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Life can be hectic and we get it – you want good organic food to fuel you, but you need it FAST. This option is for pickup only, if you want it delivered, we still offer that through Doorstep Delivery. Bedding plant nursery McGrane's online ordering system is now fully integrated with Passfield. An outgoing stock update file is regularly sent to an FTP folder on the Online Ordering System's dedicated Cloud Hosting Environment.
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Before deciding what type of NCR product you want, you can choose what information you'd like it to contain by selecting one of our templates.
After selecting your template and size, you'll be given the opportunity to specify which of our NCR products you'd like to use it on. After choosing your NCR type, you'll be redirected to our product page to tailor your order.
Our friendly staff are on hand to help you with your order if you have any further questions. Here's a round-up of the current crop of web sites that make it easy to order food online from your favourite Toronto restaurant. At restaurants like Grand Electric and The Burger's Priest, getting a table can take upwards of an hour.
Powered by a team of "Anti-Cooking Activists," Just-Eat services over 160 cities across Canada, and Toronto is of course one of them. Orderit services pretty much every neighbourhood in the GTA and is linked to 340 restaurants in the downtown core. Realeat.ca is your typical online ordering service where typing in your postal code lists lots of restaurant options near you to order from.
A newcomer to the scene, TakeoutCity only has five restaurants on its roster, and all are available for pick up only. Orderit isn't free, they charge typically $6 delivery fee though it does vary from place to place. According to Just-Eat, restaurants set the delivery fee, and Just-Eat takes a commission from the order itself. If the service is great and the food is as awesome as eaten in the restaurant itself, then, on the way we go! Order online meal from Today's Menu is the best option to have healthy prepared meal at your doorstep, because they use quality ingredients in their food and their delivery service is also awsome. I love these new sites also love the quick grocery delivery service instabuggy it's just like instacart it's so easy to use and makes my busy life that much better! Turning visitors into customers is one of the primary goals of any e-commerce site, but what happens after they’ve successfully placed an order? This article will present 6 ideas to get more out of your order confirmation page (the “Thank you” page). In the last 3 ideas I expand the scope and take a look at how you can use the order confirmation page to increase customer engagement. The appeal of cross selling is obvious but throwing a bunch of deals in your customer’s face just after she added a product to her cart can also scare customers away and get in the way of people actually buying the product. In the travel industry you’ll often see cross sell deals on hotels, travel insurance, and car rentals on the order confirmation email. By placing cross sell deals at the order confirmation page itself the customer can add products to his order without having to resubmit any payment data.
There’s really no need to distract the customer with newsletter sign-up as they’re working their way through your checkout form in a heroic effort to give you their cash. A mockup based on our own checkout of how newsletter sign-up could be moved to the order confirmation page with more space for explaining the benefits of the newsletter. Since you already have their e-mail address, the implementation can be very simple, with a link or button that you simply click to subscribe (or unsubscribe, if the default is subscribing, though we can’t recommend that approach), or alternatively you can have a prefilled e-mail field (so the customer can use another e-mail address – particularly useful for B2B audiences). One major advantage of moving the newsletter sign-up to the order confirmation page is that you have much more space to promote the benefits of the newsletter.
Moving account creation to the order confirmation page vastly simplifies the checkout process – cutting out steps and the complex thought and decision process the customer would otherwise initiate: “Which password should I use? Crate and Barrel place the account creation at the order confirmation page - vastly simplifying the experience of placing the order. Like newsletter sign-up, we once again also reap the benefits of additional space for promoting the benefits of creating an account. In some cases it may still be preferable to include account creation in the checkout process, depending on industry. The order confirmation page is the perfect place to have videos and other resources related to the ordered products that the customer can enjoy while waiting for the product to arrive. SeattleCoffeeGear already spent time creating a set of wonderful videos for new Rancilio Silvia espresso machine owners – they might as well add those to the order confirmation page for customers who purchase that specific espresso machine. There’s obviously some work involved in creating content and mapping it with the appropriate products. For an ecommerce store with thousands of products this might be not be feasible to do for each product, but you can start out with creating resource content for each of your top 5-10 product categories or best selling products. Tapping into the customer’s excitement about his purchase and asking him to share it with his friends and acquaintances is an easy way to get free exposure and can establish social proof as well.

