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With Windows Phone 8.1 almost upon us, it seems that Microsoft is having a good refresh of some of its existing properties in the ecosystem.
Kinectimals (we reviewed the original here) is now a 306MB freeware download, compatible with phones with just 512MB of RAM - don't expect speed, since the game still take up to thirty seconds to start, but after that it's quite fluid and easy to interact with. From the makers of the wildly successful Kinectimals franchise comes Kinectimals Unleashed! Definitely one for your kids and may, in truth, while away a few hours travelling for them.
You'll remember that we've gone over all the new features in Windows Phone 8.1 several times, most recently here. You may have been hearing bits and pieces of news about IE11 on Windows Phone 8.1, and we’re excited to share the full scoop on user experience improvements with you today! Everyone always wants a faster browser, which is a fun challenge to work on - and our team breaks this down into two pieces.
When you tap the address bar, we know you likely want to go to a different site than the one you are looking at. If you decide to type in the address bar, we now predict the site you would like to go to (the highlighted part above).
As more Web browsing shifts to mobile devices, we want to be able to complete more complex tasks on these devices. So we decided to remove this limit - seriously, you can open as many tabs as you like - and now the button next to the address bar accesses your tabs by default. I love having quick access to my favorite blogs right on my start screen with pinned sites, but honestly, pinned sites have been super lame less than stellar thus far on Windows Phone. Pinned sites now show rich site icons and even update in the background, with the latest headlines and images from your favorite blog for example, just like other live tiles.
At Microsoft, we take an inclusive approach to product design – ensuring we understand the needs of all our users.
IE11 is a pretty far reaching upgrade to Windows Phone's browser, but it's not perfect, as can be seen from comments around the web. Like the rest of Windows Phone 8.1, IE11 may be tweaked slightly before we all get over the air updates officially, there might still be time for the Internet Explorer team to respond to feeback. Interestingly, the game approaches the 2D in a different way than is traditional - you only get to move in the vertical plane, so it's all about climbing and looping, rather than weaving from side to side. Something I'd never seen in a game before - the chance to change the size of the control elements, according to eyesight, finger size and taste!
HD Photo Viewer is well known on Windows Phone, of course - but did you know that there's another utility, 'Zoom' that tries to do the same thing, letting you view even 38MP images (on the Lumia 1020) at 1:1 in terms of pixels? It all works as advertised, though there's the same caveat as with HD Photo Viewer - all of this assumes that you haven't 'reframed' the relevant image. Of course, if you're using the reframing capabilities of the PureView devices from Nokia then they take you (effectively) down to the full resolution if needed, but it's a different way of thinking about your images. It's easy to see how we could all have missed this, from a year ago, but at the International Image Sensor Society's annual conference Juha Alakarhu, Samu Koskinen and Eero Tuulos, all from Nokia (at the time) presented a detailed paper about the raw science behind 'oversampling' and its benefits.
The conference's 2013 photo - click through to grab the 12MB version and play 'Spot the PureView Nokians' game! The International Image Sensor Society's conference was in June 2013, when the Nokia 808 PureView had been readily available for a year and the Lumia 1020 was still a month from being announced.
Juha and his team presented this paper in a 20 minute slot at the conference - grab it and have a read if you want to geek out. The formulas for analyzing the low light performance are developed and they are compared to subjective testing results.
The paper then goes into some mathematical detail to explain how using oversampling on a high resolution sensor, with smaller pixels, produces much better image quality than using a lower resolution sensor (of the same size) with larger pixels. Typically the goal in optimizing the camera resolution is to match the pixel size with smallest resolution element that the optical system is capable of producing.
When capturing images of objects with repetitive patterns higher than fN frequency defined by pixel pitch of the image sensor, aliasing happens and this can be seen as moire effect.
In plain English then, by using a system with far more raw image information than is needed, above the Nyquist frequency, 5MP images can be obtained with almost zero noise and zero aliasing - hence PureView. The first true Video Editor on the Windows Phone Store with video effects.The Video Editor helps you capture moments and edit them on-the-go.
This is the first video editor for Windows Phone that allows video effects, though they're broadbrush and not configurable (in degree) in any way. You can toggle the interface to landscape, full-screen mode, though - oddly, despite the helpful icon bottom right, there doesn't seem to be a way out of this mode(!) No doubt this will be fixed soon. This is clearly a 'v1' application - other quirks include no way to alter the volume of selected background music, a bug where only part of a project is shown on the timeline until something else is added, no auto-saving of a project - you have to manually save 'as draft', etc.
Still, it's early days for Windows Phone 8.1 and it's good to see at least three decent casual video editing tools in development, it all bodes well for the future.
It's a sign that a simulation gets things spot on that you start to play and score exactly as you would in the real life game.
The 'free' bit refers to the persistent, always-there banner ad at the bottom of DartsMatch throughout play, which is fair enough - the developers need an income.
