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We want Randy to show some emotion out there, so when he does it, you like him to channel it in the right way. Between the conception and the creation between the emotion and the response Falls the shadow. At that point, it became more personal than about what the company was going to do for her. What's important is that the team regrouped, the leadership came through, and the players came back.

He said, 'How do we convey the emotion in this story if i've got to be poker-faced?' I think really, if you think about being poker-faced, it's being a good actor. I feel very confident and very excited, and perhaps an overshadowing emotion is one of great humility at this point.
When you're on the field and you look over to the sideline after a play and everybody's going crazy, that type of emotion is what we need each game.
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He was able to understand that he needed to take care of his family and his hockey family as well.

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