Amazon encourages you to share the product you just purchased resulting in free advertising on Facebook and Twitter and via e-mail. Besides asking to share the specific purchased item you may suggest “following” your brand on Twitter and “liking” it on Facebook or perhaps offer invites to upcoming events.
What your customer is thinking right in the moment of purchase is presumably of great interest to any e-commerce owner. For example, “How did find us?” is trivial as you know 80% of the answer by just taking a proper look at your website statistics. Rather, these ideas should be seen as supplemental components that can reduce checkout friction (idea 1-3) and further engage the customer (idea 4-6).
Do you think there’s a limit, on how many tips you can integrate on the confirmation page? The ones at the top are all very good in regards to the checkout experience a first time customer will have.
There are a number of websites that do this quite effectively, like amazon and vista print.
If creating an account doesn’t provide any value for the user, then yes, the number might be low. I think these are all useful ideas, but I’d always be hesitant to add pages between users and an actual purchase. Great ideas, I stumbled across this blog while developing a checkout process for a service I provide.
You can also offer them a discount coupon for their next order to increase the customer retention rate. Herbalife24 is the first comprehensive performance nutrition line empowering athletes 24-hours a day. If you order online you will be able to prepay and then head over to grab & go without waiting in line.
Clients benefit from regular updated stock lists, while McGrane's can choose what gets updated and how often.
The McGrane’s Online Ordering System picks this file up and updates the stock offering on the website. This new feature takes this into account – so when a client logs in online, they only see the stock availability specific to their client group.
So as well as updating stock data for example, McGrane can choose to update customer records too. This includes the opportunity to upload a logo and enter your company contact details for use on your chosen template. From lazy summers to brutal winters, there are plenty of excuses why we now turn to web sites (or apps on our smartphones) in order to get our fill from our favourite local restaurants. A few years ago there were just a few different web sites that we'd use to place an order online but recently a number of new competitors have entered the space.
Hurrier, a bike courier service that specializes in the city's hippest food, will let you wait at home instead. While the site is a little cluttered, they're pretty active on Twitter and seem to make it a priority to deal with customers who need help. With a food blog, photos, restaurant reviews and the option to collect and redeem GO Points, this site is really user-friendly.
So Hungry has all of their offerings sorted by food type rather than restaurant, so you can easily compare a souvlaki dinner from The Healthy Greek with one from Souvlaki Express.
Connecting Torontonians to over 50 restaurants that serve everything from pizza to Indian food is their mandate, and because they are new, their grand opening special gives you 40 per cent off your order.
Taste Away works with hundreds of restaurants in the GTA, and makes great suggestions in your area when you can't decide what you're craving.
So if you're not feeling completely lazy and you are really craving a burger from Big Moe's, this site can help you out. I love the fact that i can see the pictures of the food and pick whatever i want and press order n its done! On the one hand, I love the wide variety of restos the have on their roster, but the $20-30 min sucks big time for a single person.
For the record, Orderit delivery fees range from $0 to $6.95 (depending on the Restaurant fees or type of delivery offered). I was surprised, thinking they were stable however I got them confused with JustEat because their logos are too similar (red and white bold design). This person has just filled out numerous form fields and spent their hard-earned money on your site – what a shame it would be to waste this great opportunity for customer engagement by simply re-displaying the order information on the order confirmation page. By moving cross sell deals to the order confirmation page you get the best of both worlds: you get a chance to offer additional products but without interrupting or scaring away people who want to buy from you. This allows the site to keep the checkout process clean and seamless but at the same time keep the cross sell opportunity. Each cross sell deal could have an “Add to order” button, allowing the customer to purchase them with a single click. Instead, ask the customer on the order confirmation page, after they’ve completed the purchase. Traditionally, when newsletter sign-up is part of the checkout process, you have to balance advertising the benefits of the newsletter with the clutter added to the checkout form. If you use the customer’s e-mail address as their username the implementation can be very simple too: just a single password field. However, it can also be what sets you apart from the competition in a crowded marketplace – showing that you actually care about the customer and her experience with the product(s) she just bought from you.

