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What a gorgrous little girl – love the fact that you posted a sleepy shot (with a great expression!) and a wide awake shot (fantastic clarity)! Which mode on my camera do I use – if you have a point and shoot then select SPORTS mode.
Focus Modes explained – C- stands for continuous, the camera will follow focus a moving subject. TOWARDS THE CAMERA - This is definitely the most difficult, especially if coming at you quickly. Nasty head cold virus that forced me to cancel sessions left right and centre, in fear of passing on my germs! If your kids are walking toward you hand in hand, then you should be able to use S focus or even tracking. My favorite part is that you can get the very best shot of each person instead of having to settle on one where some people look great and others look just so-so.
I am ashamed to admit that this is the first time I met little  baby P- saying I’m busy is no excuse though, I have to be better.

What I love the most is that they look so HAPPY, despite the challenge of the future; that is a true family gift, appreciating the everyday moments. As this is parallel to the camera,  all you need to do is follow the subject with the camera, focus and shoot.
But if there is speed involved, like a kid on a swing or kids running toward you, then pre focus is the way to go. So, when you have a couple of very young children that wont cooperate for a typical family photo, here’s the answer.
You choose your favourite individual photo, and we’ll cleverly put them together into a panoramic family print. Her Mummy and I have been friends since the 90’s when we used to keep our horses at the same property. When your subject comes into that spot you press the shutter knowing that spot is where the focus is at. Some photos will still be a little out of focus – as you may hit the shutter a bit too early or late, but you will get some.

Your flash  setting should be set at correct exposure, do NOT dial in any exposure compensation for your flash.
If you own a point and shoot you’d use the center point for S and pre focus, Tracking for Continous focus. Even if the shutter is slow, the flash will be the main light source and will freeze the motion. I use this kind of focusing technique for  swing shots, Dad throwing kids up in the air etc.

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