside seams of the dress uniform pants of NCOs, SNCOs, and officers. The buttons on the dress and service coats are reminiscent of Marine insignia prior to the adoption of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. Members of the 5th and 6th Marine Regiments wear the French Fourragere to represent the multiple awards of the Croix de Guerre by the French government in World War I.

The Marine utility cover is an 8-pointed creased and peaked cover, the Army uses a rounded kepi-style patrol cap. Marines now wear predominantly dark green or tan camouflage utilities (switching between woodlands in winter and desert in summer, and as appropriate to the theater of operations), while the ACU is a light green, tan and gray uniform intended for all climates. Marines are not authorized to wear their utility uniforms off-base while on leave or liberty, except while in a vehicle traveling to or from base, or in an emergency. The Marine service uniform is an olive green coat with a waistbelt and worn with khaki shirt and tie. Representatives from the Marine Corps Systems Command Clothing team fitted three Depot Marines with new uniform prototypes Oct.
Marine Balls are full of traditions such as the cake cutting ceremony and the reading of the Marine Corps Order 47.
Evening dress shirt for Male SNCO is made of White cotton-rich polyester pinpoint fabric with pleated front design.
Marine Corps Evening Dress uniform accessories for male and female officers as well as male and female SNCOs.
Among current uniforms in the United States Armed Forces, the Marines' uniforms have been in service the longest. The main exception are Marine Recruiters and Marine Corps Security Guards, who wear the "C" and "D" in warm weather. Today's members of the eight fleet bands in Marine Corps wear the standard Blue Dress uniforms, while the members of the United States Marine Corps Band (The President's Own) and the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps (The Commandant's Own) both based in Washington, D.C. Military standards, the most elaborate) of the Dress uniforms, and is the equivalent of white tie in usage. The stripe on the midnight-blue trousers is a thin red stripe inside a gold embroidered stripe. Junior officers not required to possess Evening Dress may substitute Blue or Blue-White dress "A".
It consists of a green coat, green trousers with khaki web belt, khaki long-sleeve button-up shirt, khaki tie, tie clasp, and black shoes. Both men and women may wear the green soft garrison cap, sometimes nicknamed a "piss cutter".[2] There is the option of wearing a hard-framed service cap (called a Barracks Cover).
In the past, when Marines wore the same utilities as the Army and Air Force, this served to distinguish them from the other branches, who folded the sleeves in with the camo facing out. Enlisted insignia is always black, while officers wear bright metal insignia in garrison and subdued insignia (or none at all) in the field. Marines in a combat area may also wear Flame resistant organizational gear, or FROG uniforms.
There is no maternity dress uniform, while the maternity MCCUU comes in both woodland and desert patterns.
This is usually seen by instructors at schools or conferences, by recruiters, and by drill instructors or NROTC advisors. When wearing Marine uniforms, Naval personnel must meet and adhere to Marine grooming and physical regulations, as well as replace Marine insignia with U.S. Medical battalions and dental battalions, being almost entirely Naval officers and sailors, may direct other uniform wear. One of the most notable adornments is the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, found in some manner on most uniforms; it is even within the MARPAT digital camouflage pattern.
Tradition holds that it represents the high casualty rates of those leaders during the Battle of Chapultepec.[15] Officers wearing the Evening Dress uniform also have additional gold trim on the trouser stripe. Enlisted Marines will wear chevrons on the sleeves of all uniforms but the Utility and other working uniforms: gold stripes on red for the Dress coat, green stripes on red for the service coat, green stripes on khaki for the khaki short and long sleeve shirts, and black metal or plastic pin-on insignia on the collar of the utility and other working uniforms and the all weather coat. Large medals are authorized only on the Dress "A" uniform, while awards for which no medal was struck will have ribbons mounted on the opposite pocket.
The quatrefoil—the cross-shaped braid worn atop an officer's cover—is a distinguishing part of the Marine officer's uniform. This was more prevalent when both services wore the same utilities, but with the introduction of unique digital camouflage patterns (MARPAT for the Marines, UCP for the Army), this is no longer a point of confusion. Both services make exceptions for boots with other working uniforms, such as coveralls, aviation, and cold weather uniforms. Unlike the Army, Marines do not wear rank insignia on the cover, instead there is an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor in the middle of the cap. Marines wear a green undershirt with both variants of utilities, while most Army units wear a sand-colored shirt.
Type is formal such as a conservative ball gown if you can afford one, or something Okay, so I was working on getting my date for the Marine Corps ball, By the way, ebay is a great place to find evening gowns for really good prices.
Authorized uniforms for Marine officers are designated as evening dress, blue dress, white dress (until year 2000), The special evening dress or tail coat finally disappeared in 1975, replaced by the Army Blue Mess uniform, U.S.

