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Mosaic Designs and Patterns The mosaic designs and patterns could be anything from simple flower shapes to complex and intricate human portraits or patterns You have several flower pots that all look the same, and you refuse to pay a ton of money for a flower Paper Mosaic Patterns & Projects. Mosaic Patterns 28 original designs * Print perfectly on A4 paper (or take them to your copy Greek Scene. This is a painted canvas floorcloth made to imitate the tile mosaic floors that were found in Pompeii and Herculaneum. The piece is approximately 5a€™ x 5a€™ and is done in acrylic paint on prepared canvas, then sealed with a durable, but flexible varnish. Some links (like Amazon) go to shops via my affiliate accounts—or to eBay, where I write a blog.
Here you’ll find a variety of garden ball styles plus suggestions for making your own.
I took a ceiling light fixture, with a glass sphere and metal post, and spray painted it silver. Flat-bottom marbles or glass gems are inexpensive and available in a lot of colours, so it’s an easy way to bling-up your garden.
Extra detail: Use small plastic or glass floral bits to fill in the areas between the flat marbles. Karen Weigert Enos is a friend of Empress of Dirt on Facebook, and she has brought garden art balls to a whole new level. The balls you see here have patterns or designed formed with the flat marbles, and then she has meticulously filled in the areas between the flat marbles with small floral bits (glass or plastic). Idea: Use a clear lamp globe and display it as-is in the garden or add simple designs with paint. You can buy commercial garden art balls like this one, with a clear, glass globe, and (perhaps) a simple design painted onto the glass, or you can make your own.

Again, find a clear, glass lamp globe, and add whatever design you like with glass paint or a stencil and spray paint.
In addition to painting the exterior of the clear garden ball, consider applying paint to the inside. If you don’t like how it turns out, you can always apply decoration (paint, glass gems, or decoupage) to the exterior. In addition to corks, you can use anything that a) you can adhere to the sphere and, b) can withstand the weather.
Empress of Dirt Facebook friend Dawn Rutledge made this beautiful garden art ball, creating a daisy design with different colours of glass gems or flat-bottom marbles.
How to Find Inexpensive and Free Mosaic Patterns Mosaic Patterns How to find inexpensive and free mosaic patterns.
Choose Quality Mosaic Hexagon mosaic quilts were first made over 200 years ago and were sometimes called honycomb quilts. The composition is original, and some of the smaller elements are lifted from existing Roman mosaics.
Many gardeners like to make these from old bowling balls (if they can get them cheap or free) but there’s other options as well including sturdy, old lamp fixtures.
I made it years ago and at the time I felt like I was inventing the wheel (the internet was still a wee baby). No need to grout them – the material used as adhesive (details here) fills in the gaps between the flat marbles (glass gems). If you use lamp globes for the sphere, they are lightweight and can be placed on old solar lamp stands like the ones you see here. I get  mine at the thrift store and I’ve never had a problem with breakage (knock wood).

Pick a single colour or several, squirt them inside, and move the ball around to distribute the colours. Whatever you use for the decoration (glass gems, mosaic tiles) will just need to be small enough and have a flat surface so you can adhere them to the ball. The Encyclopedia Of Mosaic Techniques: A Step-by-step Visual Directory, With An Inspirational Gallery Of Finished Works by Emma Biggs has everything you need to know.
She makes all sorts of creative garden art projects including this fabulous Ironing Board Woman wearing vintage roller skates. Possibilities include small toys, coins, game pieces, beads, bottle caps, lids, tabs —see what you have at home and get out the adhesive. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Compare prices on mosaic Although many crepe paper flower designs are simple frills that do not require a pattern, having a pattern can be useful for Paper Mosaic Projects for Art Teachers Handmade mosaic mirrors with unique designs using stained glass, beads, shells.
They add a nice burst of colour and interest to the garden and they are inexpensive and easy to make. Again, the product used as adhesive (see the instructions for full details so you get the right stuff) acts as a pseudo-grout, filling in the gaps between the marbles. Supplies needed for Mosaic Flower Bench Project Tips Directory Suppliers Crafters Classes Events Designs Subscribe Search. Create a bright accent for your child's room with this colourful mirror courtesy of Monster Mosaics.

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