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We’ve already introduced photorealistic painters every now and then and usually some of you were fascinated, others felt indignant to even call it art.
S&K Photo RealismĀ is pretty large resource pack that completely changes the default look of minecraft and changes the default gamestyle too. Enhanced Photo Realism is one of packs which contains a well-detailed photo realistic textures. Creating photo realistic portraits and landscapes using only a pen, pencil or brush, the attention to detail and photo realism is absolutely awe-inspiring.
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ThisĀ pack replaces the standard textures into high resolution beautiful cartoon-styled ones.
As I know this is one of the best and first realistic minecraft textures packs were ever created. We are still fascinated by those kind of pictures, that look sometimes more, sometimes less like photographs. Richard Estes Artist Richard Estes and an entire street scene is meticulously reflected in the glass window in Double Self-Portrait (1976)For a masterclass in photorealism, look no further than American artist Richard Estes. One of the foremost practitioners of the late 1960s international photorealist movement, Estes primarily paints stunningly convincing urban scenes. Estes compiles his compositions from multiple source photographs before reconstructing reality in hyper-real renderings. Look closely and you'll often see a reflective surface, such as a shop window, enhancing the scene with additional details. Diego Fazio Like most of Diego Fazio's portraits, Sensazioni was created with pencil and paperItalian-born artist Diego Fazio, aka DiegoKoi, refined his art when he first started out by drawing koi.
Years later, the water in his incredible portraits looks as though it's been caught on camera, but his artwork is, astoundingly, drawn in pencil.
Raphaella Spence Raphaella Spence is a photorealist painter based in Todi, ItalyRaphaella Spence's photorealistic cityscapes and landscapes are included in private, public and corporate collections throughout America, Canada, England, Russia, Italy, Austria and Germany. The London-born, Italy-based artist started out in still-life before developing her technical skills, and has received worldwide recognition for her stunning hyperrealistic paintings.

Don Jacot Space Guns evokes a 1950s childhoodAmerican photorealist artist Don Jacot works in acrylics, oils, gouache, watercolour and charcoal. Largely self-taught, Jacot's best known for his attention to light, colour and form, often focusing on objects with historical or cultural significance. Space Guns, pictured here, is a striking six-foot oil-on-linen masterpiece that enlargens the toys to several times their actual size.
Pedro Campos At 162x97cm, Legs is a large oil-on-canvas piecePedro Campos didn't begin oil painting until the age of 30.
He's best known for his pictorial attention to detail and a series of drinks cans and fruits wrapped in plastic sheets. Rob Hefferan Rob Hefferan mainly focuses on portrait workBased in Cheshire, Rob Hefferan is an exceptionally talented figurative artist. Working predominantly with oil and acrylics, Hefferan focuses his photo realistic work on that of portraits. Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz creates imagery like no otherJuan Francisco Casas Ruiz is a Spaniard visual artist. He has been exhibited in New York, Miami, Chicago, Seoul, Singapore, London, Paris, Mexico and Basel as well as receiving numerous awards and national and international scholarships. His work is represented in major collections including the Museum Artium or the ABC Museum and in private collections around the world.
Halim Ghodbane We love the lighting in Halim Ghodbane's workHalim Ghodbane's attention to detail is breath-taking. His portraits are often covered in gorgeous soft lighting to highlight his impeccable brush skills.
Michael Gaskell Michael's work is exhibited across the worldMichael's work has been the subject of five solo shows in London.
He has won a number of prizes in national painting competitions and has been on the shortlist of the BP portrait award at The National Portrait Gallery on five occasions, winning second prize in 2003,2009 and 2010. Jeremy Geddes Fall in love with Jeremy Geddes' worldJeremy Geddes creates other wordly and abstract photorealistic paintings.
Adolfo Fernandez Rodriguez Rodriguez uses coloured pencils to create these photorealistic piecesFocusing on hands, water and sculptures, Rodriguez's attention to detail is astonishing. The bubbles, reflections and shadows ensure that each picture is as photorealistic as possible - making for a series unlike any other we've come across.
He's created an extensive range of these illustrations, so be sure to check out his Facebook page for more. Roberto Bernardi Roberto Bernard is incredibly well-known across the worldItalian-born Roberto Bernardi is one of the most well known photorealist artists, with his art displayed around the world.

Using still life pieces for his subjects, Bernardi has painted vivid and unbelievable lifelike paintings of fruit, sweets, and glass. Doug Bloodworth Bloodworth focuses his paintings on the nostalgic aspects of childhoodAmerican artist Doug Bloodworth enjoys evoking the viewer's nostalgic feelings of childhood, with his paintings often focusing on comic books, games and comfort foods. Alyssa Monks We're absolutely gob-smacked with the attention to detail on Alyssa's workAmerican artist Alyssa Monks creates incredibly realistic paintings of the human form and exhibits her art across the world. Using thick strokes in delicate colour pallets, she creates filters such as glass, vinyl, water and steam to distort her subjects, usually of women bathing.
Paul Cadden The incredible talents of Paul CaddenWhen we first saw the work of 47-year-old Paul Cadden, it took a while for us to realise that they were in fact illustrations. Even more unbelievable, the hyperrealist artist used just graphite and chalk to create these stunning images. Working from photographs and video stills, Cadden's work proves if you're super-talented, all you need is the simplest of tools.
Michael Rider Another photorealistic masterpiece from artist Michael RiderHaving worked at some prestigious animation studios during his career, Rider has spent years perfecting the art of illustration. Although currently teaching drawing and animation at The Art Institute of Phoenix, Rider still regularly puts pencil or paint to paper, creating masterpieces such as the above. Dan Witz Witz triumphs with another photorealistic crowd portraitDan Witz specialises in photorealistic portraits of crowds - mixing paints and pencils with some digital aspects, these drawings are truly unfathomable. The attention to detail in the folds of clothes and expressions on the faces are just priceless! With a vast array of photorealistic works out there, we're continuously dropping our jaws to the floor - especially with this offering from David Eichenberg. Ralph Goings Ralph Goings has been creating photorealistic paintings for over 40 yearsRalph Goings is a realist painter who has exhibited in this country, Europe and Japan and is represented in museums and private collections here and abroad. He is recognized as one of the original members of the Hyper-Realist or Photo-Realist group of the late 1960s - that's right, he's been doing this for over 40 years!
Jason De Graaf We love the subtle shadows created in this photorealistic paintingJason De Graaf explains his photorealistic strategies: "My paintings are about staging an alternate reality, an illusion of verisimilitude on the painted surface. I try to use objects as a vehicle to express myself, tell a story or least hint at something beyond what is actually painted". Lye's convincing sculptures are created through an unusual technique of filling bowls, buckets and other vessels with alternating layers of acrylic paint and resin, with parts protruding from the surface to add another level of dimension.

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