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A good Photo Editing tool is essential on our Android smartphone or Tablet as often we need to fix photos taken.
A minus point of this application would be that there is no stickers, objects or text to insert in the pictures. With its three category of photo filters, light filters, and photo frames, Pixlr-o-Matic allows beautifying your pictures. Previous articleDownload the best Free Android apps Picks of The WeekNext article5 Best GIF maker app for Android (FREE) Khaled Md. An intuitive tech blog that provides information about latest tech updates, how to guides, gadgets, androids etc.
The new Iphone serves many different features (like that of PC) that are very useful and are used more frequently due to easy access.
But before going further I would like to tell you about my earlier posts that helps to bypass SMS verification.
Your original photo is always stored safely on Photobucket, so you don’t have to worry with styling.
Share your stylin’ skills with friends through Photobucket, Facebook, SMS or Twitter. Color Effects is the best free photo editing app if your concerned with changing colors of objects in the photo.
Launched in 1997 by Nullsoft, Winamp is among the most popular media players used world wide for Windows, OS X and android.
Cloud is a great computing technology that runs a program on a large network of computers that makes the work done faster and better.
Unknown calls are a matter of stress primarily when you have changed your phone and lost all contacts.
But with so many photo editing apps available on Android market its hard to find the right one that works well. The included basic options such as resizing, cutting or adjusting the format are easy to use.
Also, the app seems uncomfortable as it does not auto-rotate, and the UI can feel a little sluggish.
We have available modes depending on image size, and we can use the maximum number of pixels.

The developer of this app had tools developed for Adobe Photoshop, so you can expect outstanding results.
Adobe Photoshop is something used very commonly on desktops for improving your image quality and now you can use this app for Iphone 5. You can edit borders, change effects and download this free photo editing app to make your picture look clean, grunge, retro or fancy. After downloading the app on Iphone you can use their quick filter or can create your own custom filter. See your Photobucket friends and their photos, comment and find new exciting photos from the vast Photobucket database. Download the one you found most useful and even do comment if you have got any other app that is awesome and is not in the list.
With a good smartphone, we can capture videos of our moments to later rejoice and reminisce. On this page, I’m going to focus on some of the best android photo editor app available.
Photoshop Express for Android also will not be included because of the inadequate supply of options it offers.
We want to resize the picture, ability to adding text and stickers plus image enhancements. The app will not let you use more than one filter from each category which you can workaround by saving the photo and load again.
You might not play games on PC but when you are in a bus or metro, or getting bored you would enjoy playing Subway Surfer or Temple Run on your Iphone.
But you feel irritated or sometimes you don't trust the publisher and don't want to share your number with them. You can change contrast, adjust color and brightness, change the exposure, tint or saturation.
You can grey out a particular section of your photo while rest of the image remains as it is. The great thing is that now Google acquires the developer, expect more goodies from this app in a future update. You can create a PicsArt profile and use the in-app purchase system to get rid of ads and download various stickers or objects to insert in pictures.

Many Photo effects are available, including HDR, by purchasing the PRO version of the application.
With just a few clicks crop you image, rotate it, flip it, straighten it and do what ever you feel makes it better. You can change the color of Umbrella, change your hair color or do change color of tress to red.
Some good photo editing apps that you can use to edit your photos and give them a great look, something that could gain you more likes on Facebook. Adobe Photoshop Express doesn't only let your edit photo but also it provides you a storage of 2 GB where you can upload you photos and videos for free. Carefully picked from a bunch of other video editing apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, these free video editing apps are surely going to make your video a great one. The app is capable of handling high-resolution pictures very well and responds quickly to commands. Just choose among the saved edits and you will get the picture right on your Iphone 5 display screen. Painting on the picture or adding text and stickers to many fonts and other items available and more to be downloaded. Also it keep posting updates on home screen, so whenever you open Instagram on Iphone you will see your friends photos right on the home page. Working with the app is a pleasure because of its straightforward and functional interface.
It can also automatically select the most prominent parts of your video and convert them into little videos. Then we have frames and borders, plus the ability to draw on the picture or include another photo. Some of these apps also allows you to share your photos with friends as they are linked to you social profiles. Drag any video and have fun drawing anything you like on videos and amuse your friends with it.

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