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The main ingredient that helps in inducing the milk in breast is garlic,fenugreek and milk. The jaggery in the recipe helps to produce good energy in the body and keeps the body active and increase the blood flow.
Fenugreek seeds helps to increase the milk production in expectant mom and acts a infection fighter.
Jeera or cumin seeds helps with digestion prob and boiling this seed and drinking during pregnancy helps to ease flatulence, and helps in active digestion. Drink paal kanji at least once in a week starting form 8th month till you finish breast feeding the baby or at least till the baby turns 6 months. You will see excellent increase in milk production and mother feed experience will be stress free.
Non veg eating mom have options of eating fish and other sources to increase their mother feed flow.

Helps in easing child birth and cools the body since too many hormones in the body makes the mom body hot all the time. In rice cooker boil 1 glass of milk with 2 glass of water and add all the remaining ingredients except jageery.
Mothers out there don't stress over breastfeeding try this and you will all be glad you did and it will work out well.
This helps with constipation issue and usually mom expecting will have stool issue all the time. Too much consumption will give smell in urine but limited quantity taken for lactation purpose gives excellent result and helps with mom dealing the breast feed stress.
For mom who are struggling with such issue this recipe will cure all your health issue and let you feed mother milkĀ  well. I had less iron during my last trimester and consuming plain jaggery with milk helped me from getting tired and drastically improved with my low sugar issue.

I had this while I was pregnant with my first child and I had proper flow for whole one yr. Consume this at least once in a week during pregnancy till you mother feed the baby for 6-8 months. I would suggest all moms to start drinking this paal kanji at that stage because at this stage is where your milk glands start to produce and it helps with your gastric issue too.

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