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After six years, over 40 border crossings and a lot of nights out in countries that don’t accept foreign divers license, my passport was starting to look pretty shabby. I was really surprised to see the number of passport covers that popped up on my Etsy search.
As you might of guessed by the name, this shop is most dedicated to passport covers and travel themes. I don’t think I’ve ever used a passport cover, but this selection makes me want to rethink that! Hi Bobbi, I just saw your post and wanted to thank you for featuring my shop, Passport Cover Sky Girl.

DisclaimerAll text and images are property of Heels and Wheels unless otherwise stated and may not reproduced without permission. Another sign of DroneNation but Dvorak thinks these are cool cards and his family uses for them for their frequent travels to and from Canada.
While I’ve always fought buying a cover for old blue, because I find it really annoying to have to take out when needed, I broke down and bought one last week. So when I had to buy this passport cover, I took it as a chance to shop the online store which offers loads of handmade and vintage products by independent sellers and designers. It’s a good accessory to have on your foreign travels as your passport is the most important document you carry around therefore should be protected.

Shop here for accessories made with cutesy fabrics as well as ones with travel quotes embroidered on.
It’s a durable material that brings to mind Jackie O walking arriving at the port of Capri, Italy.
A US Passport card can be used in place of a passport when entering the United States from Canada or Mexico.

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