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IconForge Icon Editing Tool Kit 7.20 is icon tools software developed by CursorArts Company. Create and modify icons, multi-resolution icons, cursors and animated icons for your Windows desktop, web site or other projects. Downloading IconForge Icon Editing Tool Kit 7.20 will take minute if you use fast ADSL connection.
Complete suite for creating and modifying icons, multi-resolution icons, cursors and animated icons. Quote:"Just dona€™t expect them to deviate all that much from what you remember from last yeara€™s console game. Quote:Just two years ago it seemed as if EA Sports had turned its back completely on the PC. And stumble it did; whereas on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 FIFA has established itself as the finest football game available, on the PC it's been less convincing of. It's doing that by using, for the very first time, the engine that's propelled the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions to such success. The added grunt is used to paint the sparkling animations and bold character models we've come accustomed to with eye-blistering clarity, and all it asks for in return is a dual core processor with 1Gb of RAM and a fairly basic graphics card.
FIFA 11 on PC is also acknowledging the hardware in other ways too; there's LAN play, support for up to 35 different game pads with fully mappable controls as well as the capacity for VOIP.
There are more PC-specific features to be revealed at a later date that may quell our early scepticism, but for now we're left thinking that with other versions looking like the best yet and so many other ways to engage with FIFA on the PC that EA Sports could be set to score an own goal.
Probably it is the tool with the most intuitive and user-friendly operability, which MyFHL-Editing ever released. For the exact positioning of the scoreboard elements you can switch between the fifa screen and the tool. The preview in the tool is not exactly the same view as in fifa, it is only for orientation and a better way to position elements.
The proportions of the scoreboard textures, textes and the preview screen correspond to the fifa view.
Another small tweaker tool, CROWD TWEAKER by MONKEYDRAGON for those who WANT TO REDUCE LAG.

Quote:i68 Kit Manager is a new concept utility realised in a way that you will have to do very few operations to import kits in FIFA 11. 1) MANUAL: this mode has to be activated pressing the MANUAL button and it is the most common for users that were used to import kits in the past fifas.
Obviously this mode works fine if you don't make strange things such as calling a Palermo kit as Catania_home.png. Kit Data Editor will allow you to edit the data in the kit rx3 file (use DBM 11 for the database side). Hal ini menjelaskan kenapa di XP Fifa 11 dapat berjalan super-smooth daripada di Win7 (karena 7 memang lebih banyak menghabiskan kinerja CPU). Oke, karena itu buat yang RAM nya pas2an kayak ane, jangan kuatir,,agan2 masih bisa main FIFA 11 dengan smooth. Selanjutnya ane jelasin fungsi2 parameternya yang ane tau dan pengaruhnya ke game performance (menurut pengalaman dan pengamatan ane). Karena ini trit FIFA udah pasti banyak yang bilang bagus FIFA, dan kebalikannya kalo tanya di trit PES. A:brati ente nginstal yang versi RIP tuh, file commentary nya emang sengaja di ilangin sama uploader biar ukurannya kecil. A:donlod GR-nya, install, bikin account, sign-in, cari room FIFA 11, bisa join ato bikin room sendiri. A:iya, setiap kali di edit (kecuali texture doang - - tekstur wajah tetep bikin save2an damage), save2an bakal gak bisa dipake, harus ngulang. With big franchises like NHL and Madden being stripped altogether, it was only FIFA that was left to stumble onwards. There have been a few wayward attempts at innovation a€“ such as FIFA 09's introduction of mouse and keyboard play a€“ but it's been lagging behind its console counterparts in almost every regard, the PC version of FIFA 10 a pale imitation of its full-blooded brethren. Confusingly EA insists on calling it the next-generation engine, and while it's not as good as what we're expecting from whatever Microsoft and Sony's hardware divisions have lined up for us in the future it's certainly impressive. FIFA 11's play is last year's console iteration sprinkled with some of the learnings of the FIFA World Cup 2010 game. Note: This will not work for Manager Mode saves that you have in progress, only new ones that you start after installing the patch.

You open the program, you select the team in the left listbox (you can search the time name through the search option), you choose if you want to import home,away,gk or third kit and you click on LOAD button. With this mode you can immediately click on LOAD (without choosing the team on the list box) and load one of the usual 5 files: the program will understand automatically not only which file it is, but also it will scan the nome of your file and the folder where the file is located.
Tapi kalo misalnya maen trus hasilnya tidak diinginkan (misal kalah), selese pertandingan jangan langsung pilih "advance". With the introduction of FIFA Superstars and FIFA Online, it's tempting to think that, for the core FIFA experience, EA Sports has indeed abandoned the PC a€“ or at the very least wilfully neglected it. That's no catastrophe, and at its core it's still the same muscular and graceful brand of football that wowed us last year with some of the niggles a€“ the often absent-minded keepers and cheap chip shots to name but two a€“ ironed out. Now browse for the file you want to import and the program will understand automatically what you are going to import (kit, shorts, logo or bumps) and will import it in the program. Thus, it will try to understand the team from the filename and it will even try to take by itself the other necessary files from the folder. It's an approach that's acknowledged by the talk surrounding the reveal of FIFA 11 on the PC a€“ in the past, PC has suffered, but this year EA Sports is keen to make amends. But it's lacking several of this year's big new features a€“ there's no Personality Plus, for example, nor is there the Pro Passing that's helped to refine the play of the other HD versions of FIFA 11, and while EA touts this as the next-gen experience it feels remarkably like playing last year's game. Once done, if everything went well, you see the right team selected and you can click on PATCH. This process works thanks to the supposition that when you save a png or a bmp, you usually save it with the team name or the team ID. Our website has thoroughly tested graphic apps product IconForge Icon Editing Tool Kit 7.20, written the review and uploaded installation file (9318K) to our fast server.
So, if you write Palermo_home.png the program will understand you are going to import Palermo and it will understand if you are importing the shirt, shorts, logo or bumps. Let's suppose you loaded the shirt, then the program will search in the same folder if there are other files called similarly and that can be the shorts, the bumps and the logo.

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