21 (2003), as part of the Marine Corps Marine Ball Dresses and Formal Dresses are in stock at Peaches Boutique in Chicago.
Proposed updated men’s Staff Noncommissioned Officer (SNCO) Evening Dress Uniform Military ball dates, birthdays for Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard.
The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is arguably the best-dressed, and most disciplined branch of the United States' military material with Marine Corps League buttons, a gold waist chain and the Sunburst Insignia in locating holes in the jacket collar. The Marine Dress Blue uniform has, with few changes, been worn in essentially its current form since the 19th century.
Only the "B", "C", and "D" Blue Dress uniforms are authorized for leave and liberty wear; the "A" is not.
General officers wear trousers that are the same color as the coat, while all other ranks wear medium (sky) blue trousers. It is only authorized for wear by officers and SNCOs, and only a required uniform item for senior officers (Majors and above).
Female officers wear a mess jacket with scarlet lapels, a white dress shirt, a red cummerbund, and a long skirt. It is appropriate for such occasions as State functions, inaugural receptions and dinners, and formal dinners. The coat is cut to be semi-form fitting, with ribbons and marksmanship badges worn on the left chest of the coat. It consists of MARPAT blouse and trousers, green undershirt, and tan (specifically "olive mojave") suede boots.
Most badges and breast insignia are authorized for wear on the utility uniform, shined or subdued as appropriate.
The trouser legs are "bloused", or the cuffs are rolled inside and tightened over their boots with a spring or elastic band known as a "boot band" or "blousing garter". These combat uniforms are designed to reduce fire-related injuries, and look quite similar to the MCCUU.
Other units, such as artillery, aviation, or legal units, may have other Naval personnel attached, and issued Marine uniforms. Miniature medals are worn on the Evening Dress uniform, and are authorized for wear with civilian tuxedos when appropriate to the event. The design is of French origin, and is a tradition from the pre-Civil War era when officers wore a rope cross on their caps to allow sharpshooters high in the rigging of a sailing ship to identify his allies in a battle. During ceremonies, officers have the option of wearing a Sam Browne belt and the Mameluke sword, and Noncommissioned Officers may wear the NCO sword. Marine Corps O-10 – General My only concern would be if it is technically a formal dress event that the dress you linked to is too short to be The Marine Corps ball is a formal event. Women wear a green necktab in place of the tie, pumps instead of shoes, and have the option of wearing a skirt instead of slacks.
However in late 2013, the Commandant of the Marine Corps approved the Marine Corps Uniform Board's recommendation to adopt the male dress and service cap as the universal dress and service cap for all Marines (male and female). These members of the Fleet Marine Force include Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Medical Service, Hospital Corpsmen, Chaplains, Religious Programs Specialists, Lawyers, Legalmen, Naval Gunfire Coordinators, Divers, and Naval Academy midshipmen who are selected for Marine officership. An older insignia, progenitor to the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor can be seen in modern dress and service coat buttons. Officers will wear large insignia on the epaulettes of dress, evening dress, and service coats as well as sweaters and tanker jacket; smaller insignia is worn on the collar of all other uniforms (officers in a combat environment may wear subdued insignia, where flat black replaces silver and flat brown replaces gold). Other dress and service uniforms are worn with ribbons and weapon qualification badges, though the unit commander may decide to forgo the latter.
Enlisted Marines wear service stripes on the cuff of the dress and service coats, each stripe denoting four years of service as a Marine. As on the Blue Dress uniform, officers wear rank insignia on the shoulder epaulettes of their jackets and the collars of their shirts, while enlisted personnel wear rank insignia sewn on their sleeves. Chief Warrant Officers who are designated "Infantry Weapons Officer" with an MOS of 0306 (also known as "Marine Gunner") replace their left insignia with a gold or black bursting bomb. Breast insignia, also known as badges, are similarly worn, though individuals have the option of wearing subdued insignia on the utility uniform. The standing collar of the dress coat is reminiscent of the uniform that earned Marines the nickname "Leatherneck".

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