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Velazquez was born in 1599 in Seville in southern Spain, at that time an important city with a thriving artistic community. In 1623, thanks to his father-in-law's connections, Velazquez was asked to paint a portrait of the young King Philip IV.
The Golden AgeThe 17th century was the 'Siglo de Oro' or 'Golden Age' for art and literature in Spain.
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At the age of eleven, Velazquez was apprenticed to Francisco Pacheco, Seville's most significant artist and art theorist.
Philip was so delighted with the result that he immediately appointed Velazquez as one of his court painters, and from then on would allow no one else to paint him.

Although the city was known by the local inhabitants, it was not given global attention until 1911, when the American historian, Hiram Bingham, announced its presence to the scholar community. From Cusco, a train to Aguas Calientes, and then a bus ride up to the mountain will take you to actual site. It is also one of Peru’s most popular and lucrative tourist sites, bringing in 400,000 foreigners in 2000. From Pacheco, Velazquez learned the technical skills of drawing and painting, still-life and portraiture and soon surpassed his master. The move to the royal court in Madrid allowed Velazquez access to the impressive royal collection. This was despite the religious and political wars that drained the Spanish economy, and the devastating outbreaks of plague. During his ensuing excavation, hundreds of artifacts were taken from the ruins and sent to Yale University of study.
With the number of tourists growing each year, preservation of the site has become a huge concern, with UNESCO considering adding it to their list of World Heritage Sites in Danger. Unlike the more traditional Pacheco, he responded to the techniques of modern innovators such as Caravaggio. Velazquez studied the Italian paintings, particularly those by Venetian artists such as Titian.
He continued to be busy with commissions however, producing paintings for the new Palacio del Buen Retiro, and other residencies. Velazquez was promoted to increasingly senior administrative positions which left him less time for painting. Recent discoveries also show that the site may have been visited by various other foreigners before Bingham, at which point even more artifacts were taken.
In an effort to reduce traffic related damage, various restrictions have been placed on the number of people admitted to the site each day. When Rubens arrived in Madrid on a diplomatic mission in 1628, the two artists became well acquainted.

A large proportion of his work was made up of royal portraits of the king and his family including the queen, their children, and their court jesters and dwarfs.
His son-in-law, Juan Bautista Martinez de Mazo became increasingly involved in helping out by making official copies of his pictures. Copies of his paintings spread all over Europe.) In 1617, Velazquez finished his apprenticeship and was granted the right to set up his own studio. A year later, he married Pacheco's daughter Juana and by 1621, the couple had two daughters.
Having created a group of mythological scenes for the Alcazar palace, the artist's last years were mostly taken up with royal portraits such as the Gallery's Philip IV of Spain. During his early years in Seville, Velazquez produced traditional religious works such as The Immaculate Conception or Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos, and 'bodegones' - literally 'tavern scenes' or paintings of everyday life. The National Gallery's Christ Contemplated by the Christian Soul was painted shortly after his return in 1631. In his most famous work, 'Las Meninas' (The Maids of Honour) he shows himself at work in the court. In 1649 Velazquez made a second journey to Italy to buy paintings and keep himself up-to-date with developments in Italian art. His picture of Christ in the House of Martha and Mary is a kitchen scene, but on the back wall is a hatch revealing Christ addressing Mary in the background.
It was an honour he had always desired and his badge of office has been added to his self-portrait in 'Las Meninas'. He also had an affair resulting in an illegitimate child which considerably delayed his return to Spain - much to the king's annoyance. While there, he also painted the famous Rokeby Venus for an important Spanish nobleman, the Marques de Eliche.

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