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The story itself is often modified and altered depending on the area where it originates from, but the moral is always the same: the bird does rise again and again. The mythology of the phoenix probably originated in India, where the immortal bird is called Garuda. The phoenix was often used in Catholic art as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ and life after death. Phoenix tattoos are most commonly used tattoos for men and women,theses are famous because of phoenix simplicity and its long life. Normally Orange, red and yellow color is used for phoenix tattoos which represent the effect of vibrant life, fire and sun.
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The phoenix is a mythological firebird originating in Phoenician, Egyptian and Greek mythology. In Japanese tattoos, the phoenix is often paired with the dragon, symbolizing Yin and Yang, female and male.
For a lot people these tattoos are symbol of life, and continuous source of happiness.There is this belief that phoenix tattoos bring people back to normal life, a bird that helps them to get through their hardships and bring justice to them, for all the hard times they have been through, people think, by putting these tattoos over any part of their bodies  keeps them safe.Is it true or not?
The Greek phoenix looked like an eagle and is a symbol for the sun, who dies in flames at the end of the day and rises again in the morning. Some people mark large phoenix tattoos on their body but some prefer to mark small phoenix tattoos on arms legs and stomach etc.

But the below collection of Phoenix tattoos will surely be the best thing for you, if you are a tattoo lover. It is also known as fire bird in greek world. Anyone can inked Phoenix tattoos on any part of body. 1 year ago Best 50 Designs of Nail Art 2014 1 year ago 50 Best Street Art in 2014 1 year ago 25 Best Architectural Buildings of 2014 1 year ago Find Best RealEstate WP Themes of 2016 Your Never-Miss-Out Online App for Collages, Posters, Cards and Social Medias 5 Best Phones in the U.S.

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