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Thanks to all for the replies and great pics.Even thought it's fun and satisfying to fabricate something, I have very little time, and the factory blades look nice. We had an 8N with wagner loader and Pa took a 6-7 ft plow from old pickup and mounted in place of bucket.
I have hauled a few ford 2 rows and we always separate the heads and lay them on their sides and then stick the nose between them and then load the husking bed from the rear with the elevator lying flat on the trailer between the heads and nose. I'm going to wait until spring and nice weather and give it a good tune up and get the Ford 6 cylinder engine running real good and clean everything up & repair as needed(it worked fine on the last harvest 1994 but no one uses this size 40" rows anymore)and see if I can sell it again(ref:Post about getting header up this forum).
I built a similar tow hitch to pull an M2 behind a tractor, but took off the power steering cyl and made a drag link to attach the steering to the hitch.
Monday after getting the head up I pulled this Combine out of a lean-to building built on a back of a barn, down a slight slope around the corner up to the front with a WD Allis Chalmers tractor and found out quickly about the power steering cylinder being solid.
I live in the NE OH snow belt and I"m not thrilled with the prospect of moving snow with my 600 and 6ft.

If I can't get more than a $100.00 maybe I can part it out and sell some parts separatly for more. The tractor turned but the Combine wanted to go straight and run over me (hitch took a quick twist sideways)There wasn't much to do but keep going and the mud helped the back come around and follow. It had started raining and turning to snow about the time we got started and it occured to me starting up the steepest hill "What am I going to do if it starts spinning and I get stuck???
It is kind of in the way now but the other option is to put it out for a yard ornament once in a while. The Allis has a Farmhand loader on it with a protective frame work and 800 lbs of wheel weights on the back so personal danger was minimal but if I knew that machine weighs 11800 lbs plus the heavy Corn head I would of been afraid to try that with the WD.
Just on the first pass.I was given a plow for the N series a few years back when I didn't want an N. We made it up and down all the hills without an accident or trouble but it seemed to be an awful heavy pull for the old M602MM.

I have a Gleaner E which would be better for a small acerage which I am presently not a farmer(75 acre-cash renter) and with no building to store Combines in the NH does not have a good future.
This is a pic of my 57 860 with ring chains rear pie and liquid weights, it will push alot of snow here in northern VT. Before he got the plow from junk yard we had homemade one out of 2 oak 2x12 that lasted for years.

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