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Peony is one flower that is held in high esteem by those who work in gardens due to its ability to bloom any place they are planted. In many cultures like the Asian the peony is supposed to be a portent for a joyful marriage and immense good fortune. Based on the other elements that are part of the peony tattoo, both men and women get them as it can portray intense masculinity as well as delicate femininity.
Peony flower tattoo with lavender color petals: This one stands out due to the choice of colors making it very striking and when you combine it with green leaves, it leaves you with a great visual impact. Another version of this can be the peony flower which has petals that are tipped in lavender color. Elbow placement of the peony flower: The flower placement is no doubt a very awkward one and this may take away something from the design itself. The peony tattoo that Ashley Simpson sports: She has a peony tattoo on the wrist that caused a lot of talk and excitement. Peony flower tattoo on the back: The back is a nice canvas to work on as far as body art goes. Peony tattoo on the shoulder: This is another area that works well for a floral motif like the peony. We have seen that peonies are pretty, fragrant and robust which offers a great deal of symbolism to the tattoo you are getting.
Flower tattoo designs are not only popular among the women folk, but a number of men too love sporting flower tattoos. The art of tattooing has become very popular in recent years, however, the art is thousands of years old. Apart from the meanings attached to different flowers, there are many other reasons why people opt for flower tattoos. Carnation flowers are often referred to as 'Flowers of the God' and many times as 'Flowers of Love'. Confucius had a special liking for the chrysanthemum, as he often used it as an object for meditation. If you have to take a look at flower tattoo design pictures, then you will have a number of women sporting this tattoo. If you are looking for an uncommon tattoo design, then you will want to consider an iris flower tattoo. If you are looking for a feminine flower tattoo, then poppy flower tattoo is the one for you. If your idea of a tattoo is something bright and eye-catching, then you will want to consider a sunflower design.
Plus they give out large flowers that are full of fragrance and that too in a very short time.  Since the flower is quite good to look at and smell and also an innate ability to survive and flourish it is believed to have many positive qualities. In this article we will tell you about some of the design possibilities using the peony in the tattoo design. The subtle shading and also the addition of lesser or no foliage will make the design of the peony stand out even more making it immensely striking.
But still you have to appreciate the thought and effort that the person has put in to get this design done at an awkward place.
Plus the peony is a portent of good fortune and offers comfort by being so hardy and is really adaptable in tattoo designs of all dimensions.
It is the versatility of the tattoo design that makes it one of the most popular tattoo designs. Previously only some cultures emphasized that members of the tribe or community get themselves tattooed with certain designs. For some people, it is the color of the flowers, which is scintillating, while for others it is the look of the flower.
Not only are they very pretty and cute, but they are also romantic flowers and simply feminine. Most of us are aware of the meaning attached to the cherry blossoms in Japan, where it depicts the ever changing nature of life and that life is also very short.

