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As these women contort their bodies, sacrificing endless hours manipulating their basic physiology to achieve seemingly superhuman levels of definition and musculature, they lack the motivation of public adulation and financial reward. Many of the subjects in this book raise children, maintain marriages and pursue full-time careers, while straining natural capacities of the human body. The women featured in Female Bodybuilders work towards their ideal forms at great and varied cost. In my other work, specifically the book and exhibition Close Up, I have tried to present intimate portraits of faces with as little artifice as possible.
Any reference to photos must be given to the orginal source which will be given where possible.
Typical viewers commonly regard them as “freaks,” incapable of comprehending why they’ve gone to the extraordinary lengths required to achieve the unmistakable proportions of the competitive bodybuilder. Their choices and regimens, every bit as demanding and extreme as their more esteemed male counterparts’, place them well outside the sphere of even public approval.

In the process, they risk easy ridicule from people outside of their tiny competitive community. Many court danger by manipulating the performance enhancing drugs that are a worrying fixture and near requirement of their sport in the process. Familiar and famous faces are treated with the same levels of scrutiny and attention as the un-famous. We all operate within narrowly constructed ideals of the good, the right, and the beautiful, all subject to the countless influences that swirl around us. The commitment levels these athletes demonstrate are as rigorous and demanding as those of any other extreme activity.
They challenge the boundaries of not only the shifting, maddening, and ruthless standards of the female beauty industry, but of what constitutes “(un)natural.” For many observers, the outsized development and hyper-articulation of these ladies’ every muscular detail, present an affront to acceptable standards of femininity, of beauty, of taste. But their willingness to do this within the slim margins of their chosen sport, in contradiction to all of the widely established norms of a culture that openly rewards beauty and punishes perceived ugliness, is difficult not to respect.

The contradictions were so seemingly apparent, so numerous and exciting, that I felt compelled to build a catalog outside the range of judgment; not to celebrate, condemn or expose, but merely to show.
The unknown and the too-well-known meet on a level platform, where a viewer’s existing notions of celebrity, value and honesty are challenged. The athletes presented here are no different in this regard, they are as vulnerable as any other person standing in front of a camera.
And, given the public disinterest in their sport, and the practical demands of the lifestyle that makes it possible, there is a purity of purpose that few other serious athletes can match.

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