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Going to have a tattoo, whether it is for the first time or one of many, is an exciting time. Having something satisfying to eat before you have a tattoo will make you feel more comfortable.
3) Do wear clothing that will allow the tattoo artist access to the area you have having tattooed.
It is essential to wear clothing that will allow your tattoo artists easy access to the area you are having a tattooed. Having a friend with you while you have a tattoo will help you to relax and sharing the experience can be fun. Illegal drugs such as cocaine and meth will cause issues with bleeding as well as with clients keeping still while they are having the tattoo. Coffee actually makes you nervous and decreases your ability to handle pain so avoiding coffee, or at least reducing your intake, prior to having a tattoo is a good idea. Different people experience different pain levels on different parts of their body when they are having a tattoo.
Post tattoo it is advisable to keep the area covered with a bandage for around three hours. The long life of your tattoo depends upon the care you give it during the critical first few days and weeks. One of the most important considerations when you are thinking about getting a tattoo is finding a reputable tattoo studio. If you need an X-ray then don’t worry, regular X-rays to not have any effect on tattoos. The best way to avoid this if you need this kind of scan is to cover the tattoo with a cold wet cloth. Despite that fact that no reputable or responsible tattoo artist would tattoo a person who was obviously under the influence of alcohol it is not a good idea for another reason. It is hard to relax if you are feeling hungry so eating beforehand is a really good idea, if you don’t have time for a meal then at least have a snack, it will raise your blood sugar level. Although tattoo artists do their best not to get ink onto your clothes sometimes it does happens so it is also a good idea to wear something that you don’t mind getting ink on. However do not go along with a crowd of friends as this can be very distracting for the tattoo artists and the space at the tattoo parlor may be limited.

It will make you feel more relaxed and the lack of sleep will make you nervous which will make your muscles tense up.
Some people take an aspirin every day to thin their blood, but it is not advisable if you are having a tattoo, as with alcohol, it will thin your blood and increase bleeding that takes the tattoo ink out with it. Marijuana while not causing the blood to thin, will have little or no effect once the needle touches the skin and some people have reported that smoking marijuana prior to having a tattoo increases the pain. It is a good idea to discuss the area you want tattooed with your tattoo artist prior to having your tattoo to avoid the common areas that are least comfortable to tattoo if it is your first time.There are some other considerations you need to think about when having your tattoo. The needles the tattoo artist uses should always be disposable otherwise you are facing the risk of serious infections and diseases such as hepatitis C, tetanus, AIDS, leprosy and skin infections. After this it is recommended that you let the air get to the tattooed area and cover it several times a day with a soothing and protective ointment or Bepanthenol, although petroleum jelly or a cream type moisturizer is often used.
Do not be surprised if the colours of your tattoo fade slightly during the healing process, don’t worry, the colours will return once the area has healed completely.
However, if you need a scan that involves magnetic resonance then this will have an effect. One further consideration is that if you having an MRI scan the tattoo can affect the image so ensure to tell your physician that you have a tattoo if it is in the area to be scanned. Ointments provided by tattoo parlors can't treat infections; they can only help to prevent them.
Alcohol thins the blood and having a tattoo with alcohol in your system will make you bleed more during the procedure.
Comfortable clothes are a good idea, especially if you are having a large tattoo or intricate tattoo that involves spending a long time in the tattoo parlor. Although it is rare some people experience allergic reactions to the dyes used, especially in some types of reds and greens that contain metallic elements. You should not even consider having a tattoo done in any studio that does not employ the correct health and hygiene standards and this must include the use of an autoclave, a piece of equipment that is used to sterilize all of the equipment used when having a tattoo.
While your tattoo artist can advice you on how to take care of your tattoo and the best measures you can take to prevent an infection, if you do find yourself with an infection it is only a doctor who can treat it.
This in turn will push the ink going into your body out again and the result will be a tattoo that looks faded. The tattoo artists must be happy open the packets of sharp objects or needles in front of you to prove they are sterile.

Do not hesitate to seek medical assistance if you find you have any skin infection or other complication resulting from a tattoo. As well as that being under the influence of alcohol may dull your senses and cause you to make a bad decision.
Dermatologists tend to recommend waiting at least six months after ceasing this medication before having any procedure that will break the skin as it can cause scarring.
If you take that sort of medication it is better to wait until you no longer use it before having a tattoo. Avoid swimming, saunas, steam baths or soaking in a bathtub for two weeks after having a tattoo and ensure any clothing that will touch the area is clean and soft. If the studio also offers piercing services these should be carried out in a separate area from the tattoo area.
The tattoo artist must be qualified and experienced, the health risks associated with having a tattoo are greatly increased if you attempt to tattoo yourself or have a tattoo from a non-professional. The ink used in tattooing must be taken from the container and then put into a single use cup that must be disposed of once the tattoo is complete.
When you choose a tattoo artist make sure you ask plenty of questions such as how long he or she has been tattooing. Ensure that they understand exactly what you want and see if you like the style of their tattoos before agreeing to anything.
Ask if it is possible to watch them tattooing another client before you book, this way you can be on the lookout for hygiene standards and client care. If this is not possible ask if you can speak to previous clients or ask to read the comments book if they have one. Ensure you ask your tattoo artists for advice on tattoo aftercare and if at any time you do not feel comfortable leave.

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