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Split into two adjacent sites on Great Newport Street (by Leicester Square), The Photographers' Gallery is a popular photo gallery space, notching up half a million visitors in 2004. Established in 1971, the Gallery can claim to be the UK's first independent photographic gallery, and offers a regularly changing programme of exhibitions, projects and events. The two exhibition spaces offer one of Europe's largest photographic bookshops, an excellent café and a Print Sales Gallery.
The shortlist for the prize was on display at the gallery from 17 February - 23 April 2006. We loved this video piece which showed singers from Istanbul singing along - and sometimes (ahem) 'interpreting' - songs from the Smiths. The Photographers’ Gallery unveils The World in London, a major exhibition for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic gamesThe World in London is a major public art project initiated by The Photographers’ Gallery, to coincide with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
The World in London explores portraiture and cultural diversity using photography, one of the most accessible and democratic artistic mediums of our times.
All of the photographers have been commissioned by The Photographers’ Gallery to take portraits of the sitters over the last three years.

All trademarks, images and videos on this website are properties of their respective owners. The project set out to commission 204 photographic portraits of 204 Londoners, each originating from one of the nations competing at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The project celebrates London as a place where individuals from all walks of life and all parts of the world live side by side, each of them contributing to make London the unique city it is.
The image for Great Britain is a portrait of the late Alexander McQueen, the fashion designer legend who was photographed by American born photographer Andres Serrano in February 2009, a year before his untimely death.
Shot in black and white over a period of two years, the series is an exclusive commission for Print Sales. Brunelli (b.
The portraits are exhibited as large-scale posters at two sites close to Olympic venues: on the external wall surrounding the BT London Live site in Victoria Park in East London, and across a city-block in Central London covering the fac?ade of the new Pa rk House development in Oxford Street. Emerging photographers are shown alongside leading national and international artists, such as Faisal Adu'Allah (took the photograph for Benin), JH Engstro?m (Georgia), Joakim Eskildsen (Czech Republic), LaToya Frazier (Cayman Islands), Toby Glanville (Venezuela), Jim Goldberg (Dominica), Dryden Goodwin (Syria), Tom Hunter (Iceland), Nadav Kander (Lesotho), Karen Knorr (Puerto Rico), Mary McCartney (India), Dennis Morris (Haiti), Anders Petersen (Serbia), Rankin (Niger), Stefan Ruiz (Djibouti), Nigel Shafran (Gabon), Alec Soth (Netherlands), Vanessa Winship (Colombia), Tom Wood (Barbados) and Catherine Yass (Hungary).
In addition to the outdoor exhibition sites a digital presentation of the portraits is also on display on The Wall, a centrepiece of the digital programme, located in the Gallery’s ground floor.

Portrait workshops held in the lead-up to The World in Londonprovided training and skills development for participants new to photography. In Eternal London Brunelli uses his distinct film-noir style to create a unique and evocative view of the capital and its famous landmarks.
The images are framed around the silhouettes of people and animals, including the statue of Winston Churchill depicted alongside Big Ben, a dog running into the Thames and a woman featured against the backdrop of St.
Working discreetly, Brunelli often uses a removable viewfinder, to be able to photograph his subjects from waist height and other unusual angles, such as directly from behind and with extreme close-up. He protects their anonymity by obscuring their faces while exploiting light, shadow and contrast to imbue his images with a dramatic atmosphere and a feeling of claustrophobia. Working entirely in analogue format, Brunelli shoots his photographs with a 1960s Miranda Sensomat 35mm camera given to him by his father, and meticulously hand prints his photographs in limited editions.

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