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The general public tends to think that the people who come to me for work are a bunch of deviant, social misfits looking for shock value. When I was in high school I was a punk rocker, the only punk rocker in school in suburban New Jersey--only Mohawk in the whole place. He was crowned the "The new king of rock tattoos" by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2002 for his extensive work on metal bands including Slayer, Pantera, Slipknot, and Lamb of god. I almost feel like a walking contradiction because there's a strong part of me that keeps a real I don't give a fuck attitude, I don't care what people think or say. People don't seem to understand that dark does not necessarily mean evil, baby eating, Satanism.
But for my clients, underneath all the initial surface shock or negative tones, ultimately there's a positive.

However, if you're making them more beautiful and feel good about themselves, that's not self-harm. It's because we come from backgrounds where there's a greater degree of feeling like outcasts I suspect. I'm walking around with blue and red hair, angry (yeah, like that's changed) and my appearance became my filter. He's also the only tattoo artist to be accepted into the prestigious The National Arts Club. But there's another side of me that gets frustrated with a human being's ability to believe without any validation. If you had the depth of character to get past my appearance and find out who I am, then you're worth my time.

In fact, he has been a driving force behind fostering fine art endeavors among tattooists, particularly with the creation of "ArtFusion Experiment," which he co-founded with Filip and Titine Leu, to champion collaborative painting and drawing among tattoo artists worldwide.Ten days ago, his Last Rites Tattoo Theater in NYC celebrated its 5-year anniversary with an art show featuring an exceptional roster of artists, including many tattooers. Is there one overriding message that you really want to get across-about you personally-in any interview?

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