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An in-depth look at who we are, our businesses, how we operate, our brands and our global locations. Our products, services and expertise are readily transferable: we work across multiple sectors and industries. UGL partners with clients in demanding and complex sectors to create innovative, enduring solutions tailored to their individual business needs. Faced with the considerable challenges of sustainable development, every company has a responsibility. Realise your goals and aspirations – as a proud Australian company with global reach, a broad diversity of businesses, and sustained growth, UGL offers you unique opportunities to apply your skills and experience.
DigitalRev put to the test if it where a possibility to become or learn about photography without ever getting up out of a chair. In this brilliant tutorial from Phlearn, Aaron Nace shows you how to create an artistic, composite image to replicate the double exposure effect. Behind the start up photo editors that we come to love, are the stories that led to the grand moment in life that changed their life to head down the path that made them who they are. The still photograph with a hint of a moving object to installing those Photoshop brushes you'll need to create your next big project. Visual design is always in quest of new ways of expression.Cinemagraphs, or still photos with subtle motion, have become the new medium which takes strengths from both still photography and video. Cinemagraphs started spreading across blogs that made a still photo have a personality by simply adding the effect of a woman's hair moving in the breeze or the steam from a coffee cup rise from the copper liquid. The Proxy-Editor engine, integrated in MediaStore Client, has been recently renewed and significantly empowered, with a list of new tools and features that allow to create a more and more integrated environment in the digital newsroom computer systems.
It is possible also to link graphics projects with unlimited objects (crawls, logos, animations…), using the low-res copies of the contents to see the preview of each project. Journalists can also directly add in the client interface the voice-over and manage it in the timeline with the other elements. In this way SI Media gives always the possibility to customers to choose both a 3rd party editing solution (Adobe, FCP, Avid , Sony Vegas ..

SI Media editing module has been designed to provide a clear and intuitive interface, with all the features needed by a modern newsroom, in order to be used by all the journalists (mostly the ones which are not familiar with nonlinear editing systems).
Personalize your photos and your filters Shift, an application of simple yet powerful retouching photographs. Now that our smartphone is our first camera, or at least for most of us, because of its proximity, as always carry with us, and its immediacy, when sharing in social networks a freshly made image, apps that help us as our photos are better, more professional, can not miss in our devices.
Many times we find that customers send us to print 3D parts, and can not be printed because they are designed for viewing on screen. If you are having problems with the link, please open attachment sent with email and try again. The range of products and services offered by UGL is extensive yet all aspects are fully customisable to client requirements. Here we provide, in a single area, key financial data and company information of interest to a shareholder, or potential investor, financial analysts and the media community. Our activities place us at the heart of the system, which means that it is essential that we act at all levels and in a significant way, to promote greater environmental, economic and social responsibility. Cascading a magazine style that feels reminiscent of modern meets perfection within minimalistic. With Phlearn they show you how to find a way that brings beauty and artistic ability to a very cool effect. That 'in the moment' look is where it may all be at and now this app Dreamstime wants everyone to photograph that exact moment. Just follow its Instagram account and you'll find a range of motivational -- often quirky -- images overlaid with memorable quotes.
And let's face it - most of us aren't exactly video professionals and spending sleepless nights in fighting with complicated and not-so-cheap software can even make us give up the idea of having a video that we wanted at first.There is a common situation when you need to have a simple video presentation on your website, or a product review, or a testimonial - that's a really simple video editing task and there's no point to hire someone to do it for you.
Thanks to this, it is possible to save lots of time in the creation of the press reports, since the journalists do not have to wait for an available Nle operator to edit their projects, but they can edit them in advance using the proxy-editor. Please note that this email will only be good once to access the application process or change your password. Creativity is just waiting to be tapped into so remember to come back each week to see what we've picked for you. What you do need in this case is a software with a simple and intuitive interface that won't confuse you with tons of super-professional features. Quite familiar to many of us, isn't it?That's why we want to show you a list consisting of really simple yet efficient video editing software and tools that can really help you with your little movie. Look trough these tools and pick something that you think will be best for your exact needs.

If you are having problems with the link, please open the attachment sent with the email and try again. And please consider the fact that some leading services from our list have free monthly trials or some premium membership programs, and if you want some extra features you'll have to spend a certain amount of money. Enjoy!OnetruemediaWhile I was playing with this video editor I've noticed that it has pretty simple interface and you can easily start creating a slideshow or a short video just in several clicks from the home page. There are some useful features such as possibility to play with the transition effect, adjust properties and even apply some special effects (which are available in the premium membership). Also you can add text, choose font, text color and so on.* * *AvidemuxThis is a free downloadable video editing tool. It supports most popular video formats so you won't have any problems with saving your video file in the right format. Avidemux is available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows under the GNU GPL license. Avidemux is used mostly for filtering, cutting and encoding functions.* * *PixorialWell, actually Pixorial is positioned as the video service where you can store, search view and view the videos. But in addition to that they do have a wonderful video editor which is hidden behind the "Producer" tab. Here you can work with your videos, add texts, use transitions etc.* * *CreazaThis is a full-featured timeline-based video editor that can easily substitute desktop video software.
For example you can add multiple audio and graphics tracks on top of the video track, spice up your video with animated titles and transition effects etc.* * *VideospinThis is a simple video editing software with a set of all useful features that every newbie needs.
Videospin's website contains various tutorials that will help you to seamlessly create great video content with the help of the Videospin editor.
Here you can learn how to produce good videos, add texts, effects and compose video tracks.* * *KalturaKaltura is an open source project that has conquered the hearts of many website owners and video professionals due its rich functionality and powerful set of features. Not to mention the pretty good set of editing functions that are also included.* * *JaycutIf you are familiar with this video editor than you know that it is hard to find a more simple yet efficient software for working with video content. Now the next version of Jaycut has been released so you may try out such great new features as slow motion effects, adding background via green screen chroma key, record your own voice over and many more.* * * About the Author Edward Korcheg Edward has been with TemplateMonster blog since 2009 and is a great fan of social media and web development trends (especially jQuery and HTML5).

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