In addition to the ad, there's a heavy push to sign up via the bundled game network or with Facebook, playing against friends - the aim here is to go viral!

Left, you can just see the dart in flight (against the top of the board), right, the dart has landed.
Although no specifications have been leaked (yet), the photo does suggest a 'phablet' of some kind and I'd put money on this coming in at the same size as the Nokia Lumia 1520, with perhaps a 6" screen. Nokia, as we saw in our review, didn't optimise Windows Phone completely for the large screened 1520, but we'd expect things to be rounded out better when Windows Phone 8.1 hits production handsets over the next few months (starting with the Lumia 630, of course). Component quality will be the main differentiator here and it's fair to say that LG won't be able to get close to the specification of the Lumia 1520, though the price point may be substantially lower - watch this space. The starred items will have to wait for the appropriate hardware or platform updates, of course. The full resolution zoom is something that several third party apps have been offering for a while (and with extra functions), so it's great to see this become a reality (RAM permitting, depending on device, of course) in the official Nokia camera roll.
What's changing is the workflow, in an attempt to streamline how you interact with your recently taken photos.
Of course, if you wanted to take a photo and then immediately reframe it, then there's actually one more tap to accomplish, since you've got to go 'via' Camera roll. Con la increible demanda de redes sociales en la actualidad, los usuarios acabamos por buscar la mejor forma de hacer imagenes interesantes, llamativas, y para ello muchas veces debemos tratar de enmascarar nuestra falta de creatividad o, seamos francos, nuestras carencias como fotografos, por el bien de conseguir algun retweet o Me gusta. En Windows Phone tenemos algunos editores de fotografia potentes, aplicaciones que cuentan con multitud de efectos y ajustes como recortes, control de brillo y un largo etcetera, pero nunca esta de mas que otros editores que han hecho un buen trabajo en otras plataformas, en este caso iOS, vean con buenos ojos llegar a Windows Phone.
Gloomlogue es un potente editor de fotos para Windows Phone, totalmente gratuito por el momento, que nos permitira retocar nuestras imagenes de forma completa.
OneShot, uno de los mejores editores fotograficos que contamos en la tienda de Windows Phone y uno de mejores calificados.
Actualizacion de Silverlight 8,0 a 8,1, por lo que los usuarios para tener acceso a ella, deberan tener Windows Phone 8.1 en adelante. Esta muy bien, solo que cuando la utilizo mi 1520 me sirve de plancha para hacer hamburguesas.
Que gusto saber que desarrolladores como Andy Stumpp siguen apostando por Windows Phone y no se dan por vencidos. Es un problema de la redireccion de la tienda Microsoft en tu pais, yo estoy en Argentina y me pasa lo mismo. In this case Kinectimals, previously a commercial game and now seemingly freeware in this 'Unleashed' reworking, with all animals and mini-games available as you play through the title. Have you ever wanted to grab your favorite canine pal and explore the exciting dog island of Villeria?
Plus many of us have been playing with IE11 in the 8.1 Developer Preview anyway, so it's very much a known quantity. Our team has been laser focused on delivering a massive upgrade to four key areas of your browsing experience: quick site access, fast and fluid browsing, safety and privacy, and accessibility. First, you need to tell the browser where you want to go, and second, the browser needs to get there as fast as possible. We all have a few sites that we like to visit frequently, and those are now a quick tap of the address bar away. Making tabs easy to access was a welcome change, yet we still heard requests for easy access to refresh. We are excited to announce that Internet Explorer 11 will sync your browsing data across phone, tablet, and PC. Just enter your data limit in the DataSense app, and we’ll be smart about when to sync this data to help avoid data overage charges. With just a static screenshot, they were second-class citizens next to the beautiful and dynamic live tiles from my favorite apps. I’m pleased that IE11 supports high contrast mode, Narrator, and an override switch to allow zooming into all Web pages. Step into the cockpit of an ace pilot in the golden era of aviation, and destroy the invading forces. And - nice touch - note the use of the computer disk 'eject' icon for, wait for it, ejecting from the plane and heading back to base!! Despite the PureView 41MP sensor being ostensibly developed to solve the problem of zooming without needing a bulky zoom lens, the benefits of higher image quality and detail when not zoomed, through oversampling, had quickly become the dominant feature of the 808 at least (I'd argue that the two facets of the same tech are balanced more equally on the 1020). In addition to the developed formulas, the key findings show that there is a significant amount of spatial information available above Nyqvist frequency of the camera system that can be captured with an oversampling camera.
