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Video editing could be very money consuming due to its requirement for large hard-disk storage, high computer performance and expensive video editing software.
At the point this article is created, Adobe After Effect CS3 still cost about USD999 per copy while Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 costs about USD799 per copy.
Eyespot provides video editing and sharing software that can be easily embedded in any website.
Jumpcut is an online video editing and remixing website that lets you edit your videos, create slideshows and post them on any webpage. VideoEgg is a video editing platform that lets you create a movie, edit it, while adding effects, making slide shows, create mash-ups, etc- all from within your browser. Photobucket lets you edit your videos using Flash and lets you remix your photos, home videos with cool effects, video captions, transitions and other things. YouTube Remixer lets you add effects and graphics, text and audio, overlays and transitions to your YoutTube Video, directly in your browser.
Movie masher allows you to sequence and trim clips, add effects, transitions, titles, and music, using a familiar timeline editor.
This service features the ability to link to a very specific point or “segment” within the clip itself.
Vidavee graffiti adds graphics and text into any video; the service is called a “legal form of artful vandalism” by the creators. Kaltura’s open source platform enables any site to seamlessly and cost–effectively integrate advanced interactive rich–media functionality, including video searching, uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing, and sharing. Windows Movie Maker is an equipment you need to make digital movies and get footage from your camera to your computer. ZS4 Video Editor is video editing and composting software which provides media experts with a facility to combine a variety of media types (currently photos, videos and audio files) into one (or more) output file(s).
The idea for Wax is to be very general purpose and flexible in video compositing and effects, so that you can compose your dream video sequence with ease everytime. Vivia is a video editing program for Linux and Windows that offers very user-friendly editing of DV video material. AVIedit allows you to join and split avi files, extract frames and perform video warping, color restore, noise reduction and so on. VideoSpin is free video editing software that allows you to create your own movie clips in minutes using your own videos and pictures. Because of all of these, it makes nearly impossible for end users like us (or me at least) to afford the fun of video editing. This point is, if you are not going to use them frequently, it’s really not worth getting a copy for just couple of one or two video editing. Eyespot allows you to apply special effects, transitions and even audio dubbing to your videos.
Cellsea allows you to add effects, change size, add sound or simply to convert their videos to another format—eg 3G for mobile use, MP4 for iPod or PSP etc. To add clips, music, transitions, or effects to the timeline you simply drag and drop them into place.

You can create, edit and add special effects to your home movie and share them with friends and family.
This is the simplest and fastest tool in its category which has ability to extract long VOB clips in few seconds. The problem with internal styling is that it is not universal, you have to use the same internal styling and HTML code in each and every single page of a given website. On the Windows instructional machines, a question dialog will appear notifying you that Eclipse cannot find tools.jar.
This is a nightmare for any designer, because managing the code and its corresponding output on all the pages of a given website is nearly impossible, if the website is large enough and houses a thousand pages.Another disadvantage of not using a CSS layout is that it makes the code bulky. Many software vendors have come into the market claming that they offer best video editing software. The result is slower loading of pages and bad visual output.CSS (Cascading stylesheets), on the other hand, makes life easy for web designers. Isn’t Windows notepad capable of editing a css file?The answer is, Yes it can but it is not as full featured as a professional CSS editor program.
A CSS editor allows you to define elements and classes easily, refer to ID’s and add CSS properties, even if you don’t know the exact syntax. Rapid CSS supports auto completion of code so if you remember the beginning or ending letters of an attribute, Rapid CSS will automatically complete the entire syntax for you.  Rapid CSS includes a CSS checker and code verifier which can be used to automatically check your code for markup errors, so this ensures that you don’t need another tool for validating your HTML code. The application UI comprises of separate preview and coding panes, so you can see a live preview of the design while you’re coding it.
Video EasyVideo Easy is a good video editing and video making software for both the professionals and the beginners. The software is very easy to use and it allows its users to put their edited videos on disk. XyleScope allows parallel editing and surfing of webpages, so you can render a page on one pane while edit it on another. This feature makes it super easy to preview your design changes directly in the browser, the moment you have coded something.As you can see in the above screenshot, the designer can navigate to any HTML segment, highlight the section and check the corresponding style rules in the right hand CSS pane. A pop up menu provides quick access to all internal as well as external style sheets being called from the given page, no matter which position they have been called from.One of the unique features of Xylescope is its ability to filter out all the CSS rules, influencing a given HTML section. Adobe Premiere Elements 11If you have worked with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Express then you will certainly recognize this family setup.
The drag and drop editing interface lets you edit code in no time and you can fold specific nested segments using its uique codde folding feature.
One of the best features of Notepad++ is the ability to automate the writing of code segments which you have to type frequently. This is extremely time saving, as you won’t have to recursively open the same files over and over again.
Aptana Studio supports Git integration, so you can easily combine your projects under the GIT source code and collaborate with team members through remote repositories e.g Github. Aptana supports git based deployments and provides a built in terminal for execution of operating system commands and language utilities.One of the most interesting features of Aptana Studio 3 is that web developers can setup their own development environment by extending the core functions through scripting of custom commands.

Aura Video EditorThis professional video editor tools lets you create videos and slideshows. The code editor comprises of a minimap at the top right corner which lets you navigate through the entire code with mouse clicks. This code editor bids Good bye to the scroll bar and allows you to navigate large chunks of code through the minimap. Here is how the interface looks like:Sublime text lets you edit up to 4 files parallely and changes to your files are reflected automatically in real time. Similar files of the same project are grouped together so this is useful, when you are editing a dozen CSS files and need an easy way to group similar files in one program window. The code editor has a sleek “distraction free” mode which hides all the stuff in one mouse click and lets you focus on writing the code. This is actually good for programmers who have the habit of “hand coding”  and need a simple interface without any bells and whistles.Sublime text supports syntax highlighting for many programming languages and allows multiple selections. In fact, this is the only HTML editor which allows the user to select multiple lines of code in one instant.
Professional tools like good stop and motion controls are provided, enhanced screen capture, motion tracking for moving effects and many other features are comes packaged with the software.9.
The program has a built in FTP client, so you can edit and update code on a remote server directly from your desktop.
Equipped with a file browser, project manager, bookmark manager and the FTP client, PS Pad editor does a perfect job for amateur web developers or programmers who want an easy to use interface without advanced controls.Ps Pad can also be used to tidy up your code, compress files and bind multiple files into one.
VirtualDubIt is a video capturing and editing utility that provides basic editing functionalities. The software comes with new timeline and paste effects that allows you to copy and paste the effects from one clip to another.
Sony Movie Studio PlatinumSony Movie Studio Platinum stands out with it’s 3D video capability. It provides precise editing and solid rendering speed that makes it an ideal option for users. Avid Media Composer 7Avid Media Composer 7 is an advanced video editing software with enhanced features and speed.
It has automated media management that handles the background media tasks so you only need to focus on your composition part.
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