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What makes Freedom Session unique is the goal is not focused on “changing my behavior”, but having healing take place within me.
Each week you will find practical teaching and a small group community where you will find acceptance, support and the fresh start you have been hoping for.
I would like permission to use this beautiful photo as part of the introduction and backdrop to some you-tubes that I’m creating for Biblical discipleship. Do we give students enough freedom of choice to use technology they see fit to process information and share their understanding? What if before you go on this exciting trip, you’re informed by someone else exactly what airline you had to use and what hotel you must stay in?
After looking at the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) and the Substitute, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition (SAMR) models for integrating technology into the classroom, I reflected on where has my journey with technology in my classroom gone?
Embedding technology should also require the new curriculum to allow students to have more freedom of choice to use the technology tools at hand to help them push and express their thinking. Through my own experiences growing up, the things I remember the most form school were projects where I had freedom to explore and create projects of my own interest: conducting my own surveys, building a hovercraft, designing my own egg drop tests, and composing my own piece for a quintet. This entry was posted in 21 CLHK, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, Digital Learners, technology, technology intergration, Uncategorized and tagged Augmentation, inquiry based learning, Modification, Redefinition, Substitute, Technology Integration Matrix, technology intergration by Joe Winston. Fantastic blog post and I do thing the access to technology does play a role in where we are in the integration of the technology.
Having control over the learning as you state is so important and I love your analogy with vacation. Your school seems to be heading in a good direction with plenty of tech resources which will allow you to head toward the transformation Level.
Not to be outdone by the many new water parks on land, Royal Caribbean will bring this popular form of family entertainment to the high seas with the May 2006 launch of the 3,600-passenger Freedom of the Seas. With all its bells and whistles, the ship’s surf park is creating big waves in the cruise industry. Another unique pool space will be H2O Zone, with colorful, huge sculptures that spray and sprinkle water in every direction.
Since all these active options will lure families, Freedom of the Seas will offer six different family-sized stateroom options in addition to standard triples and quad cabins. The ship has four eight-person Royal Family Suites that feature two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
Another family option is a six-person Accessible Family Stateroom featuring a balcony, a curtained-off sleeping alcove with bunk beds, a sleeper sofa, and accessible bathroom. Additionally, there will be eight six-person Family Oceanview Staterooms, each with a curtained-off sleeping alcove with bunk beds, sleeper sofa and windows for a view of the sea. Freedom’s rock-climbing wall will be much larger than those on other Royal Caribbean ships, which have traditionally measured 30 by 33 feet. As with all Royal Caribbean ships, Freedom of the Seas will feature its top-rated Adventure Ocean youth and teen programming.
RCI will serve up plenty of shore excursions appropriate for the entire family and some will have discounted children’s rates. Simply complete the confidential free quote form, and one of our certified credit counselors will get you started.
A certified credit and debt services counselor will discuss your situation with you and let you know what your options are.