Also, you may source content from hobbyists who post guides on personal blogs, forums, YouTube, etc. Nowadays it’s used extensively and is probably the most utilized of the six ideas in this article.
Instead try out more qualitative questions such as “How can we improve?”, or the more bold “What ultimately made you purchase here instead of Amazon?”, or whatever it is you’re concerned about. These ideas aren’t meant to replace the order confirmation itself – you should always clearly show an order summary, expected arrival date, and have a short note stating that the confirmation has also been e-mailed to the customer.
You may also want to explore our catalog of checkout usability research with 33 free articles, a 200-page research report and a benchmark database. But if you do create value and explain the benefits of creating an account you can get a much higher portion to sign-up for an account. All of these ideas are meant to place after the purchase, for the sole reason of not getting in the way for completing the purchase.
I will most certanly implemment all of them in our order confirmation page for our car agency website. Being in the digital marketing industry for more than 3.5 years I have applied all of these and other stuff on e-commerces promotions and has got tremendous growth for my clients.Nice share!!
An incoming sales order file effectively does the same in reverse, updating Passfield with any new orders made online. While in the past food delivery from restaurants was largely relegated to the usual Chinese, Indian, Thai and Pizza options, these days it's easy to get pretty much any type of food delivered to your door. Although it's kind of pricey, having your food delivered by bike is eco-friendly, and they can even pay for your food on your behalf.
The site also makes recommendations based on how many people you're ordering for, so everyone at your couch party should have enough to eat. When you do find your favourites on their site, they track them on your profile, and remember them for your future orders. Also, often, the charge is MUCH higher on the website than calling the restaurant directly. So when I order, I pick my must-have + stuff that will still be edible over the next 2-3 days.
I used them a few times, they deliver from any where that you want, process is simple, delivery is pretty fast, and they bring you anything, not just limited to food.
You may even add a sense of urgency by informing the customer about the limited time window they have before the order is processed, e.g. On the order confirmation page you don’t have this same struggle and can dedicate an entire section of the page to newsletter sign-up its advantages. When executed right, this unexpected and valuable content can create that most rare of things: delight in an online checkout experience. Simply have a text field on the order confirmation page asking the customer whatever it is that makes you stay awake at night. Answers to open ended questions will require some analysis and categorization but can in return provide you with vivid and detailed customer insights from the moment of purchase. Think about your industry: are there unique opportunities you can capitalize on, creating delight and increasing revenue.
It’s more of a balancing act of offering extras while still keeping the page relatively clutter-free and manageable.
I think leaving the account creation until the end would be especially well received by customers. This system works with the Passfield Scheduler, so McGrane's can set how often data updates take place.
Also, Taste Away will give you five bucks to spend on food if you recommend the site to a friend. If you know what you want just text them your order and they deliver, there's a cost for delivery, however considering the service is fast, easy to use, and professional. If you have multiple newsletters, this only compounds the benefit of moving sign-up to the order confirmation page. Anything that will get the customer in a mood where she feels more confident in her purchase is good and can lower cancelled orders – not to mention create a delightful purchasing experience and make sure the customer can hit the ground running as soon as the order is delivered.
Don’t do a long survey (not inline anyways), instead try to ask the one open-ended question that concerns you the most about the shopping experience. We thought hard about what was absolutely necessary on the checkout page and were able to cut the number of required input fields to a total of 12, and that’s shipping physical goods.
We thought hard about what was absolutely necessary on the checkout page and were able to cut the number of required input fields to a total of 12, and that’s shipping physical goods. While requiring a bit more technical integration this is a powerful way to cross sell additional products in a truly seamless manner while also simplifying the checkout process. I think customers also appreciate when you collect as little of their personal details as possible, especially given the current security climate — do you really need their phone number?
I think customers also appreciate when you collect as little of their personal details as possible, especially given the current security climate — do you really need their phone number?

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