Create amazing movies, photo-stories and slideshows. ? Full HD video support? Integrated video editor environment, what you see, is what you get? Make video with photos! In this case, DartsMatch, which seems to model my own inaccuracies and darts deficiencies perfectly. In this case it's the MWC-teased return to Windows Phone of LG, with a device named the 'Uni8', which sounds more like the actual product name than the codename. Everything seems right about this, from the timing (post-MWC, and post Windows Phone 8.1 availability) to the tech detail (three-wide tiles, virtual OS controls, no camera shutter button). LG makes a number of other devices of this size in the Android world, plus it does seem (along with the budget demographic) to be something of a growth market. Nokia Camera will have a simplified user interface. Essentially, there will now be only one 'ball' in the upper left corner. But, based on my own use of Nokia's reframing technology, the vast majority of these resamples from the underlying full-res images are done after the fact, i.e.

Entre sus caracteristicas destacan efectos FX, ajuste de brillo, exposicion y otros parametros, compartir con redes sociales como Instagram o Facebook, rotacion de la imagen e incluso incluir texto dentro de la imagen con diferentes fuentes, colores y tamanos.
Totalmente gratis y disponible desde ya misma desde el mercado de aplicaciones Windows Phone. Hoy se ha actualizado trayendo consigo muchas nuevas caracteristicas para poder mejorar nuestras fotografias de una manera sencilla y con multitud de nuevas opciones.
Son filtros de alta calidad creados con Photoshop, por lo que se ven muy bien cuando se los aplica a las fotografias. Cuenta con muchos filtros y funciones sin pago, pero tambien contiene compras in-app de varios filtros y funciones mas avanzadas. Considero que no solo se trata de uno de los mejores editores fotograficos sino de una excelente herramienta fotografica que aprovecha al maximo las posibilidades de nuestro dispositivo. How about embarking on an adventure to a mysterious tropical island with your best Bengal Tiger friend? But it's still useful to have a definitive 'what's new' list, here helpfully supplied by MSDN. The second piece usually gets most of the attention, with browser performance benchmarks (like SunSpider, Acid3, Octane, and other muscular names) driving the discussion.
Previously, we only allowed up to six tabs and there was a small speed bump to access your tabs in the “…” menu (unless you used the setting to change the address bar button). If your favorite sites don’t support live pinned sites, point them at those instructions and let them know all the cool kids are doing it. So we also made strides on speeding up your experience after you arrive at the site, with in-line video playback, Reading View, remembering passwords, swipe to go back and forward, and saving downloaded files. Look out for a future post on the Windows Phone blog covering system-wide accessibility for details. Maybe this would be something for Microsoft to look into, given how fast browsers are updated these days?
But thanks to Windows Phone developers, you can view the full resolution images on your phone too. Nyquist frequency defines the frequency above which aliasing can happen, but it doesn’t yet tell at what frequency image details can be resolved. The Nokia 808 implemented all this algorithmic work in hardware, in a dedicated chip, with shot to shot times of much less than one second, while the later Lumia 1020 does it in software, using the phone's main GPU - and is a lot slower (four seconds) as a result.
For example, the Android-powered HTC One famously uses only a 4MP sensor, claiming better results because of the large 'ultrapixels', when, quite clearly, the maths shows that you get much lower actual image information and my own tests have indicated that the One and One M8 produce images tantamount to 2MP in the real world, in terms  of detail. A variety of AI opponents, enjoyable animations and pacing, free to download, what's not to love? DartsMatch is a top notch title, built on the award winning Unity engine and deserves a menu option or in-app purchase to remove ads. So there will be minimal change to shot to shot time, but also no reduction in quality or functionality. This will take you to the same functionality as Nokia currently has in reframing from the Camera interface when using the second 'ball'. La calidad de la imagen es capital, y no perderla en el procesado de todos estos ajustes es complicado, por ello Gloomlogue hace gala de una buena resolucion de salida del archivo como reclamo para adentrarse en nuestros smartphone.
Algunos son gratuitos,tambien hay otros que son de pago, pero se los puede adquirir comprando un paquete que tiene todos los filtros incluidos. While we have made progress on the benchmarks, a big focus this time was making serious progress on the first piece, telling the browser where you want to go.
The result is a browser that just feels snappier, since it requires less work from you to get to your sites.
You can now quickly pick up where you left off when you switch devices, and finally say goodbye to emailing yourself links!
We’ll be posting more details for developers but in the meantime check out this start screen made exclusively with live pinned sites. However, it's hoped that future 41MP PureView devices will be able to use much faster chipsets to bring the shot to shot time down to less than a second again. Under this more common scenario, starting from an obvious graphical link in Camera roll is easier and more intuitive (a lot of people used to 'miss' the old 'Open in Nokia Camera' link in the camera roll, since it would often be just off the bottom of the screen in landscape mode). Kinectimals Unleashed delivers more than 85 furry four legged friends to play with and care for.
The sampling done by the image sensor itself is not ideal, as pixels are not point elements but have a certain area over which the obtained signal is averaged.
We’ve included all the best games from Agility Courses to Beach Volleyball, Flying Disc to Jump Roping – we’ve included hundreds of toys and collectibles to keep you and your new friends entertained for hours! Slideshow viewer, built in image editor, live tile support are some of its notable features.

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