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Countless millions of soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors have chosen to display their pride in serving their country by having a tattoo inked into their skin.
Thanks to Robert Maguire who willingly agreed to purchase the ticket for me and for Gabriella while I was at work. But what an awful nightmare he had while buying the ticket.
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While many got tattoos that had little to do with their branch of the service, most want to have a tattoo that stands for the branch they are in, the unit they belong to or the specialty skill that they have.
Marines choose to have the Marine Corps crest or to have the saying of the Marines, “Semper Fi,” tattooed into their skin. Robert couldn’t do anything else but to wait while the page was loading because he could  have never known when he gets to the front of the queue. Yes, even online, people had to queue up to buy the tattoo ticket on the day and hour it became available for sale online on the 2nd December 2013.

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