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So while you were growing up did you have any particular preconceptions about tattoos and tattooing? So, although, its so much easier to access better quality work, which is obviously beneficial to the industry and tattoo community in general. So you don’t think it’s really necessary to have any formal training providing you have a natural aptitude for art? How did you become involved in tattooing and how difficult was it for you to achieve the status you have now achieved? So how long did it take for you to be happy with the quality of the work that you were doing? So what is the atmosphere like at Miami Ink, the studio featured in the TV show that you are here to promote? Did you have any problems from other studios resenting the fact that you were getting this opportunity? So do you think the character that has been created for you, due to the edits, is a good representation?
I am a big fan of all three shows but if i had to choose one it would be MIAMI INK the live style of the guys and their clients are alot more exciting than the other shows.
I noticed that there was not a lot of warning or explanation by TLC for the end of “Tattoo Warsa€?.

Last week, I watched “The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusona€? and saw the American Chopper Father &Son duo. Life after Graham Carr: What would Newcastle's recruitment look like under Rafa Benitez?
Tattooed Toon fan Scott Thompson shows his dedication to the club by baring the ultimate symbol of his true love.
And he let his wife, Sarah, do the inking for him, even though she was only just starting out as a tattooist.
Scotta€™s tattoo stretches from his knee to his ankle and is made up of around 10 different images related to the Magpies. The tattoo reads a€?Passion and pride, Geordie for lifea€?, and it is Asda worker Scotta€™s pride and joy.
Scott said he would still let Sarah practise on him, but now the problem is finding a free slot to book in. Sarah, 30, added: a€?Everyone loves the NUFC tattoo, they even let him wear shorts at the golf club because they think ita€™s so great. Sarah, who trained as a dental nurse after leaving school, has also tattooed her dad, creating 3D bullet holes and spiders as well as an image of his beloved dog for him.
And she is booked up until April at her studio, True Love Tattoo in Nettlesworth, even taking on a new apprentice.

Do you think that the fact that tattoos are less marginalised has taken some of the edge out of being tattooed? As tattoos have become more acceptable that changes the face of what it is but there is still always going to be some sort of an edge as the personality has to fit. We are there to show polished tattooing, to show people what is available, not how to do it. This November i spent 2 weeks in south beach and i had the oppurtunity to meet and take pictures with the guys from MIAMI INK they were are really cool,i also managed to get a tattoo done at the shop.
So, I am not sure why TLC is doing “Battle of the Inksa€?; Except, maybe, to create a link between the Website(s) and the tattoo reality show broadcast(s). And with regard to those people with heavy coverage, that’s a lifestyle and requires a huge commitment, which not everybody would want to take on. It would have been really interesting to have seen British commercials during the London Ink broadcasts at TLC. Ink seem to be the friendliest’ and so far they have created a few of the most fantastical tattoos I have ever seen.

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