Your credit and debt services counselor will help you to consolidate your debt and take some time to explain the overall monthly payment amount, including the benefits you will receive with this option. You will pick a start date for the first and subsequent monthly payments which is convenient for you.
You will complete our enrollment forms and together with copies of your creditor statements return them to us for processing. Next, we will notify your creditors that you are on our debt management plan and make payment arrangements on your behalf. Thank YOU and GOD BLESS YOU and yours!  You are an amazing person doing an amazing and Godly thing in this big world of ours!  You are greatly appreciated by us! Yes, we have run this race and completed this debt course with Jesus using Financial Freedom as our trainers.  Nancy and I congratulate YOU and your team for the trench work of assisting, praying and encouraging God’s People when we had know where else to turn for guidance. The customer care and unselfish desire of Financial Freedom to provide assistance to all epitomizes who Jesus Christ is and what He expects of His Ambassadors. As a 25 year Retired Air Force Veteran & Tyndale Seminary Graduate we have interacted with thousands of people all over the world.
Please use us as a “Reference and Testimony” to others who may hesitate to use your services. I would like to let you know that the program that I had with Financial Freedom Christian was very successful for me.
Everyone that has problems with getting help should be aware that Christians need help with their financial problems at times .. In this process, we become willing to accept God’s grace and solutions to the problems we’ve experienced in life. What if your plans were so defined that you were told exactly what you could and could not see while you were there?
They are introduce to new units across the curriculum with a wide variety of areas to delve into, but are either put on a short leash to explore their interest or are spoon fed the content rather than have input in their own learning. Teachers needs to become more comfortable letting the students take the wheel for their learning as we ride shot gun probing and facilitating. If embedded right, technology can become a tool that assists the curriculum for helping students become more innovative as it raise their level of thinking.
I was fortunate to get the Gates Grant in my 2nd year of teaching and have 7 computers in my 4th grade classroom for 32 kids. Our school is also in a similar position but like you the biggest hurdle is the curriculum. Please try again or Reset Your Password Your Username: Password: Forgot your password? A 32-foot-wide by 40-foot-long FlowRider R generates waves for guests to surf or body-board. They’ll be spread over a large wading pool area and will give guests lots of ways to soak each other -- from dumping water buckets to spraying water out of cannons.
The sports staff will oversee a variety of water sports, including pool volleyball and basketball, floating golf, and pole jousting.
The largest is a 14-person Presidential Suite with 1,215 square feet of interior space and 810 square feet of outdoor verandah space.
On Freedom, the rock wall will be 43 by 44 feet, offering 11 climbing paths up to the top, with varying difficulties.

Children (potty trained) who are three years and older can participate in fun, educational activities including Adventure Art by Crayola, Sail into Storytime, and Adventure Science. If our Debt Relief program is right for your situation, we’ll do a full review your bills to determine your debt and develop a customized plan that will pave the way to being debt free.
Just let them know if they want outstanding customer care, professional work done and knowledgeable people working on their behalf “THEY WON’T GO WRONG” with Financial Freedom.  Financial Freedom WILL walk beside them through each step of the process to break the chains of their indebtedness. Again I thank you very much and I hope that the program helped me to keep away from making bad decisions the rest of my life.  I thank God I had found the advertisement in a newspaper ad. We also have SMARTBoards in each room and access to Kindles, digital cameras, scanners, and a class set of iTouches. Sure it looks prettier, maybe adds a little flavor, but you haven’t changed the structure. We have a packed curriculum and many of the tech things are not written into the unit plans. Freedom of the Seas is 43 percent larger than Royal Caribbean’s roomy Voyager class of ships and thus has space for three large pool areas, each offering innovative concepts. In one corner of the water playground, a circular pool will shoot a current of water in a river around a central island, creating a small, lazy river ride.
The sports pool will also be home to amateur synchronized swimming competitions as well as lane markers at various times of the day for lap swimming. Teens have their own dedicated room for hanging out and can participate in organized activities and teen discos.
If however, our program is not suited for you, we’ll let you know so that you don’t waste your time.
Call 888 206-5950 to get started and find out if you qualify for a Debt Management Program.
I feel armed with plenty of hardware, software, internet access and a new perspective of technology in the classroom. We certainly need to embed it better, so it does not become a separate project that takes up lesson time but rather is part of the lesson. Next to this will be a shallow splash pool for little ones, and at the back of this water park will be a swimming pool fed by a waterfall cascading from an overhanging bridge.
These will have a similar sleeping setup as the Family Oceanview Staterooms but will overlook the indoor Royal Promenade instead. They could communicate with other students, teachers and parents through their own email accounts, and use tools Like Renzulli to explore topics of their own interest. Children and teens under 18 must have their parents sign a release waiver for each day of surfing, and have a parent present unless they are participating in an Adventure Ocean activity.
These suites can be expanded to accommodate 10 people via a connecting door to a neighboring stateroom.
Additionally, Freedom of the Seas will feature numerous full-family activities such as a nightly family disco and a scavenger hunt for kids, teens and their parents.
There will be a spectator area next to FlowRider, and an adjacent sports bar will feature live broadcasts of the surf park action.

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