If you are looking for a romantic flower other than the rose, then it has to be a gladiolus. These flowers have a very short life and also are very delicate, therefore, there are many people who choose this tattoo design. There is a belief, that the Greek Goddess Iris was able to transport a woman's soul to the underworld, hence, it is associated with death and in some cases, is also looked upon as a messenger of the God's.
The name has its origin in Arabic, where the word is Yasmin and the meaning of which is 'Gift from God'. It is often made on the shoulder blade, however, if the tattoo is made on a smaller canvas, then the beauty of the flower may be marred. The pictures of flower tattoos are just some examples and they can be modified to suit your own style. The combination of good looks along with the many qualities that it is supposed to have makes it a great subject in the tattoo world. The size of the tattoo and the amount of details in the flower will depend on where you have the design placed. However, with the resurgence of the tattoo art, many people from all over the world now sport single or multiple tattoos. Having said that we will now see some interesting designs of flower tattoo for women as well as men. Often people born in the 9th month of the year tend to get this flower tattooed, similarly, people who have a particular occasion that happened in the 9th month also opt for this tattoo design, to treasure the memories of the month.
Not only are there a number of vine designs to choose from, but also a number of flowers to choose from. Apart from symbolizing romance, it also stands for moral integrity, strength, infatuation, etc., along with inner strength, self-confidence and calmness. If you want to reiterate your love for your loved one, then you can make use of this tattoo design. It is not uncommon to see women sporting this tattoo on their lower backs, shoulder blades and thighs. If you have the devil-may-care attitude, then you would probably want to consider a peony tattoo.
Some people choose to get a single rose tattooed on their inner wrist or on their necks, however, there are others who prefer the rose vine tattoo and get one made running all over their leg.
However, there are a number of people who opt for a sunflower tattoo on their wrist, which stands for adoration. One hint could be to opt for a flower, which is the flower for the month, you were born in. But a back tattoo has an additional advantage of being able to include other elements since there is a certain amount of space. Flower tattoos are very fitting for women and there are some amazing designs that women can get for them.A colorful flower tattoo along with green petals on the side of the abdomen gives luscious vibes. Some tattoo designs are chosen for the aesthetic appeal that they have, while some others are chosen for the meanings attached to them or for some sentimental values.
If you have been married for 20 years and would like to commemorate the occasion, then this is the flower that you would want to opt for. Hence, it is not uncommon to see couples getting themselves identical carnation flower tattoos. Different vines and their combination with different flowers have different meanings attached to them. In other words, a couple can also choose to get a tattoo made using an orchid flower design.
A variation in the tattoo design can be that of a tattoo with a thorn and a tattoo without thorns as well. People born in January also choose to tattoo carnations on themselves as they are the flowers of January. If you are looking for a bigger tattoo design, then you want to consider a cherry blossom tree tattoo.

Other than the 13th anniversary, couples also choose to get identical chrysanthemum tattoos to show their love for one another.
Therefore, you will have to look for the different meanings attached to the different vines and flowers before deciding on anyone of them. You may choose to combine the iris flower with other forces of nature like the stars, moon, waves, etc. According to me the best jasmine tattoo design is to use the flower in its most original form. Some people prefer the bud of the flower as a tattoo design, while there are others who would rather have the flower depicted emerging up from mud in a pond. Other than combining other elements with the tattoo design, you may choose to color the tattoo in different colors. Many women prefer to add butterflies or their own initials or the initials of their loved ones with the poppy flower.
A lotus tattoo with fish on the shoulder shows the woman is sensitive as well as adventurous. For example, a person in love may choose to get a rose tattoo and dedicate it to a loved one, while there may be someone else who may opt for a rose tattoo in remembrance of a loved one. People often choose to get a single carnation along with the stem tattooed on their leg or also on their forearm or back. It is not uncommon to see a man getting a cherry blossom tattoo along with the face of the love of his life. Alternately, you can use shading for the petals and leaves and place it on the ankles, lower back or on the inner wrist.
It is commonly seen that people use this tattoo design on their shoulders, back or side arm. Another beautiful flower tattoo is a series of flowers, with a humming bird on a woman’s foot. Some people choose to combine a lotus tattoo with natural elements like beams of light, fire, stars, etc. However, some other colors like white, pink and yellow can also be used to make the tattoo. Celtic tattoo designs can also be incorporated with the rose tattoo design to give it a unique look.
If a woman walks with a foot embellished like that, you can virtually see the petals emanating from wherever she sets her foot.Source Flower TattoosAn abdominal side tattoo supporting flowers and a statement is a perfect combination of words and visuals. When one starts looking for flower designs for a tattoo, the pictures are difficult to come by. A single gladiolus flower makes for a perfect design for the ankle or below the collarbone. More often than not, this tattoo adorns the lower back or legs of a person, however, it may also adorn the arm or the shoulder.
A black rose tattooed on a woman’s body tells you that this chick is as mysterious as she is beautiful. Hence, here is an attempt to present some design pictures, which will help you in deciding a tattoo design for yourself. If she has a series of simple flowers tattooed from at the back of her neck to her shoulder, she is a simple, loving and adorable woman. After all, tattoos are supposed to give a statement about the person; so more colors mean the woman is fuller in life.

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