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Designing a band logo is no easy feat, and having all the elements come together to form an exceptional band logo requires a lot of decision-making.
You have to remember a few things when picking a font that would go well with your whole band logo idea.
To help you in picking fonts for your own logo, here are 25 amazing band logo fonts that should guide and inspire you in choosing what you will use for your own band logo. Designed by former guitarist Ace Frehley, the KISS band logo has appeared in the band’s 3,000 licensed merchandise. The pioneers of punk rock have a clean, polished band logo, a reimagined take on the Great Seal of the United States. One of the most controversial rock acts of the 1960s, The Doors were known for their wild stage performances, mostly due to frontman Jim Morrison’s erratic behavior. The predecessors of the horror punk genre had an equally ghastly skeleton mascot that appeared on their 1979 release “Horror Business,” which has served as the band’s logo.
The pioneers of punk rock in the United Kingdom had great eye for design, and were always involved in the branding and packaging for their releases and merchandise.
Credited for leading the new wave of British heavy metal, Iron Maiden has carried an iconic logo throughout their stellar career. One of the most commercially successful classic rock bands to date, British hard rockers Def Leppard spawned hit after hit.
One of the pioneers of the thrash metal subgenre, Metallica’s aggressive style and supreme talent has made them one of the bestselling metal bands today.
The successful yet short-lived run of Seattle grunge rockers Nirvana paved the way for the rise of alternative rock in the early 90s. Their theatrical appearances and chaotic shows have made Slipknot one of the most well-known heavy metal acts to break into the music industry. Another pioneer of thrash metal, Megadeth helped advance the subgenre with their heavy compositions and wild arrangements.
One of the most critically and commercially successful alternative rock bands, Radiohead has been a prominent act since the release of their first album, “Pablo Honey,” in 1993.
One of the most influential hiphop groups to date, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony have remained popular since they began in 1992.
Glam metal turned thrash metal group Pantera was one of the most successful metal acts that started out in the 1980s. Welsh band Bullet for My Valentine is one of the recent successful acts to break into the metal genre.
Although recognized as an alternative metal band, Deftones have always been versatile with their sound and have used varying styles throughout their career. Popular alternative rock band Weezer have enjoyed great commercial success since the release of their first self-titled album in 1993. French electronic music duo Daft Punk rose to mainstream popularity in the late 90s, when dance music became all the rage in their country. Alternative rock band Incubus has remained to be one of the most successful mainstream acts today.

Alternative metal group Linkin Park have successfully incorporated various musical styles such as rap and electronica in their music, making them one of the most successful bands since the release of their breakthrough album, “Hybrid Theory,” in 2000.
One of the most important things you should decide on when creating a band logo is the font you will use. It would do you good to avoid easily available fonts, so that your logo won’t look too common or not well-planned. Take note of how these fonts helped build the identity of these bands, and try to see how your font can help you achieve the same thing.
The similar Squealer font carries the sharp and thick style of the original design, which was designed by Gerard Huerta in 1977 for their “Let There Be Rock” album. Despite the controversies that have surrounded the logo and the band, the two Ss that resembled lightning bolts made it one of the most electrifying band logos ever.
Designed by drum retailer Ivon Arbiter, who sold Ringo Starr a drum set, The Beatles’ band logo font was designed to emphasize the “beat” part of their name by enlarging the letter B and putting the iconic drop T. Separate from this seal, their name is cast in a thick, bold font that definitely gives a statement. The design was never attributed to any artist, but the geometric, shapely stylized typeface that served as the band logo font has been recreated through the Densmore font. The Misfits’ band name logo appeared on their 1982 album “Walk Among Us,” and with its bold stylized typeface with thorns and bites along the edges, inspired a font named after the band.
Their signature cut-out lettering logo has inspired a similar font, made to resemble the band logo font that was taken after ransom letters. The bold red font was designed by Steve Harris and has appeared in all of the band’s releases. With it, their iconic band logo with its distinct pointy typeface, has appeared on their releases.
Said to have been designed by guitarist James Hetfield, the iconic Metallica logo, with its bold type with long sharp points on both ends, is one of the most recognizable metal band logos. Despite the death of vocalist Kurt Cobain in 1994, the band’s music has remained rock anthems to this day.
Selling over 19 million albums, their band logo has appeared on all their releases, with its stylized custom type with the R written backwards. For a group that was dubbed “The Most Dangerous Band in the World,” the font their used for their band logo is actually safe and sleek.
Their logo first appeared in their 1986 album “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?” and has been in use since. Their clean and simple logo used the EuroWise Heavy font, a wide and bold type, that holds the band’s name in capital letters. Led by brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, Oasis garnered a lot of awards and landed a lot of number one hits, making them one of the most successful acts from the United Kingdom. Regarded as one of the best rap groups of all time, their band logo, an old English style font, has appeared in almost all of their releases.
The influential group ushered in a new wave of American heavy metal, and their band logo, which used the bold and linear Shredded font, is befitting of the genre’s most relevant acts.

With their melodic music and structural sound, the band has emerged as one of the best British acts today.
Their flying W logo was designed by drummer Patrick Wilso, and fans usually do it with their hands in their shows. They are known for their visually stimulating live shows, and for the members’ use of disguises, typically robot costumes.
Known for experimenting with their sound by using instruments not really associated with rock music, they have remained to be popular among both fans and critics. Their logo is a lettering of their band’s name in a thick black fonts with thin lines cutting the letters, which is now a font named after the band’s debut album.
For a lot of bands, this is the only other element besides the color that will actually appear on the logo itself, while some will use it along with other pictures or images.
There are a lot of free fonts that you can download and choose from, and your designer will probably suggest some that will be great for your concept. The similar Die Nasty font is an all-capital letters typeface that is just as bold and clean.
The use of Franklin Gothic Heavy complemented their straightforward music and added a stronger character to their band.
The font Metal Lord is similar to the distinct typeface used, with all-capital letters making a statement as great as the band’s logo. The font they have used since the release of ‘Bleach’ in 1989 is the font Onyx, designed by Gerry Powell.
It was designed by vocalist Jonathan Davis, and has been translated into the font Kornucopia. Its uneven edges and unequal kerning is perfect for the band’s terrorizing and shocking act.
The font used in their album “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants” is a bold rounded type cut by a line across the upper part of the letters, inspiring a font that goes by the band’s name.
Their logo, a thin stylized type that is curvy and has soft spikes, is set in the font Drakon. Their band logo uses the font Ribbon 1331, a chic and sophisticated rounded font, usually spelled in lowercase letters. Their logo is a bold lettering of their name in lowercase letters, which has inspired the font Daft. Either way, the font will have great bearing on your final design, so choosing a font that would suit your concept is very important. You should also try to avoid fonts that are too stylized or trendy, something that will look dated through time. Lastly, keep in mind that the font should suit the image and identity you want to portray for your group.

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