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We set up a studio in the media center and took some posed portraits of any seniors who dressed up and wanted to participate. If you don’t want to set up a studio, though, you could easily accomplish the same thing with candid shots around the school.
If you can get with the senior class advisor and organize a spirit week, then you’ll have plenty of yearbook page ideas to use. About Digital Photography How ToDigital Photography How To is intended to be a guide to people learning how to use their digital SLR cameras. Aurora Gatbonton and the rest of the WPD Blog Team wants you to get hitched with creativity, style, and technology. Dallas Texas and Plano Texas senior pictures and portraits; scroll down for tips for Dallas Texas high school senior pictures. Dallas senior pictures and Plano senior pictures photographers,Dallas and Plano high school senior portrait photography,clothing, makeup and hair tips for the best senior portraits.
Oily skin, especially on your face really is the enemy, oil will show up as unattractive shiny spots on your face in pictures,(especially on your forehead). It's nice to include special or important jewelry in your portraits however keep in mind that too much jewelry can be distracting. Girls should shave under your arms the day of your photo session; many poses we do with senior girls have their arms over their head and if you're wearing sleevless tops, stubble will show and it won't look pretty. Don't use a lot of hairspray, gel or other product in your hair when you come in for your senior pictures.
Don't spray tan before a session, it will photograph orange and it will probably be blotchy, you know, darker at the knees, elbows, hairline and other dry skin areas. Short skirts or dresses really limit your posing options, so think carefully before chosing a lot of this type of clothing. For this reason, we discourage busy patterns and bright colors in your clothing, they'll do the same thing, draw the eye to the clothes instead of the subject. NEVER wear a lighter colored pant with a darker colored shirt; to do so, will make your bottom half look larger than your top and thats not a good look for males or females. Avoid busy, or loud patterns and most of all, large, busy or loud patterns because they'll overwhelm your face in your senior photograph. Big horizontal stripes will add at least a dress size to your looks as well as distract from your face, don't wear them. Big logos across your chest are not only distracting, they're going to date your portraits.

Strive for a classic, timeless look, something that will be in style now as well as 20 years from now.
Girls need to try on the clothing they're bringing to their senior pictures session with the undergarments they'll be wearing. Of course there are always exceptions, if your favorite outfit in the world falls under any of these catagories, bring it and we'll use it for a few poses with a carefully chosen background. Remember, classic styles are best, a style that looks good now and will look good twenty years from now is optimum. How Many Of Your Friends Will Be Disappointed In Their Senior Portraits Once They've Seen Yours ?
Plano to various scenic locations; we'll visit waterfalls, ponds, tall stone walls, and ponds- have a special idea? Our free consultation ensures that you know exactly what to expect, you'll watch a recent senior slideshow and get to see all the locations and you'll see for yourself what that senior wore: what worked and what didn't. I initially wrote this as an email to all our NPB subscribers and thought that I should post it here on the blog as well. In this post I wanted to show you how one of ourĀ  Digital Creations Club Members created (3) Studio Portraits with just (1) shot. The Holiday’s are one of the busiest times for portrait studios and can be 75% of their sales for the year. In this post I want to share a new picture idea that can be used for small children or babies.
Ok…let me explain how this picture you see right here has caused me a few problems and how I FOOLED the Pros! I noticed this on our Digital Creation’s Private Facebook Group and I needed to share it with all our blog and NPB subscribers.
I wanted to share a post that one of our Digital Creation Club member’s just posted on Facebook.
This worked great as a fundraiser for us, as well, because we could sell prints of the photos for $2 to $5. Send your kids around with a camera, especially to lunch and study hall, and snap a few pictures for the yearbook.
Three years ago, I had never picked up a camera; now, I produce a yearbook every year and I moonlight as a professional photographer.
The topics will range from truly beginners topics, to tutorials for post processing, to resources for yearbook and graphic design, to thoughts on transitioning from a hobbyist to a professional.

It's a good idea to vary your clothing styles, so you won't want to bring all short skirts, or dresses, bring some jeans and slacks too. It provided a natural feel with the afternoon sun filtering through the forest behind their home, and the stone work on her porch complimented her skin tones like nothing else. I loved every one of her outfits and was impressed with how much thought she and mom put into her senior shoot. You know, those days when everyone dresses up in a certain theme to show their school spirit. If your seniors get done early for the day (like ours), you could also have them stop by a central location after they are done with their classes. Come up with some creative themes for dressing up, and you’ll have some creative yearbook page ideas. He teaches high school history, he's the advisor of the school yearbook, and he trains his kids to do all of the photography for the yearbook. It was pretty easy to get natural smiles out of Shelby which makes my job….not feel like a job! Once we completed our first portion, we went over to Mirabeau Park to utilize the water, boulders, waterfall, fields and grass. Organize jewelry by putting it in baggies and slipping over the coordinating outfit hangers so you won't be hunting around for, or forgetting specific pieces when changing from outfit to outfit. Your school decided who took your photograph for the last eleven years, now it's your turn. Neon polishes may draw too much attention to your fingernails or tonails and may clash with some of your outfits. Seniors will want their outfit changes to be as fast and stress free as possible to best make use of the alloted time for their senior picture session. Often, things are overlooked because their trendy now, tends to look ridiculous down the road.

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