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There are many popular body parts that are in huge demand for tattoo placement today however while men tend to go for bold designs in prominent locations to accentuate their masculinity, female fans tend to be more discrete when it comes to their chosen body art. The more visible areas are not as popular for neck tattoos for women as the side or back areas as these are very difficult to conceal, as this is a very prominent location that is visible most of the time so covering up is a very limited option.
The nape of the neck however, is perhaps the sexiest placement area of all for neck tattoos for women but it is also very versatile even though it provides a fairly small surface of skin for the tattooist to work on. The image of a tree can have many meanings, and tree symbology is a popular focus in tattooing.
Over the ages humans have devised symbolic languages of flowers, which became popularized in the Victorian era. Floral symbolism varies according to the type of flower, how it is arranged, how many flowers in the arrangements, and combinations of flowers.
In the end, whether you are a Wortley devotee, or ascribe to the Chinese symbolism of flowers, keep in mind they are always a symbol of generosity and love when they are given away. There is a wide variety of species of birds in the world and an equally wide variety of symbolism associated with each. We are often asked to declare our identity for documents, applications, bank loans and even social networking sites. I’m covered in tattoos and piercings, and this often leads to assumptions about my character. In many cases, female body art is often concealed much of the time and unlike their male counterparts they prefer to keep it under wraps rather than flaunting it profusely.

However starting behind the ear, many women are selecting pretty, feminine images like the flower, star or butterfly in small stand alone designs that can easily be disguised underneath even short hairstyles and even on display these can only be spotted from certain angles. This versatility stems from the shape of this location as it is suitable for both vertical and horizontal designs as well as stand alone images like zodiac signs and religious icons like the sacred heart or Celtic cross. Where a generalized tree may mean life or strength, the tattooing of specific trees can imply a more complex meaning.
In the 1600’s, Lady Mary Wortley was pivotal in bringing flowers and meanings to the public attention.
In general terms, birds are symbolic of freedom because of their ability to fly, making them seem boundless.
Yes, is true but without words we might not understand or even misunderstand what they want to tell us. This way they can create an air of mystery for their male admirers, often by teasing them with just a tantalizing glimpse, and this subtle approach is guaranteed to drive a guy wild. Moving around to the side of the neck many girls opt for small to medium designs here as mid-long hair will conveniently flow over the tattoo so it is covered when required.
Written designs using text or foreign script instead of pictorial images also look pretty cool here so if this particular trend appeals to you, then consider Chinese Characters or Japanese Kanji for designs running from one side to the other. Only someone savvy in the language of flowers and meanings would be able to crack the secret code.
Just a flash of ink, particularly in a sensual or intimate location, will create a much bigger impression and neck tattoos for women are a prime example.

Tying the hair back or even tossing it over the shoulder will also allow you to expose it as you desire so this is a very flexible location in that respect. Sanskrit designs are also greatly favored for perpendicular tattoos so this is ideal for those who want their body art to run down the centre of the neck’s nape area. Tattoos incorporating these ideas often appear with tree roots and branches intertwined in a circle. Because I know that need anyone to speak up bravely in front of lover or even presentation is much more harder compared to move and action in front of them. The female neck area is deemed to be one of the most sensual parts of a woman’s body so body art designs in this particular placement area has proved to be a popular choice for many, especially at the back or nape of the neck.
Shooting star designs are popular here, with multiple clusters of little stars in differing shapes, sizes and ink shades, favored by many however floral designs and winged creatures like the fairy or even a small swarm of tiny butterflies also look cool in this area. The lesson I hope to teach others through my life is that it’s important to see past appearances.
Likewise, most bird tattoos have positive meanings, although the precise significance differs by culture and region.

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