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There are an abundance of designs available today for mens tattoos to suit a variety of different body parts however male body art enthusiasts still tend to favor prominent placement areas. The most popular designs for chest tattoos for men cover a large skin surface however there are smaller images available too which can be strategically placed in a central location and scaled to suit the chosen area. Above the heart, on the left side of the chest is a popular choice for many guys especially with designs that are of personal significance to the wearer such as memorial tattoos dedicated to a departed loved one as well as faith themed designs such as the sacred heart.
When it comes to larger chest tattoos for men, vertical designs running from one side of the chest to the other, just above the breast bone have seen an immense surge in popularity recently too.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Tattoos in general have some significance to those who wear them and religious tattoos for men are no exception.
There are many who want a tattoo that represents their spirituality rather than their culture. On the other hand the praying hands with cross design is a rather interesting concept as it combines two separate religious symbols and unites them to make one.
Tattoos with religious overtones are sought after for many reasons but one of the main factors is that it is a very versatile design that can be customized to work for many differing religions.
Men simply become more attractive when they sport one or more tattoos, and among the most common areas to have them on are the Forearm Tattoos.
Among the most popular designs are those that are religious in nature, since the forearm is considered not an unholy place to have them on. Finding arm tattoos for men can sometimes prove to be quite a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. The weeping angel on the upper arm is a sweet tattoo that showcases a person’s inner feelings of sadness. If you like the old ages and the ways people fought battles in those days then feel like a true Viking with this Viking dot style tattoo.
If you are part of a cult or just want people to think that, a memorial skull is probably the best design for your arm.
If you are in the navy then get a clipper ship tattooed to your hand to show off your “true colors”. The rock song “Nothing Else Matters” is a huge hit amongst present day and old day rock lovers.
You pray to GOD everyday and if you’d like Christ to be closer to you, get a tattoo of him on your arm. There is something unique and interesting about getting a giant fingerprint etched on your arm. The Eagle and flag colors can represent one’s love for the country…and a lot more in this Eagle inspired arm tattoo.
If your love for music leads you to a favorite band, then show your love for it with the name tattooed on you.
Be the man with the traditional arm tattoo that includes dragons and swords and all things male. If you are a fan of horror stories, there’s nothing like getting a scary image etched on your arm for keeps.

Anyways, with all of that being said, take a few seconds to let us know your thoughts about this list in the comments section below and tell us which tattoo you liked the best and why. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
Their chosen designs are predominantly very masculine in style regardless of the imagery involved and this is particularly true of chest tattoos for men which often follow very machismo themes. Other designs of a religious nature are also frequently placed closed to the heart as an expression of the wearer’s devotion to their beliefs and to emphasize their love for God. These include written designs featuring words instead of traditional picture images, either inked in a straight line or more often than not in a crescent shape in bold block lettering or in elaborate and ornate writing.
There is a design that features praying hands with a cross and this is associated more with religious beliefs as are the rosary and Jesus fish tattoos which are also used for those with other faiths.
Some of the differing interpretations of this tattoo are pretty impressive too not least because drawing human hands in ink is very difficult indeed. It is also very easy to interpret the symbolism behind the design and it can also be personalized to make it more unique to the individual by adding a name – your own or a loved one – as well as incorporating another religious image.  Many religious people like to wear tattoos with biblical symbolism as a statement of their beliefs and attitudes however there are a few who consider the very idea blasphemous. The process may be more painful because of the muscles located in the area, but it’s certainly worth it, as you can flaunt them effortlessly. You see, we’ve put together yet another list of 30 cool arm tattoos for men that will keep you from having to waste hours on your favorite search engine.
There is no better way to pay tribute to this hit then getting the note and lyrics etched on your arm. Get it tattooed on your arm, just like someone got their favorite snow owl tattooed on theirs. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. These include the ever-popular tribal tattoos that make a bold visual impact when inked on the male torso regardless of the tribe the design is emulating. Written designs featuring the name or date of birth of a partner, parent or children are also much favored for placement close to the heart as are other popular designs suitable for this size of skin surface such as zodiac tattoos, nautical designs and shooting star imagery. This could be words or a phrase of individual importance or simply an inspirational quote however cool as these designs are, additional kudos can be added if the text is inked in a foreign language. These designs range from simple cross tattoos to winged cross symbols that men love to flaunt with style. Many with Irish heritage are attracted to Gaelic crosses and with its growing popularity; there are many designs available to choose from. If you are considering one then it is essential that your tattooist shows you examples of previous work to prove that he is skilful enough to do justice to this design.  These tattoos can involve intricate detailing or very simple as per you preference. However this is entirely up to the individual’s beliefs whether they use a tattoo as a visual aid to share their faith with others or regard it as an offensive act that goes against everything they believe in. Plus, they can easily be hidden under a long-sleeved shirt when the occasion calls for a more formal look. If you’re from an eastern country, you might prefer the image of Buddha and Lord Ganesh, which are both unique and attention-grabbing. While Maori and Polynesian artwork are still hugely popular with their swirling spiral patterns and broad symmetrical lines there are other designs of this nature which have also proved rise in popularity in recent years.

Latin, French, Italian and Spanish are all the rage at present but ancient script like Hindu, Sanskrit, Hebrew and Arabic are also very current. It is not simple yet carry certain meaning and it shapes is very unique and flexible so that the tattoo artist will be able to use the shape to create such design. However if you are getting this kind of tattoo which includes Gaelic script, it is important to get it translated before you proceed. There are records of this symbol in the Christian faith dating back centuries while there is no specific reason it is used in this manner the familiar Bible story of the loves and fishes multiplying is a possibility. Both women and men wear rosary tattoo designs and these usually have strong religious connotations.
Whatever your beliefs, religious tattoos for men should be worn with pride and represent ideals that are important to you. Hopefully it’s something that calls your name, makes you want it, and inspires you to go out and get a new tattoo. These include contemporary Hawaiian tribal imagery as well as the more individual Aztec and Mayan designs however one of the most popular tribal styles is also one of the oldest. Japanese kanji and Chinese characters also work well for designs of this kind, on their own or accompanied by additional oriental-themed images. There are so many different options that it is a challenge to shortlist them and pick just one design you like most. This may mean putting some time into research for the design, its translation and a tattooist who has vast experience in Gaelic crosses.
Regardless of its origins, there are many stories and links to what has become a modern symbol of Christianity that many can relate to. In real life rosaries are used by Roman Catholics around the world to keep track of how often a prayer is said and these designs often appear in a necklace effect draped around the neck. It has quite an intriguing design, urging people to give it more than just a cursory glance.
Of course, we also hope that it only inspires you and that you don’t want a direct copy of it. This is of course the Celtic tribal style which derives from one of the world’s most ancient civilization and some of these images can be traced back millennia.
So, here is a collection of some of the best tattoo designs for men where you will find plenty of different stylish tattoo ideas. There are many different versions of the Jesus fish tattoo with designs in differing styles so it is not surprising this is one of the most sought after religious tattoos for men.
Moreover, if you want something that is both colorful and manly, then an 1800′s ship, with its sails up, is one of the top choices. Not only do these look really cool, but they are also rich in symbolic significance too so these make magnificent body art designs, as medium to large tattoos inked on a man’s body.

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